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SLR Interview December 2020

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Read on for a quick interview with SexLikeReal. I was interested about their VR porn thoughts as 2020’s now wrapping-up. (You can also read my comprehensive, full opinion about SexLikeReal.)

Here’s the interview:

FVRP: I’m extremely impressed with how you good folks have evolved, innovated, and are now actually releasing high-quality movies of your own. Major congratulations. Sincerely!

SLR: Thanks. Appreciated. Real spatial audio is coming soon.

FVRP: What are SexLikeReal’s biggest achievements so far?

SLR: 1. SLR Originals. That’s a killer. Nothing to add.
2. SLR app
3. Cams
4. Sex toys integration
5. Most of our views come from superb video suggestions. We are constantly improving those to match user’s taste.

FVRP: Yes, I think I’m most impressed with how you added your own releases into the mix. I remember you guys in 2015. You’ve come a long way! What are the biggest challenges facing VR porn in 2021?

Gianna Dior stars in Charm and Glam for Sex Like Real SLR Originals

Gal gorgeous Gianna Dior stars in an SLR Original, Charm and Glam, released September 2020

SLR: Internet bandwidth with increasing resolution, fps and bitrate.

FVRP: Will this be solved in 2021?

SLR: Not likely.

FVRP: Does it seem to you like VR porn would have grown more since 2015 than it has?

SLR: Not really. There was a ton of bullshit then that overinflated people’s expectations. I have been outlining where things go since early days of VR.

FVRP: I guess my expectations were overinflated. Are you impressed with the Quest 2?

SLR: It’s the most advanced 1st gen VR headset.

FVRP: For someone who’s VR interest is exclusively VR porn, is it worth upgrading from Quest 1 to Quest 2?

SLR: Totally. Q1 is halved experience next to Q2.

FVRP: Wow. Okay, I will definitely upgrade then! Thanks for your time. And, good luck in the new year.

SLR: You too.

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