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9th August 2022

Horny stand-out scenes from August 2022

Now with the studio names in alphabetical order.

By my tastes and particular standards, I think these scenes deserve special attention this month. Note: I have a bias for solo VR porn. If you’d like to suggest a 3D scene you think deserves special attention: then speak up about it.

All VR Porn

You don’t see this every day. In this scene—Page Three Bombshell Does Anonymous Kinky Porn—Masked Honey does her thing while wearing a  face mask that leaves only her mouth exposed.

Masked Honey in a VR porn scene from the All VR Porn studio

Masked Honey in a VR porn scene from the All VR Porn studio


It’s easy being a VR porn fan of Rory Knox.

Rory Knox in Skip to the Good BIt for BaDoinkVR Studio

Rory Knox in Skip to the Good BIt for BaDoinkVR Studio

Since I saw her in a WankzVR scene, I knew that she brings a very special fuck-passion to her 3D porn action. Thank you Rory for your high personal standards in your professional fuck work.

Check out Rory in Skip to the Good Bit from the BaDoinkVR gang.


Czech VR 521 starring Koko Amaris and Megan Venturi: thongs, panties, bras, close-up shots, double-doggy-pussy-posing, moving camera shots, 8K and spirited fucking! What more do you want, man! Check the preview below.

Megan and Koko for CVR

Megan and Koko for the CzechVR studio

Czech VR Fetish 

OMG a facesitting double team with Lady Lyne and Sofia Lee. The pussy landing strip juxtaposed against a bald pussy and the tanlines and HUGE NIPPLES and slenderness and 3D facesitting, and did I mention the…TANLINES! SO HORNY! It’s Czech VR Fetish 353 – Huge Pairs of Tits and Face Sitting.

Featuring Lady LyneSofia Lee

Czech VR Fetish 353 – Huge Pairs of Tits and Face Sitting
Featuring Lady Lyne Sofia Lee

Just ridiculously horny. Must see VR!

FeelMe VR

Casting with Amelia Miller –> I’ll tell you: I like the solos that this new studio is putting out. Is there room for improvement? Yes, of course…lots and lots of room for improvement. But, still…there’s some really horny bits to these that you can really sort of zone into… check these out if solo is your thing. I don’t think you’ll love the entire video…but, as I said, there are really stand-out instants to these.

Gloss Tights Glamour VR

I’m up front about saying that my personal favorite genre of 3D porn is a beautiful woman doing a clothed teasing and striptease routine. Don’t get me wrong: we love the B/G cock-pounds-pussy hardcore also.

But, when the Fleshlight hits the weenie, I want to start off with something like this new Chloe Walsh black glossy legwear outing. The hornyness level of Chloe in this is truly a Goddamn mind-melting overload…when Chloe spreads those Goddess legs with those stocking clinging tight: watch out below, folks! I LOVE THIS!

Chloe Welsh Gloss Tights Glamour VR porn scene

Chloe wearing a stylish burgundy red dress (sans bra), black glossy tights/pantyhose (sans briefs/panties), and high-heeled court shoes which are removed to also show off toes/feet, in a delightful tease to topless that enables legwear to be viewed in much more close up detail.

I’ll tell you something else. In respect to both optical quality and, perhaps more important, VR porn shooting technique: the Gloss Tights Glamour gang have really leveled-up over the past few months. They now have the sweetspot zone distance dialed-in while employing a subtly moving camera….this is great fucking stuff!

Go over to Gloss Tights, download Chloe, lube up the Fleshlight, and lose yourself in this blonde Goddess fantasy!

Jimmy Draws VR

Face Sitting And Spitting – Epiphany Jones – Filmed by the very competent and terribly underrated Jimmy Draws VR studio, we get the gorgeous Epiphany Jones shoving her heavenly pussy and horny purple panties and fabulous ass right in your face. I FUCKING LOVE IT! Jimmy has a special knack with these facesitting outings. I am a big huge fan of facesitting 3D!

