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Jimena Lago As Your Stepdaughter

March 31, 2016

Stepdaddy’s Ramble

Hi friends, how is everyone?

Today we’ll take a look at BaDoinkVR’s latest release: Stepdaughter’s Favorite Workout, starring the gorgeous Jimena Lago. Look friends, it ain’t no secret that Jimena’s one of my favorites.

Jimena Lago pinkpanties cowgirl

Oh, Jimena baby!

After all, partially because of Jimena’s performance, the movie Three Course Meal was my personal, second place pick for best VR porn movie in the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards presented by Oculus NSFW and FindVRporn.com.

So, yea… I like Jimena. As in… I like Jimena A LOT!

And, I consider her to be one of the many painfully underrated pornstars out there. Don’t get me started on the whole relationship between porn fame and zipcode… and, of course, the whole behind-the-scenes, power structure…

Jimena Lago face close-up in virtual reality

Pretty face Jimena Lago… they got the VR camera rig close…

So, Jimena starring in a VR with pink panties…

Oh, man!

And, the movie’s shot by BaDoink VR with their new VR camera equipment: which outputs beautiful VR. I’m almost completely certain this was done with the new camera. I don’t think I’ve got some sort of new camera placebo effect going….

It looks good. And, Jimena…

More Jimena cowgirl

Cowgirl bliss

Jimena Lago panties to side

Oh, those Goddamn sexy panties to the side!

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the BaDoink boys describe their latest effort (lightly-edited):
Your stepdaughter, Jimena, stretches in the living room. Sensing you, she turns. Her quivering voice asks, “Are we alone?” She drops, extracts your manhood and sucks. It may be wrong, but it feels so fucking right! Stepdaughter's Favorite Workout synopsis

Jimena Lago pussy spread eagle

Oh, Jimena!

Give Me A Convenient, Time-Saving tl;dr…

All right, I know you good folks have soon got to attend to your Spaghettios …

All right, this one’s pretty easy to summarize. BaDoink’s new camera is awesome. The clarity of this VR is unmatched. The truth is… this is now the standard.

Hey, I ain’t trying to piss anyone else off, but I got to be honest with you or I’m just wasting everyone’s time… And, everybody’s always telling me that time’s precious!

Jimena’s gorgeous. If you’re a grown man and you don’t want to pull her pink panties aside and pump her pink palace; you’re in the midst of an existential crisis. The scaling is on-point. The positioning was well-executed.

The facial close-ups were magnificent. In the words of Donny Trump: Look at that face! The clarity and realness notched things up to the next level.

Get this movie.

Jimena Lago fucked on her side

Yea, close your whore legs and roll to your side!

VR Porn Reviewing Scientific Method:

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: let’s face it. The woman to VR porn is like the top hat to Mr. Peanut. I know that doesn’t make any sense. Not in a rational way. I need you folks to let go and just—as the kids say—let your nuts hang. It’s a VR porn review blog, man! What do you want?

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? I mean… if the gal’s head’s the size of a panties truck and her torso’s like a petunia… well, it just doesn’t work. I know these similes suck, but I’m tired, man! If you only knew my present trials and tribulation!

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

Jimena Lago fucked VR

Oh, stay on your side for a bit…

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Jimena Lago: all right, if you made it this far, you’ve already gathered I like her. And, of course, there’s not really a right or wrong to this. I mean… sexual attraction ain’t an easy one to explain.

It’s beautiful Jimena. In pink panties. Which she keeps on. HORNY!

2. VR Quality: Yea, the clarity of this… I guess what some folks call the resolution. Whatever you call it. It was excellent.

3. Close-ups: Like when Jimena’s pretty face hovered close to the camera. Excellent, man! You folks could have extended that for ten minutes and viewers wouldn’t complain. Trust me.

Jimena pussy sex

Those panties inspire this fella to fuck Jimena hard!

4. Pink panties to the side: Yes, I’m mentioning this now for a tenth time.!

5. Scaling: on -point. Using my Gear, the scale simply worked.

6. Missionary: this is how you shoot missionary, folks! You want it to feel immediate. They achieved this by getting the camera close to Jimena and also by having her lean-in.

Additionally, it’s not overlooked that the missionary was in a—sort of—chair. This is a very damn smart move because it brings the gal’s face closer to the camera.

This is how it’s done, son.

7. On her side: this also worked for me.

Jimena Lago handjob

Ohhhhh, baby

8. The whole movie worked for me. Brilliant. Great work, Jimena.

And, now all that’s left is your declaration.

I wanna pull Jimena’s pink panties to the side!

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