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Darkroom VR Review: Virtual Taboo’s side project, Darkroom VR, brings a unique aesthetic and VR porn sensibility shaking up the VR porn industry a bit!

Creative VR porn

On rare occasion, I find myself hesitant to write about a project because I feel like my description will be inadequate.

That’s how I feel about Virtual Taboo’s new offshoot project: Darkroom VR. With 7K releases like Do What We Say Little Bitch, She Is My Fuck Toy, and Demon in Me; I can’t help but say, this ain’t your average VR porn, man.

The distinguishing characteristics extend beyond titles and contexts. The cinematography—in the VR porn realm—presses up and surpasses preexisting artistic boundaries as there seems to be purposeful play with light and shadows among DVR’s muted color palette. Very interesting.

Check out the picture of Scarlett Jones below. You just don’t get screenshots with that sort of emotionality out of VR porn scenes very often.

Scarlett Jones Darkroom VR

Scarlett Jones stars in the Darkroom VR release, I Prescribe Taking Panties Off.

It’s pretty unusual stuff both thematically and visually. And, I can’t really think of much big league, adult 3D that mines this aesthetic. There’s stuff like KinkVR, of course, and X Virtual; but, I’d argue that Darkroom VR has a distinct identity among its limited, perhaps, peer group.

The Virtual Taboo Connection

Our friends over at Virtual Taboo are the masterminds behind this Darkroom VR project. Virtual Taboo was one of the very first in the game. And, they often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. I was discussing the beta Virtual Taboo scenes with Marcos towards the end of 2015.

I mention this info because it suggests that the Darkroom VR work would be fairly polished. And, indeed it is. As mentioned, these movies have their own distinct vibe and aesthetic. It’s difficult to describe. It’s one of those studios that you really have to check out for yourself.

It’s quite different from Virtual Taboo, which uses more conventional VR porn techniques centered around the stepmother/stepsister theme. You might be interested in our Virtual Taboo review which covers their entire history.

Darkroom VR goes a more sinister direction than VT. That was the idea. In our Virtual Taboo interview, big man Capo indicates that the idea behind Darkroom VR is playfulness. This is fun stuff!

Women in Darkroom VR scenes

Some of the stars who have been featured in the Darkroom so far include Natasha Teen, Sharon White, Emily Mayers, Rika Fane, Milena Ray, Sofi Vega, Lady Lyne, Lia Lin, Sia Siberia, Lisa Kitty, Missy Luv, Lilly Bella, Scarlett Jones, Tiffany Rousso, Lika Star, Kathy Anderson, Lady Bug, Shalina Devine, Mona Blue, Anie Darling, Kate Rich, Nikki Hall and Jasmine Jae. In my view, that’s a rather impressive line-up.

Darkroom VR Time to Prove Yourself with Tori Cummings

Darkroom VR Time to Prove Yourself with Tori Cummings

This studio is difficult to explain

This DarkroomVR review is a bit challenging. I don’t want to say too much more because I already feel, as mentioned, that this is a tough one to discuss. Honestly, I’m not just saying that. For instance, imagine you were trying to explain the X Files aesthetic, feel and sensibility to somebody who’s never seen it. You can kind of do it. But, you also know the whole Mulder/Scully, Cigarette Man thing…it’s hard to convey the weight of it.

I’d encourage you to click over to Darkroom VR and download some of the free two minute previews and see for yourself. It’s my opinion that the quality here warrants some time and consideration.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

Yorgelis Carillo in a red dress for Darkroom VR

Yorgelis Carillo in a red dress for Darkroom VR

Darkroom VR subscription best price

Right now you can get a month for $10, which is just incredible. That price might be gone when you read this. I think the very best deal year round is to take the lifetime subscription for $250. You just can’t beat that.


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