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Lana and Stella Have A Sugar Daddy

Hi friends, while considering Naughty America’s recent VR ouptut, we’ve been mainly focused on optics.

That’s to say: How does it look? What’s the women’s sizing like? Do things appear wide enough? How realistic is it?

These are major considerations when evaluating VR porn.

Does it really look like Ariana’s before you sliding her heavenly, bikini bottom down down her heavenly, gal gorgeousness?

Ariana Marie pulls bikini bottoms down

How real is Ariana’s bikini pull down?

Because, when the Fleshlight hits the weenie, that’s perhaps the only question that really matters: is the video’s 3D effect tricking the viewer’s brain?

And, it gets complicated because people experience the same movie differently: based upon facial structure, pupil distance, VR equipment and personal preferences.

I’ve been reporting a superb experience with several recent NA virtual movies: in particular, the ones that starred Richelle Ryan, Audrey Bitoni, and Ariana Marie.

Ariana Marie Slippery Delivery header image

Ariana Marie stars in the recent horny called Slippery Delivery

Personally, I felt those releases—in plain language—just looked really good, but more importantly: felt right.

I consider Richelle’s release to be the best virtual porn movie, thus far, in 2017: to my particular eyeballs and sensibilities, man!

And, I’ve mentioned this in a few posts…thus, there’s a danger of getting annoyingly repetitive, but hey…maybe you’re just…wait for it… getting to know me, man!

Still not funny

Richelle Ryan in Fan Fucking Tastic

Richelle Ryan in Fan Fucking Tastic

Now, these scale discussions are truly an inexact science of horny…because, as mentioned, the same movie can have a varying scale (sizing) to different people.

There just ain’t no way around that.

It’s VR porn’s inconvenient truth: which I emphasize, because it’s good for consumers to understand this.

So, I discuss how things appear to my particular eyes: pupils 58mm apart.

Perhaps the most valid nonsubjective thing to discuss (meaning, an aspect that will be experienced the same by all) is camera proximity.

All fellas like close-up camera work.

I can’t be sure how you’ll perceive scale; but, I know when the woman will seem close.

All right, so

Here’s an embedded teaser preview of Sugar Daddy for reference.

And, here’s the Sugar Daddy Free Preview Download Link – Gear VR
And, here’s a big picture of a few gals who look all sorts of horny-inspiring doing the lingerie, down dog pose.

Lingerie doggy style posing

Lingerie doggy style posing

Let’s do this thing

Sugar Daddy starring Lana Rhoades and Stella Cox

Sugar Daddy starring Lana Rhoades and Stella Cox … great graphic!


Studio: Naughty America VR
Title: Sugar Daddy: A Virtual Reality Experience
Release Date: April 17, 2017
Stars: Lana Rhoades, Stella Cox, Charles Dera
Length: 56 minutes: this is a long one
Main sex positions: a bunch of lingerie teasing, dildo stuff, handjob, blowjob, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, facial close-ups, doggy style, cunnilingus, cum-eating.
Formats: Android Cardboard Smartphone (60fps and 30 fps); Oculus/Vive (high and low quality versions); Samsung Gear; 2D.
Genre: Hardcore sex VR porn, sugar daddy, GFE girlfriend experience
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7
Software used: Deo VR and Milk VR
Synopsis: What’s better than showering one beautiful woman with gifts before she reciprocates with the best sex of your life?

Showering two beautiful women with gifts and having an intense threesome! Your girl for the night, Lana Rhoades, brought her sexy British friend Stella Cox to play, just as you had requested.

When they see the lingerie you’ve purchased for them, along with the stack of cash you hand over, their pussies start dripping all over the hotel floor!

Take in their big natural tits and luscious asses as they shove them in your face, teasing your cock to make it big and hard for them. This is a girlfriend experience to the max — enjoy it!

Lana and Stella show off their pussies

I like the looks of this!

Moving along

More Thoughts About This Sugar Daddy VR’s Scale and Appearance

Okay, so Lana and Stella are both at porn’s pinnacle, and when that’s the case: usually it doesn’t need explanation.

That’s to say: these gals are horny-inspiring, young women with…enthusiasm!

