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FuckPass VR Review

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Fuckpass VR 2023 Update

August 2023 – So, FuckPass VR is an interesting studio because they’ve been putting out top-tier VR porn scenes since their launch. And, they just never stopped. There hasn’t been a whole lot of progress since then. But, there doesn’t need to be. There’s really nowhere for them to go. They’ve already got the VR porn experience dialed-in.

I’m personally a big fan of this studio. And, as I’ve said repeatedly, they are one of the best examples of a VR porn studio that just doesn’t get the credit that they deserve. But, the work is great. I put it on the same level as WankzVR.

And, let me add that the sister sites VR Hush and VR Allure are also fucking outstanding. This is GREAT VR porn!

I watched the Fuckpass VR scene Strip View in Vegas starring Jazmin Luv, and…that scene…all of it, but particularly noteworthy was the stand-up face-to-face section with the smothering tight camera perspective. And, it got me thinking, “You’ve really got to update the Fuck Pass VR review. These folks have next-leveled.”

And, it wasn’t just the stand-up either…in that scene, the missionary framing was also first-rate with a slightly creative twist (male actor standing), and the doggy pull-back was off the chain fucking HORNY! Oh, my fuck…Jazmin getting her pigtails pulled hard, her face skyward with her moaning while she’s getting properly pounded…so Goddamn horny!

Jazmin Luv doggy style VR porn for FuckPass VR

Oh my God what I’d give to pound Jazmin doggy like this!

I Luv the Jazmin Luv scene

Honestly, I love how Jazmin fucks here…and I love that the stuntcock is pounding her pussy hard. I love that! I’m just being honest here, folks. And, for me, the mark of VR porn success ultimately comes down to this: the Jazmin scene had me saying, “Oh, my God…being with Jazmin would be like a piece of heaven on earth! What I’d give to have a turn with that Goddess!” That’s how you know a scene succeeded!

(By the way, I also love how Jazmin looks in this scene: hair, make-up, etc. I think this is Jazmin at her best. And, if you’re hard for this young lady, go check out a whole lot of Jazmin 3D. Now, I know this is the FuckPass VR review and not the Jazmin tribute…but, folks, when a VR porn actress gives 100% of herself for us in a fuck scene…you’re Goddamn right that she’s going to get intense praise and appreciation here. That’s the way it’s always going to be here.)

This Jazmin scene, folks, is in the running for FindVRporn best VR porn scene of 2022. I’m serious, guys. Because, here’s something else…things that sometimes people don’t discuss. The hypnotic music soundtrack (and overall sound) for this was also fantastic. And, they did a first-rate job with the lighting. I’ve often seen these type of club scenes fail because the studio tries to recreate the dim ambience of the setting and the VR porn optics suffer as a result. That was not the case here. Very well done.

Duplicate the stripclub setting in every way

FuckPassVR: I want you folks to do some more scenes that absolutely duplicate the setting and fuck-positions in this scene featuring different women. To stay on brand, maybe start the scene with the stripper frolicking around her home country and then transition into the stripclub part.

Use of the expression next level

Now, about the expression next level. Next level is an expression I use for a VR porn studio that suddenly makes a significant jump in their overall hornyness.

And, something about me…I notice that the larger VR porn world isn’t giving FuckPass VR the credit they deserve…and, something about me when I see this is…it just sort of bothers me, so I write about it on this site.

You might be wondering what these judgments are based on…and, the short answer is that the three primary review/judgment metrics are the talent, the virtual scaling, and the human body/camera positioning. You can read a short explanation here: FindVRporn reviews explained. And, if you’ve got some time, you can take the deep-dive here: FindVRporn Standards Project.

Top-tier VR porn

There’s a whole lot of stuff taken into account: too much to repeat here. But, the tldr is that I actually consider FuckPass VR to now be a top-tier studio among the ranks of Bangers, Wankz, Czech and the like. I really do, and if you’re skeptical of that conclusion, I strongly encourage you to go download a free preview from VR porn or the Fuck Pass mothership site and see for yourself, If I’m bullshitting, call it out in the comments…but, you watch that Jazmin Luv stand-up section and…I think you’re going to be dashing for the lube and Fleshlight. If you already have a VR porn membership, by all means check out all the scenes available over there!!

 I LOVE the strip club striptease section, and I’ve wondered why we don’t see a whole lot more of recreated stripclubs in VR. Additionally, I fucking LOVE the stand-up section in the Mia Evans Picking Cherries scene.

Coming soon to Fuckpass VR

FuckPass has informed me that in the coming months they’ll be releasing 3D from Summer Col, Lauren Phillips, Kay Lovely, Katie Morgan, Pristine Edge, Olivia Sparkle, Mia Trejsi and Angel Wicky. Sounds like a good line-up to me. Those women have some damn solid VR porn instincts.

