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Reality Lovers Review 2024

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Reality Lovers Review Metrics
  • Number of scenes / library size - 97%
  • Performers (ability, quality, variety) - 94%
  • Image Quality / clarity - 89%
  • Camera Positioning Skill - 95%
  • Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 97%
  • Story/ narratives/ emotion - 90%
  • Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 90%
  • Price / value for your dollar - 97%

Reality Lovers Review Summary

Reality Lovers has been releasing high-quality VR porn movies for years now. I’ve long maintained that—for whatever reason—they’re an underrated studio that just doesn’t get their due.

RL distinguishes itself from other studios by incorporating some extremely horny 3rd person POV scenes into their library. I really wish more studios would do that.

If you were having a ME TIME weekend with nothing by the Reality Lovers library, I do believe you’d make it just fine. Do not overlook Reality Lovers in 2024. I’m telling you…if you’ve overlooked this outfit, now’s the time to go take a look. Trust me. They have their own flavor. It’s not for everyone, but if it gets your man motor murmuring, you’ll know it pretty quick.

Reality Lovers Review

Hey everybody, below is the original Reality Lovers review from the end of 2017, and we’ll keep it down there—rather than deleting—because I’m a deluded asshole who thinks that there’s historical value in any of this…but, it’s now January 2024, and the info is getting updated presently…

So, I’m glad to see in 2024 Reality Lovers is still going strong…

As of today, they have 653 full-length VR porns—about 18,000 minutes in all— and we have a very special subscription discount that gets you $5.99/month if you pay for a year in advance along with a discounted $15.99 if you want to try a single month.

So, that’s pretty damn awesome!

Some of their most recent scenes feature Angel Dark, Venera Maxim, Kenna James and Brittany Bardot. They even released a scene called Sexy Chubby to please the BBW fans a bit. For me, the bottom line is that Reality Lovers is a consistent performer. They release VR porns. And, they’re willing to take some chances and provide some great variety: including 3rd person POV, which I personally love.

Keep it up, RL!

These days everybody’s looking or 8K it seems, but these numbers can be somewhat misleading. Why do I say that? I say it because the Reality Lovers 5K looks fantastic. So, you know…try a sample and see for yourself.

Reality Lovers has gotten their release schedule frequent and consistent since I first covered them way back when. I see them putting out around 7 scenes a month these days, and that’s more than acceptable imo.  Certainly enough to justify the subscription price.

Lucette Nice gets her doggy going in a cosplay outing from Reality Lovers

Lucette Nice gets her doggy going in a cosplay outing from Reality Lovers

Who are some of the Reality Lovers women? LADY GANG, that’s who!


Lady Gang in red panties

OH, LADY GANG! I love you!
I love a woman who looks so Goddamn enticing in red panties you just want to pump and pump until you can’t pump no more…

Okay, I like Lady Gang quite a bit, but they’ve got a bunch of HOT and heavenly beauties on their RL roster.

Download Reality Lovers VR Porn Scenes

Reality Lovers porn stars?

They seem to feature the same set of 3D gals that overlap with Virtual Real Porn, CzechVR, you get the idea…

Gals like Brittany Bardot, Sarah Kay, Lucette Nice, Nicole Love, Marilyn Sugar, Angel Wicky, Alexis Crystal, Daisy Lee, Billie Star (love her), Frida Sante, Victoria Pure, Rebecca Volpetti, Tiny Tina, Lovita Fate, Polina Maxim, Azoe, Blanche Bradburry, Leana Lace, Katy Rose, Nathalie Cherie, Lara De Santis…you get the idea.

In this later part of 2021, some of the horny-beauties to 3D fuck-and-suck include Venera Maxim, Blanche Bradburry, Nessie Blue, May Thai, Jenny Wild, Victoria Daniels, Antonia Sainz,  Barbara Bieber,  Sofia the Bum,  Cayla Lyons,  Jessica Night, Adelle Sabelle, Vanessa Angel (LOVE HER!)…

…and, I’ve got to tell you…I fucking love Adelle Sabelle as well… I mean, LOVE AND WORSHIP…she’s in a 3rd person POV VR porn scene by Reality Lovers that is Goddamn FUCKING HORNY!

And, this reminds me of an important distinguishing characteristic of RL:

Reality Lovers Does HORNY 3rd Person POV

I ain’t lying. I’m a guy who likes third person POV, and the Reality Lovers gang delivers some 3D that’ll have you dashing for your Fleshlight. Great stuff.

Reality Lovers image quality and clarity

Reality Lovers is releasing 5K scenes. And, like we always say, don’t get too caught up in this number. The Reality Lovers video image looks good.

Camera positioning skill

In 1st person POV, RL holds their own just fine. When it comes to 3rd person POV: some of the RL scenes are mind-bendingly HORNY!

