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June 2023 will be a huge fucking month in VR porn history

Findvrporn State Of The VR Porn June 2023

The summer’s here. It’s hot out. Let’s just keep on doing this thing. Apple’s WWDC—Worldwide Developer’s Conference—just went down June 5, 2023.  This will have a major impact on the VR porn world: including transitioning high-tech porn into augmented/mixed reality.

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Apple Vision Pro

Here’s the video below from the conference which discusses Apple Vision Pro. As it says, “Apple Vision Pro is a new kind of computer that augments reality by seamlessly blending the real world with a digital world. It’s the first Apple product you look through and not at…Apple Vision Pro will introduce us to spatial computing.” One statement that got my attention is that you control it with your eyes, hands and voice. In particular, the eyes part has my attention.

After watching the video, this is definitely an enormous development in the AR/XR/MR/VR world. Really huge. The “EYE SIGHT” feature reveals your eyes to people in your physical space. In other words, the headset is transparent and your eyes are visible. This is mind-blowing stuff.  This isn’t just an incremental development. This is a whole new model that now exists.  I’m quite frankly surprised by how this innovates in so many different ways: including, as I said, just a fundamental transformation of the whole technology. It will be interesting to see how the industry writ large responds to this.

Concerning this blog’s focus, the adult industry…this Apple Vision Pro can’t be ignored. Particularly intriguing, to me, is the eye tracking. The lack of physical controllers also has my interest. I’m already seeing a lot of possibilities for this in respect to adult content. And, let’s not forget, of course, the most obvious application: full-color augmented reality porn applications. Isn’t this what we’ve all been waiting for?

I see people commenting online that this isn’t a VR device, and it’s obviously being presented as a spatial computing AR/XR device. But, of course there’s going to be VR developed for this…how couldn’t there be? I mean…it’s GOT THE DIAL ON IT that allows you to switch between AR and VR!

Oh, and according to CNN the Apple Vision Pro will be available in early 2024 at a price tag of $3500. A bit of investment compared to a Quest! But, it’s clear that comparing this to a Quest is like comparing a surfboard to a helicopter. But, considering it costs about $3K more…I should hope that it’s significantly different. Not hating on Quests. I’ve loved them since the first launch. But, I do resent the whole Facebook angle, and you don’t need me to go on about that any further here.

The video should begins at the relevant section.

Oculus Meta’s Vision vs. Apple Vision’s Vision

First off, Meta will always be Oculus to me. Second, we can see the struggle that will unfold over the coming years. I’ve written elsewhere about Zuckerberg’s cutesy-pie “Metaverse” vision for the future of our devices. And, I don’t like it. I don’t like anything about the cutesy avatars and how you’ll be able to buy them costumes or hats and polka dot bow ties. Sorry, Mark. I’m an adult. That has zero appeal to me. The whole so-called “Metaverse” vision just doesn’t turn my motor over…

The competing conception now comes from the good folks at Apple. Apple’s thrust their fruit right through this hypothetical metaverse with their paradigm-annihilating spatial computing. Listen, I never said I was Ernie Hemingway. Anyway..

I much prefer what Apple’s doing here. And, I think their approach is going to win the more immediate future. Why wouldn’t it? What they’re doing is just fundamentally transforming computing again. And, I mean computing in capital letters like COMPUTING…we’ve seen this with the huge mainframe computers of yesteryear, the desktop, laptop, smartphone and tablet. We’ve seen this…and, Apple is presenting the next iteration of computing…while Mark’s got you playing games and dressing up an avatar. Apple is going to win this.

Apple is pretty fucking smart

I always like to give credit where credit’s due: whether I like the organization or not. For instance, I never much liked Apple and their whole locked down approach to things. I always preferred rooting Android and running custom ROMS and hacks, etc.

But, I’ll say this: this Apple gang has a lot of brain power. I appreciate how, in a way, they sort of managed to bypass the whole virtual reality context. In other words, of course their new device is a AR/VR device, but notice how they frame it as spatial computing. It’s not presented as an AR HEADSET…it’s presented, as mentioned, as spatial computing.

