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Interview with Tom from Lust Reality

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Last updated September 20, 2021

Lust Reality is legit VR porn beneath the radar

Hi everybody, there’s a VR porn studio called Lust Reality. And, although these folks aren’t getting tremendous attention, they are a legit squad that’s releasing good, competent VR porn.

This VR porn world is a trip and sometimes completely worthwhile stuff—for whatever reason—seems to get somewhat ignored.

It bothers me to see good stuff get overlooked because…

…well, this can happen for a few different reasons: including not excelling at the marketing/publicity aspect of this business. But, that’s a tangent…let’s not get all fucked-up with tangents here for once Goddamn it!

Some Lust Reality VR performers

Lust Reality has released pretty horny 3D featuring the likes of Katy Rose, Angel Wicky, Veronica Leal, Kaisa Nord, Jenny Wild, Nelly Kent, Violette Pure, Shalina Devine, Amy Pink, Canela Skin, Honey Demon, Daisy Lee, Katerina Hartlova, Lena Love, Sicilia Model, Alexis Crystal, Vinna Reed, Stacy Cruz, Polina Maxim, Tina Kay, Tiny Tina, Marilyn Sugar, Natalie Cherie, Misha Cross, Julia Parker, Victoria Puppy, and many others.

And, I include that partial list because if you’ve been following this VR porn stuff; you know that pornstar list ain’t no joke! I like that list! A lot! I’ve seen many of those gals star in CzechVR and Virtual Real Porn releases.

All right, so I have an interview with Lust Reality owner/big man Tom K for you today.

I encourage you to read this interesting inside info sorta stuff. If you ain’t much of a reader, that’s okay. Just go download some Lust Reality samples and see the work for yourself.

Please note that recently Lust Reality began shooting and releasing their videos in 8K. Yes, indeed: and all of their VR porn releases going forward will also be released with an 8K option.

Okay… let’s see what Lust Reality’s Tom has to say.

The Lust Reality Interview

Findvrporn: So you know the CzechVR guys? I see you’re from Czech Republic.

LustReality: Yes, I know them, but not so good. We just met and had a few words.

Findvrporn: So, what studios are you with? What’s your role in the VR porn world?

LustReality: I’m basically a producer. I started before VR porn, but got into VR then and started to produce for other sites like Virtual Real Porn, VR Bangers, VR 3000, VRP Films, along with some older stuff for Virtual Taboo and maybe someone else too.

Findvrporn: Could you expand on what’s meant by “producer“?

LustReality: That means that I produce photo and video content: both  exclusive and non-exclusive for other people and just for myself also.

Findvrporn: You directed VR scenes for VIrtual Real Porn etc.?

LustReality: Yes, but actually producer is the word to describe it as, beside the script, I did everything… so that includes booking of the girls, determining locations, organizing the team, etc. And, my main role on production is directing. Maybe it’s just a European expression, producer, as most of us do all sorts of things around the shoot: sometimes including catering!

Findvrporn: Sure, that’s very interesting. Do you have any favorite scenes that you produced for VRP or any other studios?

LustReality: Well, some scenes I did are, let’s say famous, for example Liya Silver first scene for VRP or 12 girls of Xmas.

12 Girls of Christmas Virtual Real Porn

12 Girls of Christmas by long-running European VR porn studio, Virtual Real Porn.

Findvrporn: What was that like?

LustReality: Yes, and Ocean Sex. And a new scene for VR Bangers, The Harlots House. Well, managing 8-12 girls is sometimes hectic, but also great…

The Harlot's House by VR Bangers

The Harlot’s House by VR Bangers…that’s a lot of horny in the picture!

Findvrporn: What are you up to right now studio wise? VR Sexperts and LustReality? Those are your companies?

LustReality: Yes, VRsexperts was actually just a brand for searching clients, but when SLR and VRporn started, I put a few solos there and it started to make some money. So, last year I created Lust Reality as a more professional and hardcore label. I’m still shooting amateur style stuff for VRsexperts, but my goal is to bring Lust Reality to a higher level of artistic achievement.

Findvrporn: I see… so you shot VR porn movies and put them under the VR Sexperts brand so you could show those videos to potential clients and be like, “See, I know what I’m doing.” Is that right?

LustReality: Yes, it was just a few videos to use as a sample because investing in a site is quite a big investment.

Findvrporn: How many employees does Lust Reality have?

LustReality: Not much, let’s say 4 persons. My photographer/assistant, makeup artist, editor and me. That’s how most of our productions look like: 4-6 people.

Findvrporn: Could you describe Lust Reality? What are the guiding principals? What makes you different from the other studios?

LustReality: Well, hard to tell, many scenes are not thematically connected. I’m always trying to get a good connection with the girl, to get that intimacy and sex as realistic as possible so the viewer would feel that connection. That’s the reason why sometimes I let the performing women speak their own language. I make simple stories, but aim to create virtual intimacy the best I can. I try to get that connection with the viewer. Good positions are also crucial.

Findvrporn: What positions do you like to film in VR?

LustReality: Basically, we don’t have much positions. Maybe cowgirl is most desirable for most of the viewers as they can enjoy while sitting or lying down. Technically, missionary is hardest to shoot because of camera position, shadows, actors, etc…

Findvrporn: Any studios whose work you particularly like?

