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About The Author James Find – VR/XR Porn Reviewer

I used to write for the mags. Now I write for the Internet. Come to think of it, I’ve been writing for the Internet a while now. Before this I was writing for porn magazines. For a tiny time, I wrote mainstream copy for websites. There were a lot of topics.

My writing gigs happened by chance.  When I was 22, I randomly met this middle-aged gal who was connected to all sorts of porn mags. Long story short… She suggested I write the fiction, letters and various copy for the magazines.

I thought..why the fuck not? I can write about anything. Let’s give it a shot. I like naked women! I write fiction already. I can churn out some wacky sex stories. And, I did! And, it worked out great. It paid quite well. Time-consuming certainly: I was writing about 60 hours a week. And, it was mentally tiring. Writing does tire out the mind in a strange way: especially the porn fiction. But, that type of porn fiction is fun to write. You can go fully bonkers with it if you want. And, not having to answer to anyone is wonderful.

I wrote for around twenty different porn magazines for years. All sorts of titles. Most you probably haven’t heard of…and, a few you have. There were so many little indie mags out there at one time. And, they somehow managed to survive for decades. Sometimes it amazed me that they were able to survive. But, people bought those rags!

Then, things reached a point where Internet porn finally killed most of the mags I had been writing for…that was around 2014. And, then I didn’t know what the fuck to do…so, long story short, for about a year I wrote about speakers, laptops and prescription drugs. I didn’t particularly enjoy that. But, you need to buy the vodka and Spaghettios.

I came across VR porn in 2015 sort of by chance. I thought it was pretty cool and figured it would get popular. I noticed that there weren’t any sites exclusively reviewing the VR porn industry. Now there are around 275,000 such sites. But, at that time, the truth is there wasn’t much of a “VR porn industry” period.

So, I started this site. At the time, it was the first and only VR porn review website on the Internet. I used to joke about that in the reviews. To my surprise, Findvrporn quickly started getting sort of popular. I really wasn’t expecting that. So, I just kept doing the site.

It’s quite time-consuming also but fairly painless and lets me write in a casual style. I spend time researching and “experimenting” with VR porn so I can keep this an authoritative source.  I created “face fetish” VR porn. A studio launched and still exists as a result of that article. I compiled the very comprehensive Find VR Porn VR Porn Standards Project which has received a lot of private praise from people in this industry. It’s influenced both VR porn productions and how the Internet talks about them.

I think one thing that distinguishes from the many other sites that have tried to make it in this space is that I was a professional writer before I came to the Internet:  before I ever even heard of WordPress I was already living as a writer. I don’t think you’ll find that too often. It might have something to do with why findvrporn survived while so many others have disappeared.

Another major factor is because people trust my judgments. And, they know that crook companies don’t last on Once I know you’re shady… you’re gone. You don’t get mentioned on again.  So, you can feel secure that I only point you to legit and trusted sources. That’s important. And, if I learn conclusively that an organization’s not trustworthy, they’re gone. That’s how it works.

When I purchased this domain name, I really didn’t expect to be typing into here over 8 years later. I really wasn’t expecting that! I more or less figured that it would be one more unsuccessful venture.

But, a few months after I started this site I was like…I’ll be damned. This motherfucker’s surprisingly popular! What the fuck do you know, man! My calling in life is being a Goddamn VR porn reviewer. I can sip vodka and write about porn. All right. Life could be worse…there are over 1,000 reviews here. And, I believe at this point I’ve published over 900,000 words critical of VR porn output. I don’t think anyone’s got that beat.

This website is unusual in the sense that it’s an actual authentic one-man show. And, it managed to survive this corporate hellscape where everything merges and crushes independent journalism like this. Trust me, there aren’t all that many websites with this level of popularity that are genuinely done by one person. There are a bunch that consciously try to make it appear like that’s the case. But, it’s an illusion. Most of the VR porn sites—that actually get traffic and are viable projects—have a fucking STAFF of people behind them. They’ll have a graphics guy, a coder, an SEO, multiple writers, etc.

I could write at great length about how these organizations and mergers works. I’ve learned so much by doing this website. I’ve learned how difficult it is for independent journalists to survive in this type of economic configuration. I’ve seen first-hand how they get crushed. I now understand the process. And, I understand how what I’ve seen here extrapolates to so many other spheres of commerce. The annihilating tendency hinges upon merger. That’s how it works.

Lately I’ve been getting very interested in both AR and AI: not just in respect to pornography. I also offer consulting services for VR porn, AR and AI porn.

I’m definitely interested in how these new technologies will impact porn.

I spend most days writing. I wake up and start fucking writing. I think that for a consumer just getting started with this stuff, Findvrporn is a fine place to get started that renders balanced judgments. Truth is…I’ll just tell you the truth…there are other worthwhile VR porn websites out there. Without a doubt! And, a lot are visually prettier! Hell, they all are prettier. I’m a shitty web developer. But, in respect to quality of analysis, creativity and originality: I truly believe Findvrporn is among the best.

If you want to share your thoughts with me, you can do so.


James Find