Adelle Sabelle third person doggy

Adelle Sabelle third person doggy..
I fucking love this Adelle Sabelle scene!

Story and narratives and emotion

One of the coolest things Reality Lovers does is called Play Girl Stories. They just manage to create and capture a very polished aesthetic and emotional feel.  They flirt around with traditional porn tropes like have to pay the rent, big tits and the like. And, somehow a bunch of their sex scenes end up in vans and trailers for some reason! Original stuff.

And, did I mention they’ve got a VR scene featuring Chloe Lamour in a hot pink body suit… GODDAMN HORNY! MIND BROKEN! Sign me up! I LOVE YOU CHLOE! (and your bodysuit!)

Chloe Lamour pink bodysuit Reality Lovers

It’s gal gorgeous fuck Goddess Chloe Lamour in a pink bodysuit in a Reality Lovers 3D called Pay The Rent.
I think it’s LOVE this time!

Completely Competent VR Porn Completely Competitive in 2023 VR Porn Landscape

Reality Lovers has never gotten the props and praise they deserve. But, this is completely competent VR porn. Truth be told, if you read these reviews, you know that I’m fairly nutso for these European beauties, so…Reality Lovers clicks with me, and I’m going to take a month once again. It’s time..why the hell not? I think the 3 Billie Star videos along with the Lara de Santis, Marilyn Sugar, Lovita Fate, Katy Rose, Nathalie Cherie…yep, yep.

Download Reality Lovers VR Porn Scenes

Below is the original Reality Lovers pontificating from yesteryear. Man, the years are running away from us. Is anything good happening in your life, though? I sure hope so, man. For me? I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.

Original Reality Lovers Review January 2018

Sicilia in panties

Oh, Sicilia! I’m down on my knees! I’m begging…. yea, I know the Garfunkel boys … nevermind

January 3, 2018

Hi friends, today let’s take a look at Reality Lovers.


They’ve got Sicilia Model, man!

Oh, gorgeous Gal Goddess, Sicilia… I’ve said so many lovely things (e.g., I just called you gorgeous Gal Goddess) and still never a RT, but I’ll always adore you because I gravitate to toxic, imaginary relationships, man!

Still not funny

Hey, I never said I was pre-insanity Michael Richards before he became a nutjob-shit-for-brains

I’m referring to when he was still the lovable, comedic asswipe Cosmo Kramer.


Did you see the episode of Seinfeld where Kramer gets addicted to VR porn? And, he spends all his money on VR porn subs and a powerful, new computer.
So, to finance his VR porn addiction, Kramer tries to start a VR porn studio.
He can’t afford to hire actors, so he gets George to do it for free.
But, George insists he wear a mask like a professional Mexican wrestler and that Susan—dressed-up like Randy Macho Man Savage’s manager Elisabeth—plays the female role.
But, Susan will only do it if Jerry joins in to make it a threesome.
Jerry will only join in if Elaine agrees to fix the flat-tire on his ten speed.
Elaine will only fix his tire if David Putty’s allowed to use Jerry’s toothbrush every Sunday.
Still not funny…

This Reality Lover’s review is overdue, but you know…I got this OCD in my brain, and it causes dysfunction, man! It accounts for why my 2017 was on the disastrous side.

Reality Lovers has been at it for a bit now. They’ve had a chance to experiment, release, learn, tweak, wack-and-repeat

Still not funny

And, make no mistake: I’ve observed every studio tweak and learn. That’s the pattern.

So, we’ve given Team Reality plenty of time to hone their horny.

Now, it’s judgment time, friends.

The idea behind these First Look studio overviews is to evaluate the general quality while also considering which virtual porn consumer corresponds with the studio’s output.

How Do Reality Lovers describe themselves?

Download Reality Lovers VR Porn Scenes

This is what the Reality boys say:

Go with the best in VR porn.

Hey, that was succinct, man! You should see how the loquacious Banger boys approached this!

So, I consider the self-description an opportunity to establish identity. And, this self-description certainly projects a clear identity.

These Reality boys are strutting, strolling and wagging their piggly-wigglies like they all that and a box of gummy bears.

Oh, man…I should just give-up…

Okay, seriously…

I’ll express my opinion about whether this Reality Lover bravado is marketing hype or legit.

Samantha Rone

Samantha Rone, I feel you. I also get sooooooo emotional baby! Every time… still not funny…

To be very, very honest…all one man’s opinion…if Reality Lovers are to be the best, they must incorporate some of the human positioning seen from the Wankz boys with some camera methods seen from the Czech boys with some world-creation/special effects as seen from the VRcosplayX boys. So, uh…yea…

Just being honest…at this moment in time at the beginning of 2018…there’s some DAMN good VR porn being released. There’s lots of room for it to get hornier. And, there’s a 100 horny things that I’d like to see and haven’t…

But, to be the best at this moment is asking for a lot.

