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March 21, 2019 Updates

FindVRporn has some exclusive, very special VR porn discounts theses days… only available by using the links that were given to us.

How about a free 6 minute Savana Styles VR courtesy of MilfVR. This is at the top of the list because it’s…fucking horny!

Speaking of MilfVR, we now have a very very damn special MilfVR extended-length tube clip download page… unfuckingbelievable that this is FREE! Evaluate whether the MilfVR studio deserves your subscription dollars. This is not illegal piracy or torrents or anything of the sort…these are being shared with the express permission of MVR. All downloads on are legal downloads.

Trying to figure out which VR porn studio should get your subscription? Test-wack with some free, extended length VR porn samples and tube clips.

Best of FindVRporn 2015-2019…truth is…there’s an awful lot of writing on this site: so, I put together this curated list to make finding articles a bit easier for ya’ll…

Great stuff! Here’s the VRI release schedule. Spoiler alert: soon you’ll be getting your intimacy on with Lucy Li and Lady Dee!

The FindVRporn Positioning Checklist got a refresh, update and good housekeeping sorta stuff… check it out

These days…I really like what I’m seeing from Bangers and VRP. I also like what I’m seeing out of LHCVR. LHCVR is still, it seems to me, flying sub-radar, but…we’ll see…

12/7/2018: Enormous News! CzechVR Releases Face Fetish as Free, Full length Video!


Welcome, friends, to the Internet’s first VR porn review website: the surprisingly influential, est. 2015.

Why Is There A Need For

This website is mainly of interest to people (mostly men) seeking high-quality, conventional 3D porn. That means…dudes who like seeing beautiful women (the mainstream conception of female beauty) in 3D fuck and solo action.

I ain’t got nothing against nobody, but I discuss the stuff that I best understand.

And, believe me…I’m familiar with this whole game. I was posting up VR porn reviews back when…honestly…there were around a dozen websites covering VR porn…and, a few of those were the early studios!

Before you type in credit card numbers anywhere, protect your money by spending an afternoon clicking around and reading. Honestly, do yourself a huge favor and bookmark this website. Trust me on that one.

So, what I think we do extremely well is establish a very clear, explicit standard for what constitutes great VR porn movies. There ain’t no mystery why some things get raved about here. You can go read the standards.

Then, based upon experience and knowledge, we make determinations and judgments about which studios deserve your consideration.

Now, some worthy projects will get overlooked. Guaranteed. There’s so much out there now. Hey, I’m just one guy, and I only have so much time… I do my best, but there’s just a ton of stuff out there these days.

But, I believe this site does a very good job of making those judgments concerning what’s been considered. It’s really not that difficult. If the studio releases horny movies and has good business practices, it ain’t hard to say: these fellas deserve some consideration.

Why Should People Trust FindVRporn?

One thing that arises online sometimes is the criticism that a review site like this is deceptive and renders dishonest judgments for financial gain.

I can only speak for this website.

Since the start, I’ve said: If I’d be willing to spend my own money on a subscription, I can in good conscience recommend the studio to a person seeking conventional, heterosexual VR porn content. If that earns a commission payment, I don’t see how anyone’s trust has been betrayed.

I mean, take Virtual Real Porn: the first major player in the game. Sure, I’ve been saying for years that if you like conventionally beautiful women in 3D action, go ahead and give them a chance. I’m okay with that. Their work is consistently good and has been for years now. I’ve not seen people complaining about bad practices. I’ve seen them respond quickly to customer concerns. I’ve spent my own money there and never once regretted it.

What I’ve never done is rave about something that I didn’t actually like.

Go read some VR porn movie reviews.

Life’s short. And, it mostly sucks. And, your heterosexual relationship—more likely than not—will end in heartbreak along with your financial ruin and quite likely a regular melange of misery.

Lose yourself in three-dimensional pornography while you still can.

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