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BaDoinkVR Launches Free Teaser Youtube Channel

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Okay, friends… so, the title pretty much says it all.

Graphic promoting BaDoinkVR's new YouTube teaser channel

Graphic promoting BaDoinkVR’s new YouTube teaser channel

The BaDoink boys have just launched a YouTube channel that features free teasers of their VRs.

This is obviously brand new: because, I notice, at the moment, there are just two videos uploaded: Zenda Sexy Jumping On A Trampoline 4K and Sexy Teen Penelope Cum in Virtual Reality 4K.

It’s a safe speculation that BaDoinkVR has much more ambitious plans for this channel: because, they posted the graphic below to Twitter.

Now, I have mixed feelings about the actual term teasers, but let’s face it: you don’t care about my feelings about words, man!

Zoe Doll stars in a new BaDoinkVR release

Zoe Doll stars in a new BaDoinkVR release

The main takeaway here, I think, is that if you’re evaluating whether to take a paid BaDoinkVR subscription, this seems like a fine way to see what these good folks have to offer.

Their new Zoe Doll video has a very horny scale. I want to write about that in more depth today, but it might have to wait. Check out Zoe posing below… oh, Zoe baby!

So, we’ll keep an eye out to see how this channel develops.

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