Honestly, I’m pessimistic about Team Reality’s claim. But, they offer a free, full-length movie, Seducing The Poolboy, and let’s check it out. Let’s see if they’re the best.

Seducing The Poolboy stars Ani Blackfox; and, looking at Ani’s picture, I’d say Team Reality’s off to a good start.

Concerning this individual video: I’m mainly interested in the sense of spatial correctness and body/camera positioning. There’s dozens of potential points of interest, but, for our present purposes, that’s mainly what I’m concerned with… Read this for an in-depth explanation of the VR porn review method pioneered by

Old 2018 review stuff

Studio Review Factors formulated by FindVRporn in 2018

Concerning studio reviews, we’re interested in many factors: but, there are some primary concerns.

1. Are the movies horny? That’s number one, man! That question encompasses every variable (quality, competence, SOSC, etc.).
2. Performers?
3. Size of existing library?
4. Release frequency?
5. Pricing?
6. Does the studio establish a distinguishing identity? And, related to that…
7. Anything particularly innovative?

Reality Lovers virtual porn orgy

Reality Lovers virtual porn orgy

Who are the Reality women 2018?

So, there are a lot of RL women. Here is a sampling:

Alex Black, Alexis Crystal, Angel Wicky, Anissa Kate, Anna Rose, Antonia Sainz, Belle Claire, Blanche Bradburry, Cayla Lyons, Carly Rae, Cherry Kiss, Daphne Klyde, Gina Gerson, Hennesy, Isabella Clark, Jarushka Ross, Jennifer Lane, Jimena Lago, Julia Parker, Kattie Hill, Katy Rose, Katy Sky, Kayla Green, Kristy Black, Lena Nitro, Licky Lex, Lucy Shine, Luna Corazon, Nicole Vice, Nikky Dream, Noe Milk, Paula Shy, Patty Michova, Rachel Evans, Rebecca Black, Rebecca Rainbow, Ria Sunn, Samantha Rone, Sicilia, Sweet Kat, Tina Kay, Vanessa Drecker, Vicky Love, Victoria Pure and Vinna Reed.

That line-up seems pretty wonderful to my brain. I’ve seen many of these gals in virtual porns from other studios. That’s a good thing. Why? Well, have you ever been VR experienced, man?

Still not funny

Beauty is subjective terrain. As some philo-poet once said, “Horny is in the eye of the wacker.”

Still not funny

The existing library?

264 videos as of January 3, 2018.

Release frequency?

2 a week.


One month is either $25 or $30 (I think I saw different prices???) Three months is a single payment of $70.

A fella can buy a single vid for $10…or three for $25.

The Website?

Awesome, professional website. I like it a lot. Why?

Well, where to begin? It divides the library into categories. I wish that was standard practice. Each video has its own page complete with video specs, tags, bio, and professional pictures.

There’s a forum: albeit, mostly ignored. And, between the FAQ, SUPPORT/CONTACT, and HELP page; you can simply tell that Reality Lovers gives a damn.

Honestly, I believe web design reveals much about an organization. Namely, whether—deep-down—they truly care about their customers’ happiness. Yep. Sounds corny. But, corny don’t stop things from being true, man.

Anything particularly innovative?

Yes. As always, I state this as one man’s opinion: this video has a color over-saturation, and I like it. A lot! The blue of the water, Ani’s body, everything… I like it. One of my few

Pulled low BJ

Pulled low BJ

complaints about Virtual Real Porn has been their washed-out colors. I’d love it if they adopted these settings.

Additionally, Reality Lovers is doing a fine job of pulling the gal low in the frame. This is truly how it’s done, son.

Likewise, the same technique is used for the suckjob (pictured left).

RL hits a fella with one of VR porn’s horniest positionings: the bent-over blowjob.

Bent-over blowjob should be a mandatory position in every hetero VR porn release. So says

Bent-over blowjob should be a mandatory position in every hetero VR porn release. So says

And, Reality Lovers also demonstrated they know how to effectively film an upright cowgirl.

So, this release left me with a favorable impression. The cameras were often positioned well. But, more importantly, the SOSC felt right. That’s to say, the sexual action felt spatially-correct.

I can in good conscience recommend that fellas looking for competent, heterosexual VR porn that features conventionally attractive women give Reality Lovers serious consideration.

At the very least, look over their gal roster, download the free video and see what your horny meter reads.

Personally, I’m going to take a single month at 25 or 30 bucks: whichever it is. While I could imagine a person choosing RL as their favorite studio; from what I saw, I don’t consider them the best.

But, I do think it’s more than worth it to download fifty of their movies for 25 or 30 bucks. I ain’t lying. I think that’s more than worth it.

I notice they process with Epoch. And, I noticed something else appealing and somewhat unusual: the Epoch page indicates this charge is non-recurring. I like that.

Good luck, Reality Lovers.

Download Reality Lovers VR Porn Scenes

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