So, the logic at work is that computing went from the desktop to the laptop to the pocket and now…to the face! What we’re dealing with is an AR/MR/VR extended reality headset…it’s a…FACE COMPUTER! Brilliant! I think this is much easier for the average consumer to get his mind around…it’s an Apple computer with the familiar ecosystem, but it goes on your face now. Conceptually, for the consumer brain, that’s the entry point: thinking of it as a computer on your face. When the starting point contains words like “augmented reality” or “mixed reality” it’s more difficult to get an initial conceptualization. The immediate question becomes: Augmented reality…what’s that?

Augmenting Us

But, I still maintain that we are going to be damn shocked by how quickly the next step happens. I believe that it’s closer than most people think. And, historically speaking when this period of time is considered at a distance…I do believe that AR/VR/mixed reality along with spatial computing and metawhatever will be seen as a brief intermediate step before the inevitable which is augmenting US.

Let’s face it. That’s where this is headed. There’s no way that that’s not the destination of this! It can’t be stopped. I think that Black Mirror episode The Entire History of You gets it right. The devices running from the Gear VR through Apple’s Vision will just be a little historical footnote. The computer power to augment our reality and run virtual reality will be coming from the modifications to our own brains. And, you know, the early steps of this are already happening. And, you combine that with the burgeoning AI, and I think people are going to be fucking shocked at how fast it happens. That’s my prediction.

More about the future of porn

How will it affect porn: in the short term: some very horny AR porn applications that synch with the wacking toys: and, there’s a very fine way that this could be achieved I think. After that, in the longer term, the brain modifications that synch with AI sex robots in some very interesting ways: such as projecting whoever the hell you want over the robot.

Here’s the most interesting things about the forthcoming Quest 3: starting price $499, high-res color mixed reality, 40% thinner than Quest 2 (I like the sounds of that!), high-fidelity color passthrough, innovative machine learning, spatial understanding, next-gen Qualcomm chipset…

So, June 2023 will obviously be a HUGE MONTH in VR porn history with both Apple and Oculus Meta making the announcements for devices that will finally push pornography into augmented terrain. If you read these articles you’ll know that I’ve long felt that it’s augmented reality where pornography is going to truly go full-fledged horny.

What do I think about it? Personally, I’m pulling for Apple. I’d love to see Apple eventually knock Meta down from its throne. It’s not so much that I like Apple. It’s just that I don’t like the Facebook way of doing things.  I don’t want to see pictures of your kids. I don’t want to take your quiz. I’m not interested in foreign propaganda trying to sway my vote. I hate and resent the way that it’s necessary to go through a Facebook account to use an Oculus device. I just fundamentally resent this. Yes, I do enjoy the Oculus Quest 2 which I consider to be a damn fine device at a fair price. Yes, that’s true. Major props to everyone who brought the actual Quest physical device into existence! But, I despise the vision that Zuckerberg has presented for the future of virtual reality with all his cutesy pie avatar shit. So, yes…I dislike Apple for a variety of reasons. I despise their closed little ecosystem and pricey devices. I’ll always be an Android guy. But, in this battle: FINDVRPORN is pulling for Apple! I said it!

Any VR porn scripters out there?

Blush Erotica VR needs VR interactive scripter: The good folks at Blush Erotica VR tell me this: “We have been looking for VR Interactive Scripters (that tie interactive sex toys to VR scenes).” So, if you have these skills and want to script scenes for the world’s premiere BBW VR porn studio, you can contact BEVR on Twitter. Also, check out our Blush Erotica VR interview while you’re at it. Very interesting stuff. If you don’t know what VR porn scripts are and want to learn more, see The Ultimate Handy Review.

Where are scenes actually getting critiqued now?

