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Booty VR with Kesha Ortega

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First, you can download the Kesha Ortega preview or watch the embedded video below.

Hello friends, today we’ll be taking a look at Latina Ass Shake brought to us by the BaDoink boys. So, these good folks recently released another VR with a big-heinie Spanish babe: the Assh Lee VR outing.

Kesha Ortega sexy bodysuit

Oh, Kesha baby… let’s get a closer look at that bodysuit, baby

Now, I’m not skipping the Noe Milk BaDoink. We’re going to look at it today, also. It’s just that this Kesha one and the Assh Lee one—as you’ll see—go together. So, I’m doing them back-to-back (no pun intended)…

So, here we are with Ms. Kesha Ortega backing that thang up in 3D space. Are we seeing a BaDoink trend here?

Well, who knows, but here’s the thing… a lot of VR porn has skewed towards the more mainstream—narrow butt— blonde standard… and if there’s one thing certain about porn, it’s that it gravitates to niche. Why?

Because man minds want highly specific scenarios. That’s just the way it is… And, viewer fellas have a way of getting DAMN specific about their wants… it’s kind of crazy, man… I mean, you read the forums and you

Kesha bodysuit

Atta girl, let’s get a look at that sexy Victoria Secret get-up!

see guys have some seriously detailed desires… Anyway…

It’s evident that the BaDoink boys have identified a juicy, in-demand niche, and they’re running with it: kind of like the time when I was about ten-years-old, and I stole a burrito from the… oh, never mind!

But, man…what is it about a pretty-faced gal with a grandiose backside that gets this man mind stupid? And, you add in these sort of horny bodysuit accessories…and, I’m babbling like the cartoon cat after the mouse blew up the dynamite on his head…. oh, never mind, man…

Let’s do this big ass VR thing…

Studio: BaDoink VR
Title: Latina Ass Shake
Stars: Kesha Ortega
Length: 25 minutes
Formats: Oculus 5.4 GB; Gear VR 3.5 GB ; Cardboard/Smartphone etc. 2.7 GB.
Genre: Big ass VR, hardcore sex VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the BaDoink boys describe their latest effort:

If you want some curves in full VR display, you’ve come to the right place. The voluptuous Kesha is here to give you a private show. Lay back and let this beautiful Latina shake that booty for you; first to music, and later all over your dick…

Kesha Ortega sideview

Let’s get a sideview, baby

All right, I’m intrigued, man!

I’ve…um… been in a couple strip clubs in my day.

And, after seeing my first VR porn, I immediately thought that a strip club type lap dance would work great in virtual reality.

Reviewing Method:

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: appearance, performance, passion, etc.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Kesha Ortega: okay, so… as I often say: there really isn’t a right or wrong to sexual attraction. It kind of just is… Well, not entirely.

Kesha Ortega face in VR porn

Bring that pretty Kesha face close to the camera, baby

We’re definitely conditioned (influenced) to get horny by certain features, but… let’s save that discussion for another time.

Kesha Ortega is going to make man viewers smile who dig the big booty Latina type. And, there are a lot of fellas out there who get amped-up by this gal category. I mean… get a look at this:

Kesha Ortega ass

Kesha’s showing off her … um… best assets

So, you know… does that view do it for you?

Hey, I can’t answer that for you, man… People like all sorts of different porns, and if you’re looking for a prominent posterior in 3D space: then, you’re probably not going to outdo this bountiful backside, man…

I’d say Ms. Ortega is right up there with the best of them in the big ass Spanish gal porn star world. I mean: pretty face, curvy gal body, long straight hair… what more do you want, man!

And, I must mention the horny accent and Spanish chattering! So, if that works for you… you’re in business with Kesha.

Kesha Ortega blowjob

Suck Kesha

2. BaDoink’s technical aspects: I’ve discussed my appreciation for BaDoink’s technical skills and equipment many times here. And, I’m just telling it straight, fellas…

At this moment in time, Team BaDoink is producing the most spectacular VR image. Now, that don’t mean the other folks aren’t producing horny work also! They definitely are releasing good stuff…

But, in terms of framing, scale, sound, color, light, 3D depth, etc… this is just some really high quality work. I like how the frame’s vertical top is high and there is no scale distortion. That’s just one aspect where BaDoink sets itself apart.

The close-ups on Kesha’s face and pootanannie were crystal-clear and scaled beautifully.

3. Kesha’s performance: so look… it’s Kesha Ortega. She’s a sultry thing. Her VR cowgirl is immediate and in your face. She flips herself around into reverso mode (pictured below) and that song lyric comes to mind where the guy’s saying, “You’re a big fine woman why don’t you back that thang up!”

Oh, Kesha baby! Reverse cowgirl me!

Kesha Ortega reverse cowgirl

OH, back that thang up!

Basically, in this movie Kesha seems like a gal who likes bouncing on man rod.

4. The Latina Ass Shake dance: the opening of this movie showed the—generally under-utilized—beauty of VR. The director let Kesha perform her Latina Ass Shaking dance: while dressed in her horny bodysuit. This is good stuff.

It recreates a lapdance experience, and we should see this more often in VR. And, I wouldn’t mind perving out on some more VR bodysuit action, too!

5. Close-ups: I usually complain about a lack of close-ups, but the truth is this particular movie delivered in the close-up department.

You know, I don’t really have much to complain about with this VR. Basically, Kesha’s pretty hot and the scale was good and the camera got close… and, VR porn is really that simple when you get down to it… Let’s see more just like this. If you’ve been hankering for a big-bottomed Latina hottie in a VR porn, here you go, man…

I want Kesha’s BIG BOOTY in virtual reality! NOW!
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