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July 4th 2019 Specials

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So, in the VR porn world, holidays always bring discounted subscription rates.

I am not listing every special in existence.

I’m listing the ones that I find particularly appealing. And, needless to say, findvrporn only recommends organizations that have proven themselves in two crucial ways:

1. High-quality and extremely horny VR porn released on a consistent basis
2. Honest, legit business and billing practices

VR Bangers Independence Day Special – 1 month/$20, 3 months/$40, 2 years/$100
Honestly, I really like the 2 year for a hundred bucks deal

MilfVR 4th of July Sale – 50% off
I like this one a fuck of a lot: first month is only $7.49
I’m taking this one myself

WankzVR 4th of July Sale – 50%% off
First month is only $9.95
Their best deal, though, is the month of WankzVR + Milf for $14.95
I mean…fucking amazing…

LethalHardcore VR –  $11.99 First month
They have a July 4th special, but you’re better off taking the findvrporn $11.99 first month spectacular fucking deal, man.

Virtual Real Porn – This ain’t really a July 4 special, but I’m including it because it’s good: $1.99 2 days/2 videos trial
Read the details on that page that explain the auto-renewal, etc.

VR Hush 40% off/$5.75 month
Spectacular price from this terribly underrated studio.
I think I’m taking a month of this also.
These folks don’t generate much chatter, but check their recent Blanche Bradburry preview below.
This is some fully competent VR porn.

*As always, strives to provide the most accurate/honest information possible. does not like fucking tricks and deception. With that said, deals and specials expire and can sometimes change beyond my control. Please visit the sites directly to verify and take advantage of these awesome fucking savings, men…

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