What I’d change/add

Every scene needs at least 90 seconds of face fetish and squatting cowgirl hoverface. Every scene needs missionary with the camera perspective going from pulled-back to truncated. Find some new ways to accentuate the home country location of the scene. Continue to film scenes with the type of hard fucking featured in Jazmin’s scene. Continue to find new and engaging soundtracks. They did a good job with a close-up ass worship section which glorified Jazmin’s tight, little Goddess ass. Add 90 seconds of tight-framing bikini cameltoe worship.


I contacted the Fuck Pass gang, and I told them that I thought their VR had gotten damn horny since the last review. And, I asked them what they were up to…

FuckPass VR in their own words October 2022

“I remember your FuckPassVR review from the beginning of this year. A lot has happened with the website since then. We’re regularly releasing and shooting new content with some of the best performers in the EU and USA.
Our website provides a fresh new take on VR porn by bringing our viewers to unique locations around the world to meet the sexiest hostesses. Whether they want to travel to Europe, North America, South America, or anywhere else, FuckPassVR makes this a reality they can experience. We offer unlimited fast downloads, streaming videos up to 8k, advanced filtering options on the destination and pornstar pages, and more. As you’ll see, the technical part of the website is also on par with other top VR websites.”

Findvrporn Opinion of FuckPass VR’s self-assessment

Indeed. That’s not marketing hype. They are shooting scenes with gals like Jazmin, Mia, Nicole Kitt, Penelope Kay, Cleo Gaultier, Marica Hase, Bridgett B.,  Zazie, (the VR porn prolific) Veronica Leal, and Gina Snow.
And, their traveling concept is interesting. And, indeed, on a technical level, I actually do consider them on par with the top-tier sites. I think there’s room for improvement, of course, because I always do. And, I’m just going to repeat what I said above, because I’m a pain in the ass like that.  I’d really like to see a face fetish section in every single scene. Every single scene should feature squatting cowgirl hoverface along with tight, hovering missionary (they do this sometimes and it’s fucking horny!) Also, add some bikini camel toe worship! Fuckpass VR shoots the tight, standing missionary as well as anyone. Keep doing that in every scene! Love it!  I appreciate how FuckPass incorporates the exotic locations—this is really the heart of their brand—and, I’d like to see them continue to play around with that.
Overall, great fucking next-level jump FuckPassVR. I’ll be keeping an eye on you folks. The actual truth is…let’s get honest…I’ll be wacking to you!
Rock on!
Below is the original October 2021 Fuck Pass review

Just came across FuckPass VR

So, it’s unusual that I review a brand new studio  that only has one scene released. I just watched it an hour ago. And, I’m writing this now. That happens…it doesn’t really happen. (See all our VR porn studio reviews.)

Rebecca Volpetti skirt for FuckPassVR

Rebecca Volpetti is a beauty in the first scene from FuckPassVR

Why am I making an exception for FuckPass VR?

There are two main reasons:

A surprisingly good 1st scene

1. The first scene—Sunny And Creamy In Italy With Rebecca Volpetti—is surprisingly well-executed.

Now, I’m not saying this is what I call top-tier VR porn. But, seriously…I give it a weak 7 on a 1-10 scale. And, that doesn’t happen often with a studio’s first scene.

That makes me suspect that this may not be their first actual scene. Or that there’s another more established VR operation behind this.

The FuckPassVR concept

2. The second reason FuckPassVR is being reviewed: I really like the concept behind it!

What’s the concept?

“FuckPassVR provides a fresh new take on VR Porn by bringing the viewers to unique locations around the world to meet the sexiest hostesses. Whether you want to travel to Europe, North America, South America or anywhere else, the team at FuckPassVR makes this a reality that you can experience at the click of a button.”

Okay, that’s good! That’s got my interest. I like the idea of the premise being exploring women around the globe. What do you think? I think this is a great fucking concept!

Rebecca Volpetti sucks cock

Rebecca Volpetti sucks cock for FuckPass VR

More about the VR quality

So, I can’t go through the reviewing standards in great detail because it’s too damn involved. The 3 main factors are the woman, scale, and camera positioning. But, if you want the full deep-dive, see the FindVRporn VR Porn Standards Project. You’ll see that these reviews and judgments ain’t some smoke-blowing bullshit..

With that said, they got the missionary pretty on-point with a pulled-back shot and a pulled-in one though there wasn’t the type of truncation I want to see. Cowgirl was fine. The stand-up was cool, but the camera was positioned too low.

The overall visual optics—I watched the 4K file—were really pretty damn good: all things considered.

I’m keeping an eye on Fuckpass

So, as I said, this isn’t world-class VR porn. But, hell…it’s their first scene! And, for a first scene, this is fucking great. And, I love the international, globe-trotting, hip-thrusting premise.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you Fuckpass gang.

GO directly to the FuckPass VR mothership website

Visit and have and download Fuckpass VR @ VRporn!

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