Epiphany Jones facesitting

Epiphany Jones facesitting

And, I’m just going to come out and say: I fucking love Epiphany’s big, beautiful ass. There’s something magical—and quite frankly divine—about a skinny girl who somehow manages to be blessed with a fat and gorgeous-round ass. I FUCKING LOVE IT! Keep them coming Jimmy!

PS. I also LOVE a previous bodysuit facesitting scene Jimmy did with Tasmin!

Tasmin facesitting

Tasmin facesitting

Combining the black bodysuit with Tasmin’s 3D pussy descending at your eyeballs… I can’t take it!

One last thing about Jimmy Draws VR: if the facesitting and spitting combo is your thing: JDVR is the studio for you.

Lust Reality

Virtual Girlfriend Karina: my friends, this is GODDAMN HORNY solo VR porn. Karina has a fucking beautiful face that I worship. Use the Quest boundary hack and zone-out to Karina’s face and yea…this is what we do in this societal context, man! This is our relief!

Karina for Lust Reality

A new favorite: I LOVE YOUR FACE KARINA (and your pussy, too!)

MilfVR – now, this gal knows how to fuck!

Ari Alectra in Some Friend You Aren’t for MilfVR: technically this MilfVR release was at June’s end, but I had to include this one because…I LOVE HOW ARI ALECTRA FUCKS COCK! I’m just being honest with you. I’ve seen a lot of women in VR porn scenes, and this sizzling starlet really brings an over-the-top fuck-gusto to her hip’s bump-and-pump. This gal knows how to bang her ass around, man! HORNY WORK!

Ari Alectra in a MilfVR release: Some Friend You Aren't

Ari Alectra in a MilfVR release: Some Friend You Aren’t
This gal knows how to fuck!

Click the PLAY BUTTON below and watch her fuck for yourself, and you’ll see what I mean! GODDAMN HORNY!

Naughty America VR

Thundercock 2022 from Naughty America VR

A very horny scene, Thundercock, starring 3 world class pornstar Goddess gals…and, shot by the Naughty America VR team! HORNY!

Okay, so it’s a new Naughty America VR release called Thundercock, and it stars Chanel Camryn, Khloe Kapri, and Penelope Kay. Repeat: it’s a NA release starring Chanel Camryn, Khloe Kapri, and Penelope Kay. Enough said.

Thundercock blowjob action

Now that’s some serious Thundercock blowjob action

Go download and get your VR fantasy on with Chanel, Khloe and Penelope now!

Noir Studios

You good folks know about the Oculus Quest boundary hack? The basic idea is that you purposefully breach the boundary line just a bit: thus, you can see yourself along with the VR porn scene. It takes some fiddling to get it. And, you will be in black-and-white…but, it can spice up your “ME TIME” a bit as you can watch yourself wacking as you also watch the 3D gal…

Rika Fane Noir VR porn studio screenshot

Rika Fane Noir VR porn studio screenshot… use the Quest boundary hack and try to pop on her honeypot

So, for this hack, videos with a dark background work the best. And, a superb video to boundary-jack to is this new Noir scene featuring gorgeous Rika Fane.

Truth is…all of Noir’s studios work is great for this Quest boundary wack hack.

P.S. If you like this Quest wack hack, you will 100% want to check out the videos from Black Box!

Peeping Thom

There’s something Goddamn cool about Peeping Thom that some others are resistant to. What? Well, for instance, if you check out the Epiphany Jones Short Shorts scene, you’ll notice there’s a simulated missionary hip thrust with no male actor whatsoever. I LIKE THIS! A LOT!

Epiphany Jones legs spread

Epiphany Jones legs spread

The Peeping Thom gang is creating 3D that lends itself beautifully to the Quest boundary hack and also hints at what’s coming with AR porn, which really is going to start popping horny real soon.

By the way, I like how you fuck Ms. Jones!

POV Central VR

I like what owner-director Enzo’s up to in this recent Alisia Biker Chick scene. For starters, I love the whole vibe and aesthetic of Alisia as a biker chick.