LustReality: Any for who I shot the scenes.  I personally like to watch Emily Bloom. Nice erotic solos and some scenes from Xvirtual which is completely dirty.

Findvrporn: X Virtual is Czech also, correct?

LustReality: Yes, they’re part of a huge company who owns Xvideos too. Actually, I don’t have much time to check out new stuff, but I look at some solo and lez videos.

Findvrporn: Your favorite genre is solo stuff?

LustReality: Yes, it can be more personal and intimate if the girl knows how to seduce the camera.

Angel Wicky VR porn tit fuck

Angel Wicky certainly knows how to seduce the VR camera. She’s looking very happy in her Lust Reality performance.

Findvrporn: Who do you like more between StasyQ VR, StripzVR and ZexyVR?

LustReality: I didn’t see many ZexyVR videos, but will take a look tonight. StasyQ and StripzVR: sometimes they miss some more intimacy, so that’s the reason I would rather go for  Emily Bloom videos.

Findvrporn: Any women you liked filming and/or who seemed to particularly and naturally grasp the VR medium?

LustReality: Veronica Leal is a natural. Her last scene is perfect. Angel Wicky, great performer, Cherry Kiss because she is my good friend, Liya Silver, beautiful and fantastic person. Shalina Devine, so natural for the camera. Sybil. But also so many other girls, great performers and people. It’s hard to name a few: especially because many girls are also my friends.

Findvrporn: Right, I know it’s a tough question because there’s so many and worthwhile people will always be left out: so thanks for answering!

LustReality: I hope to work with American girls in the near future: some great performers and persons over there. With more American girls visiting Europe from time to time, we’ll see.

Findvrporn: What do you see as the future of VR porn? I mean, where is it headed? What’s the limit to it? Are we headed to a brain implant type of thing? What do you think?

LustReality: Well, technology will develop, for sure. Brain implant? Why not, it would be easier to watch it, but I would not like that sex of the future which  looks like  Demolition Man. I’m more for touching.

Findvrporn: Okay, so thank you for your time and this interview! Last question: Why should somebody check out

LustReality: Damn, hard question: because we shoot the best and most intimate and interesting scenes with the sexiest girls.

Findvrporn: Your pricing is very competitive I notice. $15/month: that’s appealing.

LustReality: Yes, because it’s a new site, but keep in mind it also offers the whole VRsexperts library as a  free bonus, so it’s a quite good value, especially if someone likes solo stuff too.

Findvrporn: Yes, you offer a lot to fans of solo gal VR.

LustReality: I’m planning a new project in the near future too so it could be an interesting offer from my small network

Findvrporn: By the way, I thought Leggy Blonde Cums Her Brains Out on Her Toy with Lilly Peterson was awesome!

Leggy Blonde Cums Her Brains Out on Her Toy

Leggy Blonde Cums Her Brains Out on Her Toy starring gal-gorgeous blonde Lily Peterson was an early VR Sexperts release

LustReality: It was one of my oldest videos. Still shot with cameras in vertical which I strongly disagreed about, but everyone wanted it that way at that time.

Findvrporn: Very interesting. You shot that Lily video yourself? And, you wanted to do it a bit differently but were outvoted?

LustReality: I was shooting those days for several sites and they wanted it this way. There was no sense to have two rigs so I shot my stuff this way. And that time I was shooting alone. I probably shot much more than 1000 VR videos over the last few years.

Findvrporn: Did you want to say anything more about the new project you mentioned?

LustReality: Well, just in short, it will be high quality, as always, with more native English speaking models: with fetish, dominance, submission, taboo-themed scenes. It will be interesting.

Findvrporn: By the way, it seems like an AWFUL LOT of pornstars live in Prague/ Czech Republic… is that the case?

LustReality: Yes, I’m from a country which doesn’t have active female pornstars. And here there are a lot of people professionally doing and living from porn.

Findvrporn: What country are you from? I was sort of assuming you were from Czech Republic.

LustReality: No, I’m from Croatia, but I’ve been living here for some time…practicality I’m Czech now.

Findvrporn: Ok. It seems like there’s this whole sort of circuit/string of the same women who do movies for you guys, Virtual Real Porn, Czech VR, etc. Is my impression right?

LustReality: We all look for new girls and sometimes I have great new finds, but fans want to see “their” girls so we all shoot popular and wanted faces. What I noticed, many people prefer more scenes with their  favourite girls than  with new girls all the time.

Findvrporn: Is it tough surviving in this VR porn industry in 2021?

LustReality: 2021 just started, let’s see. 2020 was great for me. I hope it will continue in the same way. We are just stuck with this COVID situation so models can’t travel. I also plan summer shootings in Greece and hope it will be ok by that time. There are so many great models from Russia/Ukraine and they are not available to come so I hope this will soon end.

Findvrporn: By the way, whoever picks the costumes for LustReality seems to really like stockings and lingerie!

LustReality: Well… It’s me and my makeup artist. Usually we work with the stuff the actresses bring with them.

Findvrporn: Ok, thanks Tom… I have to go now… this is probably enough…. what should I have asked you that I didn’t?

LustReality: I don’t know. I don’t do many interviews. Thank you for having me and big thanks to the fans for their support.

I want to download Lust Reality VR Porn movies!

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