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VR Bangers from 2019 – historical review

The #findvrporn VR Bangers review from early 2019

One thing that makes me idiotic is I think there’s some value in the historical side of VR porn. There’s a lot of material on this site that serves as a record of how VR porn developed. So, what follows below is the writings/review of VR Bangers done by findvrporn.com from March 2019. Enjoy.

Originally published March 2019: The other day a big Nina Elle fan on Twitter saw that her WhoreCraft effort was my favorite of 2018. And, Nina’s fan messaged me that her VR Banger’s scene was “must see.”

So, hey…it’s Nina…had to take a look. If you visit this site, you may have gathered that I kinda-sorta think she’s a gal Goddess visiting earth. I just love that gorgeous, gal face!

Nina Elle face team work vrbangers

That Nina Elle face!
Pictured above in Team Work from Bangers December 2018

And, I’ll be damned. I’m glad I looked. Because the Bangers’ Nina VR was Goddamn horny.

And, now I’m feeling a bit irresponsible for not rechecking the Banger boys’ output before this.

And, I’m also feeling…I don’t the right word… but I had that page up there for a while that was a sorta tepid recommendation…and, meanwhile, they had clearly advanced…

I ended-up viewing (timeline-jumping) twenty or so of their more recent releases the past few days.

And, if you’re a bottom line type, I found these VR Bangers movies to be a solidly professional product with some bits that rocked the horny meter quite hard.

Now, I know people these days are skeptical about everything.

I am too.

And, I know that there are other folks who have sort of pigeon-holed VRBangers in their mind based upon previous work (e.g. the free Motherly Love offering). It’d be great if they had a long sample showcasing their newer stuff. But…

…they do have free trailers for all their releases. Along with an app—if you like—to view them.

Go ahead and take a look. Don’t take my word for it. Evaluate the quality for yourself.

If you’re someone who likes a comprehensive analysis, then read on, my friend…

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Here’s my previous general impressions of VR Bangers

The list below is from a while back but we’ll keep it for historical purposes.

1. They need to consistently adopt the Instant Sweetspot Open. Some releases have too much distance in the beginning. My general rule for all studios: Always Sweetspot Open.

2. The scale looks damn good to me.

I’ve described this type of scale in the past as “slightly big in a good way.” That means there is a feeling of immediacy and realism. Additionally, the general sense of spatial correctness is on-point. That means that the optics just feel right as bodies change depth and position.

3. The general positioning/camera framing is good.

I was a bit surprised. Actually, as previously suggested, I was all-around surprised by the quality of the work.

4. If you’re a fan of the famous porn gals (particularly American), you get that here. And, it’s a long list: Riley Reid, Anna Bell Peaks (her movie is excellent), Abella Danger, Casey Calvert, Alexis Fawx (she’s a damn good actress/comedic, etc.), Adriana Chechik, Sara Jay, Dani Jensen, Lauren Phillips, Valentina Nappi, Chanel Preston, Marley Brinx (her Wonderwoman cosplay is fucking horny!), Angela White, Zoey Monroe, Brandi Love, Romi Rain, Reagan Foxx, Kendra Lust, Nicole Aniston…you get the idea.

5. These Bangers fellas like throwing in the sideways cowgirl. That’s pretty cool because 1.) It’s a horny perspective and 2.) Other studios don’t use it much.

Wonderwoman Marley Brinx in a sideways cowgirl

Wonderwoman Marley Brinx in a sideways cowgirl.
I notice that this studio seems to like filming this position.

To give a few examples, the Anna Bell Peaks and Marley Brinx (Wonderwoman) sideways cowgirling was fucking HORNY!

And, it surprises me we don’t see this position more from other studios.

My suggestion: change distances more.

In other words, tighten the framing at points: give various truncation perspectives on the sideways cowgirl, in addition, of course, to the pulled-back shot that we get.

6. I think Bangers, generally, are somewhat cowgirlcentric. And, they deliver the cowgirl optics as good as anyone.

Marley Brinx cowgirls as Wonderwoman

Oh, Wonderwoman Marley baby!

7. Bangers are mixing in some damn tight close-up shots on various famous porn gal faces and pussies. It sounds sort of funny to say, “Hey, great pussy shots guys,” but…I’m just visiting earth, man, and reporting what my eyes see!

Anna Bell Peaks sideways cowgirl

Ms. Peaks is going to show a fella she knows how to sideways cowgirl that pootanannie in the strip club

8. With that said, I’d like to see the Banger Gang incorporate much more missionary position footage (with an emphasis, of course, on missionary push forward). I feel that’s presently the major shortcoming of their work.

I’d love to see some truncated doggy and BJ and that sort of stuff that I often ramble on about (that nobody else really shoots either). But, a really simple way to bolster the horny would be adding missionary push-forward to every release.

9. Thematically, you get some familiar porn tropes.

Personally, I particularly enjoyed the Wonder Woman cosplay and seeing Anna Peaks in the stripclub.

I’d love to see Anna as Wonder Woman and Marley in the stripclub, next!

Bangers, I think the stripclub would make a fine reusable template for you folks.

Additionally, Bangers are willing to take some creative leaps: as seen in SpaceXXX, starring Britney Amber and Lauren Phillips as…yea…Martian babes.

Britney Amber cowgirls on Mars... interesting stuff

Britney Amber cowgirls on Mars… interesting stuff

10. And, VR Bangers is one of the very few to offer 6K VR porns. This is perhaps their most distinguishing feature.

11. They have their own video player app—Play’a—which allows you to stream or download their movies from within the app.

12. They also have separate sites for gay or trans 3D videos

Okay, here’s some various screenshots from VR Bangers movies.

My impression is that if a person wants conventionally-beautiful women—famous porn stars—in optically competent 3D, this studio deserves consideration for a year’s sub.

To my eyes and sensibilities, there’s some damn horny stuff in the mix. Personally—not as a reviewer—I’ve been checking for their new releases: so, that might most accurately convey my opinion.

Keep doing what you’re doing Bangers (particularly the sideways cowgirling!)

Just throw in some more positioning/truncation: in particular missionary position segments including push-forward!

I enjoyed the work.

Which release was my favorite?

Okay, it was Marley as Wonder Woman. I’m a sucker for cosplay!

Like I said, though, don’t just take my word for it. Check out the previews and see for yourself.

You can visit the VR Bangers website and stream more previews.

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