Biker Chick Pov Central VR missionary fuck with stockings

Alisia is a hot biker chick who will get your motor running in this POVCentralVR episode. The pretty blonde is ready to head out on the highway, decked out in a leather biker jacket, corset and miniskirt.

The thing that really kills me about this scene, though…the reason why it makes this special list is because of the CFNM missionary section where our horny biker chick’s getting thumped while wearing black fishnets, crotchless panties, a corset and jacket. I FUCKING LOVE THIS!

Reality Lovers

Silvia Sin in Playgirl Stories from Reality Lovers

Silvia Sin in Playgirl Stories from Reality Lovers

I’ll come right out and tell you that I’m in love with Silvia Sin, and I’m doubly in love with those HUGE GODDESS NIPPLES! LOVE this solo action!

Squeeze VR

In the recent Squeeze VR scene—In The Mood starring Jenny Doll—there is a section of panty-pull doggy style posing that will made this man mind fully short circuit. HORNY!

Jenny Doll doggy style pose for Squeeze VR

OMG Jenny! OMG!

Summer Hart Studios

Strip Tease Summer Hart by Summer Hart Studios: while this is not technically perfect in respect to VR porn filming standards and techniques: it is good enough. And, it is fucking horny. The camera gets damn close to that gorgeous pussy/panty combination without degenerating too much into excessive convergence.

Summer Hart - what a beautiful pussy!

Summer Hart – what a beautiful pussy!

And, there’s some nice subtle distance changes of that Goddess, red-haired pootanannie within VR porn’s sweetspot zone. I love Summer’s pussy and stockings and huge-erect Goddess nipples. Summer Hart Studios (and Summer’s beautiful hoo-ha) are now on the findvrporn radar.

Virtual Real Porn – VR Porn’s Original Gangsters

Kiara Lord and Cherry Kiss in the same Goddamn VR porn frame!? Enough said! HORNY OVERLOAD!!! God, I LOVE and worship these two European pussy Goddesses.

Visit VR porn’s first major enterprise: VIRTUAL REAL PORN!

Virtual Taboo

Lelya Multi for Virtual Taboo — for my personal tastes and preferences, this girl is a Goddamn beauty.

Lelya Multi for Virtual Taboo

Lelya Multi for Virtual Taboo –> for my personal tastes and preferences, this girl is a Goddamn beauty

I just fucking love how Lelya Mult looks. I love her hair…and, that beautiful face. I love her!

Visit Virtual Taboo

VR Allure

Everyone knows the Goddamn legend Alura Jenson! I’m not even going to say something clever about those Goddess watermelons Ms. Jenson lugs through this world inspiring an array of boners in her wake! You just got to see what happens when the Allure gang gets their 3D cameras on those things in My Lazy Stepson Part 3!

Alura Jenson VR Hush Lazy Stepson scene

Your stepmom, VR Porn goddess Alura Jenson, is busy getting ready for another big day when she walks into her bedroom and notices your lazy ass lying on her bed. She has had it up to here with your antics and orders that you leave at once. Seeing that you are unmoved, Alura drops her towel and orders you to pick it up. It seems that she has some ideas on how to bring you around in this 8K VR Porn. You are going to give, Alura the boost she needs to start her day, and unlike last time, she is going to let you go all the way for the first time! It seems that your strategy of constantly pissing your stepmom off is finally paying dividends in a big way.

This link gets you a special VR Allure discount where you get a month of wacking for $9.95. I don’t know how long that discount will last.

VR Bangers

Added: have a look at the preview below for the Caught and Fucked scene starring Nicole Kitt

So, if you’ve spent any time in the VR porn world, you know that camera placement is everything. It really comes down to getting a high-quality 3D rig close to a beautiful woman with good VR porn instincts.

