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Awards Voting Ends January 31st

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Misha Cross doggy style in Shopping Day

Ms. Misha Cross doggies for Virtual Real Porn in Shopping Day

Hi friends, so the 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards voting and commenting is still running. And, it will continue until January 31st, 2017.

That’s the cut-off.

That’s to say… you can still visit that thread and comment as long as Oculus NSFW exists… but, January 31st is the cut-off for the voting that decides the winners of the 2016 VR Porn Movie Awards.

So, in the header picture we have Misha Cross’ masked face. She and the Virtual Real Porn gang did quite well in last year’s awards. So, in tribute, we’ll slip some more Misha pics into this article.

Good times.

So, why should you take the time to participate in the voting/commenting?

Misah Cross blowjob

Misha Cross: there she blows…

Well, I don’t have any overwhelmingly compelling reasons.

I mean…if you’ve got a faulty muffler or periodontal problems or your kid just got suspended for smoking loveboat with salacious Susie behind the bleachers at Friday’s football game…I’d say you should take care of that first.

But, I do think the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards offered something special for the Internets.


Well, here’s the thing…if I’m being honest, it ain’t always easy to trust. Oh man, life ain’t easy!

A lot of times folks have angles. And, hell…everyone’s got rent: ain’t no way around that, man! And, you notice that rent increases don’t correspond to…

Oh, nevermind!

So, on sites like this one, where you basically got one guy discussing things…it’s natural for somebody to wonder about objectivity etc.

Now, I try very hard to be fair to all, but that’s not really the point.

What’s the point then?

The point is that these yearly awards are a democratic and transparent process.

So, we gather a lot of different opinion. And, everyone can actually observe the voting and commenting process. You can look at it for yourself! Hell, you can interject your own thoughts right on in there!

And, that’s about as honest as it can get, man!

So, go have your say. The results will appear here during the first week of February.

And, if all those Misha pics got you Misha-horny, click here.


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