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Interview with Blush Erotica VR – this turned out to be damn interesting, and I learned something. I’d encourage everyone to read it. I imagine it would especially interest fans of BBW content and also other people producing VR porn scenes. But, I think this could hold the attention of any VR porn enthusiast.

Updated best VR porn for women viewers guide

Updated Gay VR porn guide

VR Porn Performer’s Checklist – Humble Suggestions

The Authenticity Component updated

Findvrporn Top Ten WankzVR Scenes Of All Time! –> as WVR is on the verge of releasing their 700th scene, this tribute seemed fitting.

POVR Review updated

Fresh look at Her POVR

What is the Thundercock Sex 3.0 subscription bundle special?

What’s Blow VR and what does VR Bangers have to do with it?

The Ultimate Handy Review: I set out to create the best Handy review, guide and analysis to be found on the Internet. This is a brand new article. And, I think I succeeded. Leave a comment with your critique of the article and the Handy.

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Darkroom VR review updated


Blush Erotica VR review just updated: this will particularly interest fans of BBW VR porn scenes. An interview with BE VR is coming soon, so check back for that if you want to learn more about this studio and genre.

Review of Real Girls Now augmented reality porn. If you’ve got a Quest 2 and you like Quest 2 porn…you NEED to learn about this! Trust me…you really want to know about this.

The Naughty America VR interview is published

The CzechVR Interview November 2022: this turned out great. Keep checking back, I’m doing more interviews with some other VR porn studios The interview invitation is open to any VR porn studio (new, old, veterans). Findvrporn is not playing favorites. I want to interview everybody. And, there are some awesome ones already slated! If you have a studio and you want publicity, use the contact form. They do generate quite a bit of interest (as I’m seeing with the new CzechVR interview). So, from a marketing perspective, seems like a good idea. Don’t be shy. I’m extremely fair and also generally quite supportive of new studios as well. Here are some additional previous findvrporn interviews.

Review of surprising new Italian VR porn studio Virtual Papi

VR Porn Tips, Tricks and Hacks for Maximum Horny: this help page is in progress. Take a look and add your suggestions for how to have the most intense VR porn experience possible.

VR Cosplay X review just updated for Nov. 2022

Check the Kay Lovely VR porn analysis: this one took a bit to write/think through, etc.

PS. One of the favorite things I’ve written for this site is this article: LethalHardcoreVR Review: The Cerebral Side of VR Porn

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Read about Gloss Tights Glamour VR

Read about POV Central VR

Read about the July Jimmy Draws blonde 3D bikini mind melt… I LOVE THIS!

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Findvrporn conceives of Face Fetish VR porn
Findvrporn coins the term Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface January 2017
Findvrporn explains VR porn’s Sweetspot Zone
Findvrporn explains what’s more important than scale: the Sense of Spatial Correctness
Findvrporn explains the  authenticity component
Findvrporn explains the VR porn Gestalt
Findvrporn creates the VR porn positioning checklist
Findvrporn discusses and asks for truncation
Findvrporn compiles its FindVRporn VR Standards Project
Updated 2021 retrospect look at 2016-2107’s Real Teens VR project
Eye contact in VR porn scenes
This hilarious episode shows you how crooked vrporn subreddits can be | …and, see where they get their terms from…yes, it’s true

3 Best VR Porn Trial subscriptions

Anytime you see, “__________ is the best.” Let me help you understand: my distrust sparks up…

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Welcome, friends, to the Internet’s first VR porn reviews website:, est.  2015.

Whether creating and coining brand new terms (that get used by our detractors!) such as squatting cowgirl hoverface…or writing articles that imagine a new face fetish genre of VR porn and inspiring the launch of new studios;

…whether single-handedly pulling off the 2015 VR Porn Movie Awards…and, don’t forget 2016… and the 12 part guide to Solo VR… and…

…and the enormously influential FindVRporn Positioning Checklist… and, yea…the Sweetspot zone explained… and publicly talking about truncated footage which now has become a standard feature of VR porn and the entire voluminous FindVRporn Standards project

…yea, it’s time to cut the bullshit…these guys and the trash talk while they use terms and ideas created right here at…it’s sort of hilarious…

…whether being the first Internet coverage of WankzVR, Naughty America VR, Virtual Taboo, Stripz VR, etc… the Internet’s 1st VR porn review website, has been here since the beginning tangled-up deep  and exerting an influence: it’s time to cut the bullshit…

… Articles on this site have directly inspired the formation of new studios and influenced existing ones. articles have coined terms—squatting cowgirl hoverface, face fetish VR porn, sweetspot zone, sense of spatial correctness, etc.—that people now regularly use on message boards and subreddits. I ain’t lying. Not bragging either.

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