Jewelz Blu VR Bangers

…become the boss of the recording studio inside of which you’ll get to rehearse this super-hot chick – while checking whether she’s got enough talent to become something popular and big in the entertainment industry.
This skinny VR xxx model indeed is really, really hot, but can she really sing? You’ll find that out in a matter of minutes after clicking “play” right next to this virtual reality porn experience – and if you won’t like the way she sings, then… well…

And, Jewelz Blu and the Bangers gang felicitously illustrate this in their recent release, VR Bangers Idol starring Jewelz Blu. Now, it’s a fun premise, but the reason why this scene makes the list for me is because of the missionary hoverface. This is what makes VR porn great. This is what makes the VR porn experience something that you can only get in your headset or in real life with an actual Jewelz Blu beneath you…

…but, let’s face it… the actual Jewlz Blu won’t ever be under you. It’s okay: you got a loaded-up Quest strapped to your face. Thanks Zuck!

Ain’t no way I’m skipping over gal Goddess Chloe Temple’s recent Bangers’ stuff! Here’s some Must-see VR:

Chloe Temple in another VR Bangers scene, Meet The Fuckers Part 1: It’s no secret that I’m Goddamn 3D cuckoo for Chloe Temple because my brain malfunctions for this sort of single-digit-bodyfat, lean body type. Just being honest. THIS IS WHAT GODDAMN DOES IT FOR ME! HORNY!

Additionally, I just…this might sound weird but I try to be honest-as-hell with you folks, and I just love her Goddamn beautiful face: it has such a nice shape! Maybe I’m getting weird, but this girl is just a fucking beauty! Hey, it’s a PORN review site…if you can’t be honest here about beauty/eroticism/libido: where the hell can you???

I fucking love Chloe’s slender body type! GORGEOUS!

While you’re at it with recent Bangers 3D, I’d also say you should have a look at the preview below for Meet The Fuckers 2! Why? Katie Morgan and Chloe Temple… that’s why! HORNY! I love both of them tremendously…

VR Edging

Sharon Let You Cum…you folks know that I’m nuts for Sharon’s ass…there, I said it! You should worship Sharon’s 3D ass also.

Sharon White VR Edging

Sharon White VR Edging
You folks know I worship Sharon and really want to marry her ass

VR Foot Fetish

Although these VR Foot Fetish releases, obviously, appeal to those whose fetish is feet stuff…I tell you what: they have the potential to be Goddamn horny to dudes who aren’t particularly feet-centric as well.

I’ll give you an example. The recent Wonderfully Gorgeous Petra Wants Her Slave To Lick got my weenie ALL SORTS OF REVVED-UP! To begin, dark-haired Petra is a Goddamn beauty Goddess. Second, forget about feet and slave-licking: the first 5 minutes of this video features Petra walking around in her skin-tight, black leather pants wiggling that Goddess ass around..

Petras ass VR Foot Fetish

I can’t help…falling in love… with Petra’s ass

I’ll tell you this truth: I fucking love and worship Petra’s beautiful ass! GREAT STUFF VR Foot Fetish!


VR Hush

Adriana Chechik in a VR Hush remastered scene August 2022

Adriana Chechik in a VR Hush remastered scene August 2022

You folks know I’ve gone on at length about the terribly underrated VR Hush studio! Well, I’m still going on about it! Check out their recently remastered Adrianna Chechik scene: From The Vault, How Much Squirt Can You Handle?

This scene is Goddamn horny! I fucking love how she gets fucked missionary while wearing that HORNY little string bodysuit. GREAT STUFF, HUSH! Use this link to get the VR Hush discount of 1 month for only $12.25!

VR Latina

Sara Sunshine stars in Busty My Ass for VR Latina in August 2022

Sara Sunshine stars in Busty My Ass for VR Latina in August 2022

Another studio that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. What I love about this recent scene—Busty My Ass starring Sara Sunshine—is that you get about twenty minutes of a solo tease followed by about twenty minutes of Sara getting fucked. For me: THIS is the winning formula. I don’t know why we don’t see this more often. As a bonus: Sara is a Goddamn beauty!

Wankz VR

Look, Wankz VR simply releases very horny VR porn scenes. And, they release a lot of them. Pretty much one after the other. One of the best in the game: particularly if you’re after a young and slender look.