I’d actually argue now that I can’t review individual scenes as much (I have to spend more time updating studio info and researching studios/VR technology developments and my other projects)…now that ActionIsGo doesn’t seem to be around anymore…nearly all of them slip through the cracks. There’s really not anywhere else that objectively (non-agenda…non-corrupt Reddit) highlights these things. There’s really nobody else who provides an actual review schema explaining why one thing is praised more than another.

That’s not hype or bullshit. Just stating the facts. If I’m wrong, say so in the comments. INDEED!

There’s not really anyone who just points out outlier VR porn scenes. Reddit is totally corrupt now. It’s not just the Oculus NSFW subreddit and its pinned affiliate links to the top: I’ve already exposed it as being a crooked little cesspool. It’s actually all of fucking Reddit writ large!

Check that shit out. 92 out of the top 500 subreddits on Reddit are controlled by just 4 people. That’s what I have suspected for years now, but I had no idea it was that totally fucked-up!

I remember when Reddit started in 2005. I was lucky that I stumbled across it right at the start. It was so fucking cool at the beginning. There were no subreddits. There was just a front page: popular posts. And, it was so fucking cool. Those days are long past. It’s all over, man, in every imaginable way. There ain’t no turning the world back now. Just turn off the news and fire-up your Quest 2 and lose yourself in 3D porn…

Being a subreddit “moderator” is now a full-time job with all sorts of sneaky back-channel income streams. That’s why the “VR porn subreddits” stopped being legitimate information sources probably around 2018 or so…right around the end of 2018. BECAUSE OF DA MONNNNAY! (Thank you Teddy Long!)

When I look at the mass media (that includes Reddit! …make no mistake) along with so-called Independent Media, the conclusion I reach is rather pessimistic. There is no fucking hope. It’s all corrupt. And, they all conspire to crush the few lone wolf, independent voices out there. That’s just how it fucking works.

Let’s keep discussing everything wrong with everything…

Asking for fetish isn’t scene critique

And, when you look at the studio’s forum pages…they serve a needed purpose. But, a lot of it is—understandably—consumers who are lobbying for their particular fetish, e.g. MORE ANAL DERP DERP! You guys are terrible, the last three scenes didn’t have a creampmie! I’m unsubscribing, man!

Well, that doesn’t constitute a critique review. It’s just some horny guy with extremely specific pornographic desires.

VR porn coverage is a shit show these days

Putting aside the actual VR porn studios…the sort of secondary, auxiliary coverage of it is an absolute shit show these days. That’s to say: there really isn’t any actual, legitimate coverage of it these days. If you look at 2D porn, there’s a vast infrastructure that really analyzes this shit. With VR porn, there’s crooked Reddit with corrupt moderators, “forums”…and, fuck it…you already know this world is a corrupt and disappointing motherfucker, don’t you? And, Google rankings…Google lets you know which of these motherfuckers is best at buying links…

…sorry, you’re not supposed to say that, but…it is what it is, man…

VR porn Twitter

Since taken over by Musk, Twitter is much less porn friendly. It’s much harder to get visibility for smaller people and projects in the industry. It’s Musk’s company. He can fix the algorithm how he wants, tweet childish bullshit, ruin it. As for me, I hope it goes under along with all the other “social media” giants. There ain’t nothing “social” about any of this shit. As human beings, we’re getting a little fucked-up by all this shit. Let’s just be honest about it.

Twitter’s ad revenue is WAY THE FUCK DOWN! If Twitter outright banned porn, I wouldn’t be in a complete state of shock. Perhaps it will be necessary to get rid of the porn and politically crazy shit to woo advertisers back into the fold. One thing that’s guaranteed is that porn—particularly smaller organizations—will continue to get shit on by Musk’s newish algorithm. You can be certain that this trend, at the very least, will continue.

This Twitter trend will be bad for porn writ large. Additionally, things are changing quite a bit at Reddit these days…and, let’s face it, Reddit is just another boring, corporate cesspool…I wouldn’t be surprised if Reddit goes for some type of porn ban…but, back to Twitter, it’s a way for smaller, creative porn outfits to get a little attention for free…at least, it used to be…and, I do think it would hurt the content innovation in the porn industry if Twitter continues to suppress the smaller porn outfits.