We’ve previously seen them both in various VR efforts. I liked Lana in her GFE outing for NA: Lemonade With Lana.

Lemonade With Lana feature image

Lemonade With Lana

I’ve seen Stella in some fun stuff for VRcosplayX and WankzVR.

Stella Cox blowjob with special effects

Stella Cox stars in a Harry Potter inspired cosplay VR porn movie and in this screenshot we see some pretty sophisticated special effects work

Scale/Proximity: So, I watched this with the sound off to focus on the scale, sense of spatial correctness along with camera positioning. All of those elements, you’ll see, are interdependent.

First, the doggy style rocked largely because of camera placement.

Notice in the picture below, just how low Ms. Rhoades is pulled in the frame. This is how it’s done, son!

Lana doggy style sex

Notice how low Lana’s pulled in the frame: this is a good thing

Likewise, notice how low Ms. Cox is pulled during her doggy.

Stella Cox doggy style sex

Awesome, Stella’s doggy dragged down also

Once again: this is how it’s done, son!

Facial close-ups: This is one of the most requested (demanded) aspects of VR porn.

Simply put, viewers really like it when the woman’s face is close. And, it’s not surprising that the accompanying pornographic, intimate sense should be desired.

Along these same lines, Team Naughty did a wonderful job of framing the multiple girl action: getting close and pushing the non-fucking gal’s face at the viewer, also.

Stella cowgirls while Lana pushes her face forward

Stella cowgirls while Lana pushes her face forward. Well done.

I like this picture:

Terrific framing for multiple face close-ups pictured above

Terrific framing for multiple face close-ups pictured above

And, the picture below demonstrates what I consider to be a well put-together shot.

cowgirl framing well done in this vr porn

Awesome framing again

And, it never hurts to sprinkle in some smothering cowgirl: which adds interest using a variable cowgirl distance technique.

Am I just making up shit to sound sophisticated, man??

smothering cowgirl VR

This is what we call “smothering cowgirl.”

The idea is that it’s nice to have the cowgirling segment’s distance vary (from smothering to upright to lean back).

Blowjob: at the beginning, it felt pretty close. The double blowjob section at the end was big, immediate and OUTRAGEOUSLY HORNY! I’m not putting that in caps for the hell of it!!!

Lana Rhoades Stella Cox double blowjob

Multi-gal mouth magic

Missed Opportunity: Well, I’m not Stevie Spielberg. And, I ain’t never been to film school.

With that said, it seemed the color saturation has been more pronounced.

Similarly, I wonder if black sheets would have provided a better contrast. But, honestly…what the fuck do I know about sheet color selection for VR porn purposes?

I really don’t know much about sheet color selection… I admit it! But, it was a thought…

Bravo to the Naughty boys for the extended lingerie section. I would have liked to see some closer, limited FOV (in other words, very close to the woman) shots.

But, there’s good stuff. These are the type of bra-panty gals who look good facing a fella.

Ste;;a Cox Lana Rhoades in lingerie bra panties

Brilliant lingerie action

And, facing away from a fella.

Lana and Stella show thong asses

Some primo stuff

And, facing a fella with thong riding where the sun don’t shine while heels aim at the stars.

Lana Rhoades and Stella Cox show off their thong asses

Now we’re really getting somewhere

Along similar lines, I’ve been wondering if Team Naughty will use the truncated missionary that we’ve lately seen from other studios.

But, really… I could say much more about this movie, but the final summary is that if you like high-quality VR porn… if you like skinny, pretty women… if you like dirty talk (good job on that Lana and Stella) this should make your man motor murmur in overdrive.

There’s a lot of really skillful, physical configuration of the three bodies (in particular, placement/movement of Lana and Stella). I couldn’t discuss every bit because this review would never end.

Lana and Stella doggy style pussy display

Oh, man oh man… Geddyup!

I’ll tell you straight up: Naughty VR is releasing some DAMN HORNY VR these days… I like some releases more than others, but when they hit the mark…man, do they fucking hit the mark!

They way things are going, I’m picturing a lot of Naughty releases competing in the 2017 VR Porn Movie Awards.

And, all that’s left is your declaration:

I Wanna Sugar Daddy BANG Lana Rhoades and Stella Cox!! NOW !!!

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