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Partners and things I find interesting was the first virtual porn review website on the Internet. Launched in September 2015, I’ve lost track of how many reviews and articles have been posted. Please have a look. If I could be a little unhumble, I think you’ll find the content/writing to be pretty solid.

If you have a high-quality virtual porn or 2D website and want to say hey and possibly get your site listed here on this very page, use this contact form and let me know….

Partners and Things I find interesting:

(for instance Skarred Ghost isn’t a “partner”… I just think it’s a really interesting and noteworthy VR website)

Who’s buying whom in the AR/VR porn space –> this site is called something like KGOnTech, whatever the heck that means…and, I don’t feel like burning the brain cells to figure it out, but they get their link here because they’re providing some interesting analysis about the behind-the-scenes business maneuvering behind these gizmos that we’re strapping to our faces.

Here’s an article from Psychology Today that I find DAMN DAMN INTERESTING! Most People Who Seek Rough, Aggressive Porn Are Women –> this really runs counter to the mainstream “porn bad, man bad, man watch porn bad” narrative. Are we surprised to learn that polite society is rife with deception and shame? So, it’s this fella that writes such interesting things.

Coyote Loves You –> this is Kissa Sin’s blog, and I ain’t got no connection to it or her…it’s just a genuinely Goddamn entertaining-as-hell collection of her writings. Seriously, this is fun stuff…and, the way the Internet’s supposed to work…before everyone got their heads absolutely jam-packed with all this SEO derp-derp dogshit where they’re scared to actually fucking link to anybody and attaching their little fucking dogshit nofollow dogshit to everything because Google derpie derpie… Yeah, well the way the Internet’s supposed to work is that you link to worthy things, interesting things, exceptional things…and, this blog is all of those things.

Skarred Ghost Virtual Reality Updates –> one of the best VR blogs out there… this is NOT a VR porn site…it’s just the highest-quality virtual reality site you’re going to find on the Internet
The Xbiz Web and Tech part: Xbiz is well-known in the adult industry. this is an important one in respect to adult industry news another major adult industry site
Porncrash – crash into this one
Immersive Porn – Immerse yourself in these articles and opinion
Future Sex Tech – the future seems wild!
Porn Sites Now – here’s a useful porn directory to check out.
VR Porn Manual – good overview of the VR porn landscape
Adult VR Sites – good overview of the VR porn landscape
VR Footworship – this is an interesting one. If 3D foot fetish is your thing, you’ll want to bookmark this one.
Porndabster: this is a porn directory site…let’s say a few words about porn directories. First, just like so-called “VR porn sites,” there’s no denying that there’s a ton of them out there and many of them can sometimes seem a bit…redundant.  I actually think that Porndabster is a pretty damn good example of this directory genre.
Dirty Porn World: Interesting porn directory with accompanying adult blog.
VR Porn – another solid porn tube that gives you a chance to sample VR porn scenes in your headset for free.
Virtual Reality Porn Sites: There are a lot of websites out there these days that “cover” VR porn. It sometimes surprises me how few sites actually genuinely  discuss VR porn critically. Virtual Reality Porn Sites does! You get an actual analysis here.
AI Sex Chat: interesting project for your first foray into chats with AI Sex chat bots.
Tebux Sex Dolls: Tebux has a very diverse range of sex dolls at competitive prices.
Best Only Fans Leaks: this is your best chance to see Top OnlyFan Leaked Profiles.
Adult Revenue Service: interesting project which has informative, behind-the-scenes industry insight such as The Best Adult Guide To Successfully Buying An Adult Website. If you’re an adult webmaster just getting started…or even one who’s been in it for a while…you can gain some helpufl knowledge by clicking around Adult Revenue Service. I have this one bookmarked now.
VR CAM GIRLS: The VR Camshows project touts itself as “your complete guide to VR camshows.” I clicked around the website, and it is pretty damn useful at summarizing the current VR porn cams scene. There are some bonus interesting articles such as The Secrets Of How Much Cam Girls Make.
Top VR Porn Sites: You know, there are a lot of porn directories out there. And, the truth is that some are better than others. Founded in 2017, it’s quickly evident that this is one of the better ones and a lot of time and care has been put into this directory.

Here are a few more things that I simply find interesting, entertaining, useful or good sources of info

Oculus Quest Subreddit: I know, if you read this site you’re thinking that I hate Reddit…not at all..lot of cool stuff on Reddit… I just consider it a duty to critique the crooked Oculus NSFW subreddit because it’s a bastion of propaganda and run in an over-the-top bullshit crooked way. And, I consider it a duty to let VR porn consumers know that it’s not to be trusted.

How to install Sidequest

Instructions about how to sideload apps… useful page from Android Central

Passthrough mode with guardian turned off???

HereSphere: I’d say any authentic VR wacker is going to want to explore what this (rather complex) video player can do for their VR porn experience.

Magic Leap 2 AR Headset Arrives Sept. 30, Starting at $3,299

Gadgets subreddit

Magic Leap wiki

Is it true most men are giving up on dating? –> Purple pill subreddit thread that is extremely interesting vis a vis VR porn.

The Randy Jenny Hip Toy: this thing caught my eye, and I’m thinking of maybe getting one…this is a bookmark for me. Page moved.

Fondlove butt: I’ve got no opinion of this. It’s info I want to look over when I have more time.

Sex Toys subreddit: I have no familiarity or endorsement of this. This is a bookmark because I want to take a look at this when I have more time.

Captain Hardcore: this is an interesting looking VR porn game that I might give a try over vacation. Um, I don’t really have a vacation. I don’t really have a job so why should I have a vacation. Anyway, this does sound sort of like fun…well, truth is I don’t really go for this type of thing, but I could see this interesting some of our readers:

Your mission: Board your ship and explore the darkest reaches of the universe in search of the hottest and most depraved space sluts. Bring them aboard your research vessel where you can customise their looks in your bio-metrics lab, probe and experiment on them in your high tech science chamber, or create virtual scenes using your ships Cyber-Masturbatorium – all in the name of science!

Check out their Anti Zero Patreon dealio if you want to try this stuff out.

The Handy:  this is another subreddit I like.

Sex on Drugs: another interesting subreddit. Findvrporn DOES NOT endorse any illegal or harmful drug use, but I ain’t going to lie: I am a curious motherfucker, and I do endorse people satisfying their curiosity via research, which, for all practical purposes, often equates to education and harm reduction. So, interesting stuff.

Bari Weiss about the Twitter files –> this is interesting. I’d encourage everyone interested in how Twitter is now treating porn under Musk to read this. The things Weiss discusses, I believe, predate Musk. Here’s the thing….I know some disagree…but, I think Twitter, before Musk, was very porn-friendly when you compare it against the rest of “social media” and so forth…it’s not to say criticisms couldn’t be made, but in comparison it was very damn friendly. In my opinion, I’m seeing this change right before my eyes in January 2023. The algorithms over there have been anti-porn tweaked from my perspective. Twitter porn links and particularly comments made by porn-accounts are not getting the same visibility as before Musk. Again, I’m giving my opinion based upon my personal Twitter use.

Teddy Long

This is Teddy Long. I love this guy. He was a wrestling manager. So damn entertaining PLAYAS!