Virtual Real Porn Black Week

Historical 2017 -Virtual Real Porn’s Black Week

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Click here for the latest Black Friday VR porn Specials that’s updated for the present year.

The article below is kept for historical purposes.

Lucia Fernandez beautiful tits

Oh, Lucia… those three-dimensional watermelons …

Hi friends, yesterday I discussed my current thoughts about Virtual Real Porn’s output.

The summary is…did you see Lucia Fernandez’ 3D heavenly boobie bouncers, man? That’s your

Sicilia Model cowgirl

Oh, Sicilia baby!


I already know I’m not funny.

Seriously, though, the summary is that Team VRP has been consistently releasing high-quality, technically-competent VRs at a fair price.

I see that back in November 2015 we were already hornyed-up over their blonde gals in the form of Victoria Summers, Lynna Nilsson, Kayla Green, and Sicilia Model.

By the way VRP… MORE SICIILIA! In a nod-fap to the good ole days, below’s a video of Ms. Model’s early VRP pogo passion.

So. Damn. Cute. I generally hate that one-word-period-thing, but sometimes, man! You just go to emphasize!

One VRP movie that recently got my dander dandied involved a tan-lined, Goddess backside belonging to Ms. Heather Vahn.

Hey VRP, something I want to tell you: MORE HEATHER VAHN, MAN!

Heather Vahn stars in Sexy Housewife

The gorgeous Heather Vahn in Sexy Housewife. Hey VRP: More Heather!

See Ms. Goddess Vahn in the preview below:

Oh, Heather baby! You remind this fella of a marvelous MILF from my zit-faced, formative years!

All right: So, what’s the VRP Black Week Special??

Well, it’s a discount running from Monday, November 20th through November 27, 2017.

And, here are the details and links for it:

Virtual Real Porn Discount
Monthly recurring (20% off) (15.95 €/$)
One year (22% off) (69.95 €/$)
Streaming (30% off) (6.95 €/$)
So, the deal that I’m personally taking is a year for $69.95. Not bad!

Virtual Real Gay Discount
One year (33% off) (59.95 €/$)
Monthly recurring (38% off) (9.95 €/$ + 15.5 €/$)
Streaming (20% off) (7.95 €/$)

Virtual Real Trans Discount
One year (33% off) (59.95 €/$)
Monthly recurring (38% off) (9.95 €/$ + 15.95 €/$)
Streaming (20% off) (7.95 €/$)

So, not much more to say.

I mean, if you like virtual porns, this is an excellent chance to score a motherload of technically competent stuff at a good price.

Added: The BaDoinkVR boys are rocking a Black Friday discount period where you can grab a month sub for $7.95. The better deal is probably taking a year, which comes out to $5.95 a month.


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