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First Look At BabeVR

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All right, friends, let’s discuss the nearly-launched effort from the BaDoink boys called BabeVR. Great concept, excellent url and a long-overdue niche finally has a dedicated site. describes themselves as such: “The hardcore babes of VR porn in intense, all girl action.

That seems pretty accurate from what I’ve gleamed.

So, what gals do they have lined-up for this all-girl action?

BabeVR Babes As Of January 2018

  • Lexi Belle
  • Cora Ora
  • Ryan Keely
  • Michelle Maylene
  • Ayumi Anime
  • Samantha Bentley
  • Brook Logan
  • Adriana Chechik

Looking good. What do you think, amigo?

Babe VR porn star line-up

The BabeVR women look fine to me… not sure if they could be understood as a particular genre except the genre of “these gals are making me horny!”

And, each gal gets her own release:

These BabeVR releases look interesting to me... Depends what you like. My personal favorite VR porn genre is solo gal.

These BabeVR releases look horny to me…
Depends what you’re horny for…
My personal favorite VR porn genre is solo gal.

So, What Now?

Well, I just downloaded the Lexi Belle trailer for The Cum Cam.

Lexi Belle in a BabeVR release

Ms. Lexi Belle stars in a virtual solo effort.

I have high expectations. Actually, I’m already fairly certain what to expect: at least concerning the technical/quality aspects.

Lexi Belle rides the artificial wonder, Dildo Man, in a BabesVR virtual porn release

Lexi Belle rides the artificial wonder, Dildo Man, in a BabesVR virtual porn release

About the all girl action part: Are we talking solo gal masturbation, lesbian stuff or a combo?

Looking over the website, I’m  leaning towards all solo gal stuff. And, judging by the Lexi preview, it appears like the standard method might be bounce on the Mr. dummy man with cock gizmo.

Here’s a download link for the freebie preview.

By the way, I appreciate these 3 minute previews, and the other studios should take note already. Not because I say so. But, because they want to make more money.

Previews will ultimately make you more money. That is if…wait for it…the preview’s any good, man!

The most masterful aspect of this release—without a doubt—was how the director kept Lexi smack dab in the sweetspot zonepictured below—during her teasing part.

Lexi Belle VR porn close

This picture demonstrates the SS Zone

My anticipation that this release would be technically competent (spatially correct, etc.) was confirmed. There’s little fault to be found technically.

However, I still can’t understand why studios routinely put such light-featured women against light-colored backgrounds. I just don’t get it.

Then again, I never said I was Stevie Spielberg. I’m eating Spaghettios while these boys are doing happy cannonballs into their personal swimming pools.

As far as Lexi’s performance, she’s established herself as one of the most famous women in the game. Personally, where I’m at in 2018, the sort of verbally-contrived aggressiveness doesn’t do it for me. I’m just being honest. It feels phony.

She’s a sexy beauty, though. Absolutely, sir! And, as always emphasized, this is inevitably subjective (no right or wrong).

Concerning the general set-up—a beautiful woman teasing than bouncing around on Dildo Man—I love it!


Well, I don’t want to diss the hard-working, male actors. It’s just…I really like solo action in VR…I don’t know. It just seems like a woman alone with the VR rig is very fitting and natural.


Good luck.

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