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Hey CVR, how about a Face Fetish VR?

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November 29, 2018

Hi friends,

A few days back, the CzechVR gang released Czech VR Fetish 156Perfect Footjob, starring gal Goddess, Jenifer Jane.

 Czech VR Fetish 156 - Perfect Footjob

Czech VR Fetish 156 – Perfect Footjob… this movie gave a guy with a foot-hankering a pretty good bit of footsie-wootsie action along with some pussy-posing, etc.

And, the other day I was impressed with the rare JOI effort featuring the brunette beauty, Alyssa Reece.

Alyssa Reece pussy posing small

Alyssa Reece: fine performance in a CVR JOI

That was some first-rate stuff.

And, these two releases got me thinking…

…and, now I’m going to put a thought out there:

Hey CVR boys, how about a Face Fetish VR porn release? I don’t think you’ve done one yet.

Has anyone?

Even if it has been done, I think many dudes would like to see much more of this.

What’s a Face Fetish VR porn?

1. Select a woman with a beautiful face. Jenifer Jane would work just fine!

2. Keep the camera exclusively within the sweetspot zone distance. CVR is one of the few studios with SSZ expertise. Note that the linked article discusses one of their prior releases.

3. The woman’s face fills the screen the whole time. That’s it.

4. No talking. You read that right. No talking.

5. The woman—without speech—can do a lot of coquettish things/expressions and even some non-phony moaning. Some may disagree, but for me, the key is some subtlety in the whole production.

For considerable segments the woman doesn’t even have to do anything but just look at the camera.

6. The camera can change distances a bit. But, always just the woman’s face in a sweetspot range.

7. I could imagine this type of release being sorta uncomfortable or weird for both the woman and studio. I know the CVR boys love an innovative challenge (e.g. introducing moving cameras in VR porns).

8. I have a strong feeling that this Face Fetish stuff is exactly what a lot of subscribers want.

From the start, folks on the subreddit have been demanding more intimacy.

And, you can call me an unrealistic romantic; but, sometimes I think a fella, deep-down, just really wants proximity to a gorgeous gal face.

9. I believe CVR is best-suited to fulfill this request.

10. Give it a try with one release. There’s not much to lose and a potential horny universe to reveal.

11. To use Jenifer Jane’s foot fetish release as a reference for a potential face fetish, I think the mid sweetspot zone distance is found exactly at 24:03 (pictured below). The man’s body, of course, wouldn’t be visible in a face fetish…

At 24:03 I think we have a really nice distance for the face fetish footage to swirl around: moving slightly closer and back etc.

At 24:03 I think we have a really nice distance for the face fetish footage to swirl around: moving slightly closer and back etc.

Not to put too fine of a point on this FACE FETISH VR stuff, but…

I don’t think an over-the-top, totally pornified VR would be as effective as one that was just much more natural with less movement and theatrics.

All one fella’s opinion…

What about Jenifer Jane’s Foot Fetish Release?

Jenifer Jane works her foot magic

Jenifer Jane works her foot magic

It comes as no surprise that this is technically sound.

Jenifer—oh, man…for me she’s kinda sorta perfection on earth.

Pretty face, straight hair, skinny body but with a beatific, bouncy backside.

For those folks with a foot fetish fancy… This release is for you!

As for me, when I watched it, I kept thinking: I wish the emphasis was on her face rather than feet.

And, I’m aware that the foot fetish niche has its share of fans. But, I don’t think I’m alone in the desire for some intense and focused virtual face time.

Thanks for reading along.

Update: And, this is what happened!

We got our face fetish as a free, full-length release starring Jenifer Jane less than a week after this article hit the Internet.

Instead of being thanked: I was banned, insulted and called a spammer by Reddit’s Oculus NSFW subreddit and moderator…AMAZING! But, I think you fellas can figure the game out $o ju$t give it $ome thought…

CzechVR Launches A Brand New Dedicated Face Fetish Studio!

And, the February 9. 2019 Update: This post you’re presently reading—Hey CVR, how about a Face Fetish VR?— was ultimately the inspiration for an entirely new niche website from the Czech gang.

I knew CVR was the right studio for this idea. Very damn nicely done!

This new studio is called VR Intimacy, and this is some extremely interesting, creatively-horny VR porn. And, they’ve got a free, full video starring Stacy Cruz!

CzechVR- CzechVR official-14 hours ago

“Thank you guys for all the valuable feedback! What is still missing here is a big thank you to who initially came up with the idea of face fetish and that idea led us to the first video of this kind which is still on our fetish site and then to the very new website.”

This hilarious episode shows you how crooked subreddits can be…

The whole thing is hilarious and shows you how crooked these subreddits can be. I submitted this very article to Oculus NSFW. Oculus NSFW banned me for submitting the article calling me a “spammer.” CzechVR read the article and said it inspired them to start a brand new studio. The whole thing is GODDAMN HILARIOUS! #FINDVRPORN FOREVER!

Visit CzechVR where 6 Free, Full-length VR porn movies are available for download

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