Some might be wondering: how can you say it’s suppressing smaller porn outfits. Well, I can’t say that with 100% certainty. I can’t say it as a fact. I can say that it’s affected this site. I can say that there are many similar smaller organizations that are making the very same observation. I can say that Wired—generally considered a well-respected source—says that “Twitter does algorithmically suppress adult content, whether intentionally or not.” That I can say for certain.

I can also say that Twitter was extremely helpful in getting this website off the ground in 2015 and 2016. Well, it’s just about absolutely useless to this site presently. Same great fucking content here! What’s changed?

The way our digital world works is that you don’t have to outright ban anything: you can let it exist but bury it so deep that it doesn’t get seen anyway. I believe with great certainty that we will see this trend continue and intensify.

Porn technology developments

It won’t be long before AI disrupts the hell out of porn just as it’s starting to presently do a tiny bit with search. In the meantime, I’ve been following AR (augmented reality) developments, because that interests me a lot. And, I think that’s where the future truly is for porn. I don’t picture VR ever being finished. They’re different things. I think AR lends itself better to high-tech masturbation.

Apple Reality Pro

It now appears that this device is called Apple Vision Pro.

Why is June 5, 2023 a HUGE day for the VR porn world? Let me put it like this…anyone who’s got a serious interest in VR porn will want to make a note of that date on their calendar. I’ll try to briefly explain below…

Apple’s forthcoming AR/VR headset is rumored to be called the Apple Reality Pro. I noticed in our recent chat, the CVR CEO had mentioned several times that he’s particularly interested in what the Apple headset will be like. I made a note of that mentally. If the CzechVR big man is focused in on something, I’d say the larger 3D porn industry should take note.

At the moment, everything about this device is largely leaks and conjecture. As of April 19, 2023: Apple has confirmed NOTHING about this device. So, whatever you’re reading online about Apple’s new headset, understand that it could potentially be wrong.

Intense speculation about Apple’s forthcoming headset

There is plenty of speculation all over the Internet. Just for fun, some of the speculation that interests me the most is the following: passthrough (let’s face it, nothing should interest the porn industry more than the passthrough aspect), 120 degree FOV, eye tracking, face tracking, body tracking, foveated rendering, hand-tracking, automatic IPD adjustment (this is damn interesting and necessary also….this has been necessary since the start and often overlooked), battery that goes on your waist (this is something that I’d like to see on a future Quest mainstream/affordable version), and a price tag ranging anywhere from $2200-$4000.

So, what interests me personally?

My main interest is a convincing passthrough combined with eye-tracking. That will be the biggest development in the VR porn world since…truth be told…it’s the biggest development since the launch of Samsung’s Gear VR.  Yes. That’s how it appears to me. This “Apple Reality Pro” historically will be on par with the Gear VR launch. We’ll see…that’s just a prediction.

Not a budget device

So, the “Apple Reality Pro” is not going to be a budget device. I think that’s the only thing that’s not subject to conjecture. It’s likely that the mystery will be unveiled at the forthcoming June 5th presentation at the 34th WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference). WWDC is primarily an online affair though there will be some related special events held at the Apple Park Campus along with the Swift Student Challenge.

Early AR porn hints towards amazing future AR porn

I’m interested, of course, in what Apple’s headset will be like. So, we’ve seen what Naughty America has done with this sort of present day, inchoate augmented reality: Real Girls Now. To my way of thinking, AR just completely lends itself to pornographic applications. I mean, let’s face it…let’s reduce things to the basics…men use porn for their masturbation. And, AR is just the next step in technological masturbation enhancement. So, I’ve been keeping an eye on augmented reality developments and will continue to do so here.

We’ve seen some VR porn scenes that experiment with green screen to allow for various AR hacks with VR porn headsets. I’ve tried them all, and even in this extraordinarily crude state: THIS STUFF IS FUN. Bookmark and stay tuned.

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