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22nd September 2021

There comes a time when a man says…enough bullshit!!

Whether creating and coining brand new terms (that get used by the shit talkers!) such as squatting cowgirl hoverface…or writing articles that imagine a new face fetish genre of VR porn and inspiring the launch of new studios;

…whether single-handedly pulling off the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards…and, don’t forget 2016… and the 12 part guide to Solo VR… and…

…and the enormously influential FindVRporn Positioning Checklist… and, yea…the Sweetspot zone explained… and publicly talking about truncated footage which now has become a standard feature of VR porn and the entire voluminous FindVRporn Standards project

…yea, it’s time to cut the bullshit…these jerkasses talking all kinds of shit while they use terms and ideas created right here at…yea, it’s time to cut the bullshit…

…whether being the first Internet coverage of WankzVR, Naughty America VR, Virtual Taboo, Stripz VR, etc… the Internet’s 1st VR porn review website, has been here since the beginning tangled-up deep like a mothafucka: tangled-up real deep and exerting an influence: it’s time to cut the bullshit…

… don’t believe the bullshit and haters and jealous sabotage asswipes… the ones always trying to get findvrporn banned off of crooked subreddits (such as Oculus NSFW which banned findvrporn for the very submissions which inspired the launch of CzechVR’s VR Intimacy studio) and similar shit… this is the 1st and the best VR porn analysis on the Internet, and if you’re wondering where you won’t get ripped-off…if you’re wondering where your money can safely be spent to bring you the horniest 3d to match your desires…then bookmark findvrporn and read the reviews and look for new reviews and….do not believe the bullshit! “All the best of the best best… !! best! best!” — You look at the now 1000s of VR porn “review”-whatever sites and all you see is best best best best BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!


“This one’s the horniest!” “This one’s the sexiest!” “This one’s the fullest!” “This studio’s the silkiest!” “This VR porn studio’s the happiest!” “This one’s the…the silky-sexiest!!!” LOL, it’s gotten so Goddamn ridiculous, man…

Check out the sorta new Find VR Porn Digest… it’s not exactly new… it’s kinda-sorta what we been doing here all along, but it’s presented in an ADHD-friendlier, more convenient, compact version…3,2,1 countdown until every site has a VR porn digest now

September 22, 2021

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Click to visit the Internet’s 1st VR Porn review blog,

Wondering the explicit basis of these reviews? Please see Find VR porn reviews explained. Findvrporn formulated a unique way of reviewing VR porn stuff and you can read all about that…

Want to take a really fucking deep-dive into how analyzes VR porn scenes? And, when I say fucking deep-dive…I mean…FUCKING DEEP-DIVE! See FindVRporn VR Porn Standards Project.

So, sure… exists in reality, just like you, where money is needed for things like sardines,  electricity, and those Joe Rogan supplement pills and thus…until the Marxist thing happens where money is eliminated, and I trade you my homemade shoes for your homemade Calvin Klein tee shirt, this site does have links that could potentially earn a commission: but, if you read those links, you’ll see the basis of the review judgments.

I could be like everybody else and jump-and-down about “honest reviews, man!”, but…if someone were writing dishonest reviews: you think they’d say, “Hey, man…I really hope you enjoy my dishonest reviews, guys!”

So, for anyone who’s skeptical or bored or curious, you can read all about how this site works. And, like I always say and I’ll always say, “Check how the samples look in your own headset, man…”

Amen. PS. Some people call this art form…and, yes, it is an art form! … Adult VR…so, whether you call it VR porn or you call it adult VR, just don’t hide my Oculus Quest. Yet another humor fail. IDGAF! But, I had to get the two words adult and VR in there because that’s how this idiotic shit works…

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Welcome, friends, to the Internet’s first VR porn review website:, est.  2015.

This site ain’t flashy. The web design’s amateurish. The writing’s lousy. But, I do believe we’ve got some great VR porn information, analysis, insights, guidance and subscription discounts that you won’t find anywhere else on the Internet…

… Articles on this site have directly inspired the formation of new studios and influenced existing ones. articles have coined terms—squatting cowgirl hoverface, face fetish VR porn, sweetspot zone, sense of spatial correctness, etc.—that people now regularly use on message boards and subreddits. I ain’t lying. Not bragging either. I just want you to know if you’re new to VR porn and trying to figure things out, bookmark You are at the right spot. Findvrporn published the earliest Internet coverage of Naughty America VR, Czech VR, Virtual Taboo, WankzVR, Stripz VR, Zexy, et. al. We did the 2015 and 2016 VR porn awards, which now read as these intriguing little time capsules of VR porn history. We’ll tell you the best VR porn deal in 2021. You found the right site. Bookmark.

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