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VR Allure Valentines Special

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I’ll tell you: VR Allure is the best Goddamn VR porn studio that you’ve never heard of…

What does that mean?

It means that VR Allure produces some horny-competent VR porn (review) but for some reason VRA doesn’t seem to generate much chatter. So, we chatter about the Allure gang over here.

Now, last time I looked at Allure, I saw it was $14.95/month. And, today I see that it’s $9.95/month (40% off monthly).

Technically speaking, I don’t see this listed as a Valentine’s Day Special…but, I don’t think anybody will mind if I dub it a Valentine’s Special. And, you know, if it continues considerably past Valentine’s Day, we’ll just say that the Valentine’s Day has been extended, man!

Anyway, I like Allure. Check out Spencer Bradley below in her VR Allure feature. What the hell’s not to like?

Spencer Bradley cowgirl dildo for VR Allure

Spencer Bradley does her dildo dance for the VR Allure gang

You can read the review. $9.95 a month is definitely the VR porn deal of the month. Well, Virtual Real Porn’s giving good competition with the Valentine’s $199/lifetime.  But, anyway… ten bucks…shit…I’m taking a month right now.

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