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BaDoinkVR’s Christmas Special

Hi friends, so if you read this site, you know I’ve had a horny experience with some VR porn studios: including BaDoinkVR.

Now, I’m aware that the Internet can make a fella skeptical.

I read the Internet too, man. Hell, consider Wikipedia: look at all those edits! Why so many edits!

Pamela Anderson revision history

What’s a fella to make of this extensive Pamela Anderson revision history found in Wikipedia?

Still not funny

Here’s the thing: as Cyndi Lauper said, “Money changes everything!” As has been often explored, there’s frequently a relationship between money and skepticism.

Pictured above, Cyndi Lauper shares her thoughts about money

Pictured above, Cyndi Lauper shares her thoughts about money

Now, until a moneyless Utopia exists: this is reality…

If I had to guess, I’m anticipating—barring our complete nuclear annihilation (which also seems somewhat likely)—that the aforementioned Utopia might exist around the year 2539.

Daisy Duke hologram

What does the future hold? A Daisy Duke hologram? Sex robot clone?

And, I imagine there will be some pretty horny VR porn in the year 2539, man!

I mean… beyond robot clones of Daisy Duke and red swimsuit Pam Anderson in augmented reality where you’re doggy-bumping the lifeguard and horny countrygal on the moon!

And, you know there will be a niche that mashes up robot clones of women with augmented versions of cartoon women (like this gal from The Flintstones)…

Pam Anderson augmented reality collage

Pam and WIlma… we’re coming for ya!

So, a fella can finally fulfill his fantasy of lining-up Pam and Mrs. Flinstone doggy. Pam keeps her bathing suit on, and you lift up Mrs. Flintstone’s cavegal skirt…

Still not funny

Anyway, I recommend things I’m willing to spend my own money on: things like Red Lobster’s combo platter, Timberlands, Chanel, the novelty tee shirts at Walmart, HBO Now, Netflix and BaDoinkVR.

lobster and shrimp seafood plate

Lobster is always worth the money

The BaDoink boys consistently release professional VR porn movies that rank high on the horny meter.

In my view, some are hornier than others, of course. The latest Bella Rose VR, for instance, particularly worked for me: and, it’s in the running for my personal best VR porn pick of 2016.

Magical Bella Rose at a magical distance

Magical Bella Rose at a magical distance


Well, because of Bella. And, because of the sweetspot distance that they managed to keep her. And… Bella!

Bella Rose panty pull

Oh, Bella baby!

Did I mention… Oh, Bella baby!

Bella Rose's pussy close-up

Here’s Bella’s hoo-ha in the “sweet spot”

Anyway, the truth is they consistently get good-looking women doing horny things before a high-quality camera that reproduces a realistic scale, color, sound, clarity, etc. (eg. the Tori Black VR pictured in the header and directly below:)

promotional doggy style graphic for Tori Black Friday released by BaDoinkVR Nov 2016

Tori Black starred in a stimulating BaDoinkVR movie in November 2016

Will you like some gals more than others? Of course…there ain’t no way around that. But, let me put it like this: I wouldn’t kick any of those gals out of bed for eating Red Lobster leftovers…

Still not funny

But, here’s the point. For six more days you can get a BaDoinkVR monthly subscription for 50% off.

That’s what all the talk about Pam Anderson, Daisy Duke, cavegal skirts, Mrs. Flintsone doggy style, robot clones and lobster dinners was leading to, man!

A reminder that time’s running out to hop on a pretty good holiday VR porn special.

BaDoinkVR's still got the discount going

BaDoinkVR’s still got the discount going

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