Virtual Real Porn Black Week

Virtual Real Porn’s Black Week Starts Now

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Lucia Fernandez beautiful tits

Oh, Lucia… those three-dimensional watermelons …

Hi friends, yesterday I discussed my current thoughts about Virtual Real Porn’s output.

The summary is…did you see Lucia Fernandez’ 3D heavenly boobie bouncers, man? That’s your

Sicilia Model cowgirl

Oh, Sicilia baby!


I already know I’m not funny.

Seriously, though, the summary is that Team VRP has been consistently releasing high-quality, technically-competent VRs at a fair price.

I see that back in November 2015 we were already hornyed-up over their blonde gals in the form of Victoria Summers, Lynna Nilsson, Kayla Green, and Sicilia Model.

By the way VRP… MORE SICIILIA! In a nod-fap to the good ole days, below’s a video of Ms. Model’s early VRP pogo passion.

So. Damn. Cute. I generally hate that one-word-period-thing, but sometimes, man! You just go to emphasize!

One VRP movie that recently got my dander dandied involved a tan-lined, Goddess backside belonging to Ms. Heather Vahn.

Hey VRP, something I want to tell you: MORE HEATHER VAHN, MAN!

Heather Vahn stars in Sexy Housewife

The gorgeous Heather Vahn in Sexy Housewife. Hey VRP: More Heather!

See Ms. Goddess Vahn in the preview below:

Oh, Heather baby! You remind this fella of a marvelous MILF from my zit-faced, formative years!

All right: So, what’s the VRP Black Week Special??

Well, it’s a discount running from Monday, November 20th through November 27, 2017.

And, here are the details and links for it:

Virtual Real Porn Discount
Monthly recurring (20% off) (15.95 €/$)
One year (22% off) (69.95 €/$)
Streaming (30% off) (6.95 €/$)
So, the deal that I’m personally taking is a year for $69.95. Not bad!

Virtual Real Gay Discount
One year (33% off) (59.95 €/$)
Monthly recurring (38% off) (9.95 €/$ + 15.5 €/$)
Streaming (20% off) (7.95 €/$)

Virtual Real Trans Discount
One year (33% off) (59.95 €/$)
Monthly recurring (38% off) (9.95 €/$ + 15.95 €/$)
Streaming (20% off) (7.95 €/$)

So, not much more to say.

I mean, if you like virtual porns, this is an excellent chance to score a motherload of technically competent stuff at a good price.

Added: The BaDoinkVR boys are rocking a Black Friday discount period where you can grab a month sub for $7.95. The better deal is probably taking a year, which comes out to $5.95 a month.


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