I’m going with the recent WankzVR scene, Package Deal, starring Sera Ryder. Why? Because Sera throws down some really enthusiastic and emotional fucking that will get your cock jumping! HORNY!

Sera Ryder Package Deal WankzVR

Sera Ryder Package Deal WankzVR

Here’s the Sera Ryder Package Deal preview:

Another recent WankzVR scene also deserves special mention. Namely, An Inside Job starring Ryan Reid. Why? Well, it’s not just because there’s some enthusiastic hard fucking at one point…and, I’ll be straight-up honest with you folks. In VR porn scenes, I really like seeing some hard fucking…

…but, it’s also because there are moments where the fucking with Ryan and our stunt cock actually convey an unusual sense of passion. It’s hard to put this into words, but check it out for yourself. It’s not something seen too much in VR porn scenes.

Ryan Reid rowdy fucking for WankzVR

Ryan Reid rowdy fucking for WankzVR

Here’s the Inside Job Ryan Reid trailer:

WankzVR has a knack for capturing some very spirited and HORNY fucking in 3D. Plain and simple.

Wankz VR Remastered Scene

You know, NYPD Blew starring Natasha Nice came out a while back, and it was memorable for some very spirited and rambunctious fucking. I’m not just saying that.

Natasha Nice NYPD Blew remastered WankzVR scene

Life on the beat hasn’t been too kind to you recently. After you accidentally discharged your weapon at a Clown Lives Matter rally, the police captain has demoted you to the lowest place in the precinct – the evidence room. Just then, your old sexy partner, Officer Natasha Nice steps in to rehash old times. Turns out, she needs to make a couple items disappear from the evidence locker and needs you to look the other way…
Enjoy hand-picked favorites from the award-winning WankzVR collection that has been digitally remastered and lovingly improved for ultimate clarity. Each VR porn video is now available at 6K (3456p) for optimal playback.

I’ll be candid with you folks and tell you something that some of you may agree with: I really appreciate a 3D scene in which a beautiful woman is getting fucked hard.

To me, that’s just realistic. I mean, if you had Natasha Nice in fishnets with those red panties pulled to the side…let’s be honest..you’d want to fuck her pussy with some extra hip-bucking gusto.

So, yea…this WankzVR scene delivers the hump-and-thump enthusiasm that I like…and, a remastered version has just been made available over at VRporn. Great stuff!


ZexyVR studio releases solo VR porn scenes that I consider worthy of attention. For whatever reason—perhaps because of the solo genre—it kind of seems like this studio never really had a breakout moment of popularity. Being a bigtime solo fan, I’ve enjoyed Zexy VR scenes over the past few years. If I’m being completely candid, I do think the scenes used to be shot a bit better a few years back. I felt like they used to establish a more intense presence/intimacy. But, with that said, if you wack to solo 3D freeze-frames and such: you will absolutely find wack-worthy bits in these Zexy releases.

Big Promotion starring Blossom

What scene has a particularly special sort of  hornyness to it?

The particularly horny scene selection is now being updated. You can use the contact form to make your suggestions. This is to bring extra special attention to outlier VR porn work.

Don’t overlook the horny VR porn from the past

What 3D scenes rocked HARD and HORNY  in July 2022?

Read about Gloss Tights Glamour VR’s horny July 2022!

Read about POV Central VR’s incredible July 2022 including Cheerleader Julia Parker!

Read about the July Jimmy Draws blonde 3D bikini mind melt… I LOVE THIS!

Where else on the Internet do you get this level of VR porn content? The truth is…nowhere else.

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Easy way to find the VR porn that’s horniest for you below

New: Get a quick and easy video overview of different studios by seeing a bunch of samples all embedded on the same page… just click the links below to see what the fuck I’m talking about… scenes with embedded previews.

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This is still in progress. More studios being added to this list above every day. Check this out above. This is one of the easiest, most convenient ways for a person to get a big overview of the VR porn market.

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August 9, 2022

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