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Welcome, friends, to the Internet’s first VR porn review website: FindVRporn.com, est. 2015.

Truth Time: Forget search engine rankings, “SEOs”, press releases, “social” media, Twitter followers, awards, PR firms, publicists, agents and all the other tricks that don’t mean shit except to mislead people.

Nothing changes that in respect to VR porn reviews, analysis and judgment; the first VR porn review website on the Internet remains the best VR porn review website on the Internet.

It’s disheartening to see us now getting outranked by people who—in the actual, real world—wouldn’t be able to make a dime off their writing abilities. I did quite well writing for the mags: so, it ain’t for no reason I’m talking bold, my friends.

I know what I said doesn’t exactly sound nice. Sometimes telling it straight just can’t sound nice.

More truth: You are now on the website that influenced what VR porn presently looks like.

Ain’t nobody fond of giving credit for anything, but truth is truth.

Our advice has been followed: and, it’s brought some folks tremendous success.

Concerning sites doing something similar: we’ve been copied, plagiarized, imitated.

And, in other ways I don’t care to discuss, we’ve been cheated and ripped-off.

Some months back I finally compiled all of the information I’m referencing into the FindVRporn.com VR Porn Standards Project, which neatly presents the ideas we developed the past few years: The FindVRporn.com Positioning Checklist, Sense of Spatial Correctness Supplement, VR Porn Reviewing Method, The Authenticity Component, the VR Porn Performer’s Checklist, Sweet Spot Zone Explained, Instant Sweet Spot Open…and, it goes on… Trust me, these articles have been studied.
So, before you tell me I’m tripping, click those links and read those articles. Then, tell me any website on the Internet where actual professional-caliber writings discuss VR porn in any greater depth.

The way things are going these days with all the tube sites, piracy, con artists, copycats and bullshit rankings; well…

That’s all right, man…

So, it’s really up to you good folks. If you want us to continue, I need you to use our links for our recommended studio subscriptions.

For example: Czech, VRP, Real, Wankz, etc…

That’s how money gets made. Money allows time to be spent on a project. Ain’t nobody tricking nobody about shit.

Additionally, if you want us to keep going, we need you to link from forums, blogs, Twitter, etc.

I think this project deserves that.


At this point, I believe someone who knows very little about VR porn could spend an afternoon clicking around FindVRporn.com: reading movie reviews, downloading free samples, reading studio overviews and have a pretty damn good idea about who deserves to get their subscription dollar.

We’re the filter. Legit filters are very necessary with this type of thing. They prevent people from getting tricked and ripped-off.

As a general rule, if we’re linking to something: it’s a legit organization that produces a professional product.

Additionally, someone who wants to think conceptually about pornography (as commodity) along with what factors make a virtual porn release succeed: again, I don’t think anywhere else does this better.

Okay, so here’s

5 Main Reason Most Fellas End Up Here:

1. Are you looking for free virtual porn movies and trailers?

See: Free VR Porn Samples and Previews From Many Studios

2. Are you looking for a specific 3D porn niche/specialization?

See: teen, European heterosexual, young and pretty, cosplay, MILF, casting, fetish, blonde, amateur, 3rd person POV switches, made for women viewers, solo gal

3. Are you looking for an overview of all the major VR porn studios out there?

See: Some VR Porn Studios (Easier is to use the drop-down menu above that says VR Porn Studios.)

4. Do you want to read through a VR porn review blog?

See: VR Porn Review Blog aka FINDVRPORN

5. Do you want to know how to use 3D porn?

See: How To Use VR Porn on Android, Gear VRiPhone or DeoVR.

Some FindVRporn Features That Have Been Popular

2016 VR Porn Movie Awards
The Authenticity Component In Adult VR
The FindVRporn.com Positioning Checklist
FindVRporn.com Reviewing Method Explained

Or just go to the list of all posts and randomly click around. You’ll probably find something interesting. There’s a lot of content.

So, life’s short. And, it mostly sucks. However, you’re on a VR porn blog. Enjoy yourself.

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