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FuckPass VR Review

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Just came across FuckPass VR

So, it’s unusual that I review a brand new studio  that only has one scene released. I just watched it an hour ago. And, I’m writing this now. That happens…it doesn’t really happen. (See all our VR porn studio reviews.)

Rebecca Volpetti skirt for FuckPassVR

Rebecca Volpetti is a beauty in the first scene from FuckPassVR

Why am I making an exception for FuckPass VR?

There are two main reasons:

A surprisingly good 1st scene

1. The first scene—Sunny And Creamy In Italy With Rebecca Volpetti—is surprisingly well-executed.

Now, I’m not saying this is what I call top-tier VR porn. But, seriously…I give it a weak 7 on a 1-10 scale. And, that doesn’t happen often with a studio’s first scene.

That makes me suspect that this may not be their first actual scene. Or that there’s another more established VR operation behind this.

The FuckPassVR concept

2. The second reason FuckPassVR is being reviewed: I really like the concept behind it!

What’s the concept?

“FuckPassVR provides a fresh new take on VR Porn by bringing the viewers to unique locations around the world to meet the sexiest hostesses. Whether you want to travel to Europe, North America, South America or anywhere else, the team at FuckPassVR makes this a reality that you can experience at the click of a button.”

Okay, that’s good! That’s got my interest. I like the idea of the premise being exploring women around the globe. What do you think? I think this is a great fucking concept!

Rebecca Volpetti sucks cock

Rebecca Volpetti sucks cock for FuckPass VR

More about the VR quality

So, I can’t go through the reviewing standards in great detail because it’s too damn involved. The 3 main factors are the woman, scale, and camera positioning. But, if you want the full deep-dive, see the FindVRporn VR Porn Standards Project. You’ll see that these reviews and judgments ain’t some smoke-blowing bullshit..

With that said, they got the missionary pretty on-point with a pulled-back shot and a pulled-in one though there wasn’t the type of truncation I want to see. Cowgirl was fine. The stand-up was cool, but the camera was positioned too low.

The overall visual optics—I watched the 4K file—were really pretty damn good: all things considered.

I’m keeping an eye on Fuckpass

So, as I said, this isn’t world-class VR porn. But, hell…it’s their first scene! And, for a first scene, this is fucking great. And, I love the international, globe-trotting, hip-thrusting premise.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you Fuckpass gang.

Visit and have a look at FuckPass VR!

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