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On January 31, 2018… what’s on the mind of

Well, a bunch of stuff needs to be done to keep handling the traffic and bandwidth demands, but that’s boring man!

orange bikini

“Who the hell doesn’t like an orange bikini pic!?”
Jerry Seinfeld

What I actually wanted to mention…let’s face it: you don’t care, man.

But, I’m going to tell you anyway, friends! has updated all the VR porn studio pages.

You can access those through the drop-down menu in the upper-right section. Am i using hyphens excessively, men?

So, why would the studio pages interest a person? Well, they probably won’t interest many. But, if there’s anyone who is curious about…I’m hesitant to put it this way…but, if a fella’s curious about VR porn’s development/history…then, those studio pages might be extraordinarily interesting. We’ve been here since the start documenting the whole thing. It has historical value, man!

But, is there anyone who has such interest in VR porn’s brief history?

Let’s pretend there’s some gal writing an article for Jerry Fawell’s website about how VR porn saved her marriage. She might be interested. Probably not…

A Brief History of Virtual Porn Entertainment

Well, at first there was VRP. Then, there were the big three: VRP, NA and BaDoinkVR. Then CzechVR came along and were too distant. Then, the Czech boys got their cameras closer and blew cabezas. And, I spent long nights awake thinking if I could convince my wife to put on a wig, mount a chair and do things with a carrot. I really do think it’s love this time!

katy rose for czech vr

Katy Rose and her carrot in a previous free CzechVR from yesteryear….. love you Katie…

Then came Wankz and when Ms. Diamond’s head bumped my man face I realized that marriage, dating and girlfriends really might be a thing of the past.

Nikkita pic

OH, Nikkita baby! This is just the sort of VR porn that will put an end to marriage, dating and Valentine’s day.
Well, fellas might get some candy for their…wait for it…sex robots, man!

I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. Let’s face it: societal forces have been purposefully conspiring for a long-time to destroy the American family structure. I wish I were kidding about that also. I’m…wait for it…not.

Then a bunch of others happened down 3D lane.

Then between all the Goddamn tube sites and piracy and bullshit it’s become more difficult to buy frivolous items.

redhead from TV show

This redhead is… is…. is… making me HORNY!

Then I quit smoking. Then I lost my mind and started collecting shoes for some unknown reason and also binge-watching Stranger Things, Black Mirror, The Punisher, The Walking Dead, Real Time With Bill Maher, and Big Little Lies. Yea…I admit it…I watch Big Little Lies.

Love that redhead from the show. I just realized that’s actually Nicole Kidman. How weird?

I always thought of her as some over-the-hill mental case who married weirdo Tom Shorty.

Is this VR porn blog turning into a celebrity gossip thing?

It don’t matter, man. If you haven’t yet figured it out, does whatever the fuck it wants without consideration of markets, search engines, Copycat Crusaders, insomniacs, somnambulists, etc.

By the way, in Big Little Lies there’s a scene where the redhead gets thumped from behind by the True Blood vampire guy.

Lately I’ve been noticing that—strangely enough…and, it is pretty damn strange—that the literary world (as in business) shares A LOT of the same bullshit as the pornography world. A lot. It’s weird, man. But, when you think about it further, it’s not odd at all.

And, when you think about it more, you realize it would be strange if it were any other way.


Um, did I mention that the VR porn studio pages have all been updated for 2018?

Also, if I remember correctly, this is the last day of VRP’s special.

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