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Virtual Taboo Review 2024 – Best Stepfamily VR Porn?

Virtual Taboo Review Metrics
  • Number of scenes / library size - 98%
  • Performers (ability, quality, variety) - 96%
  • Image Quality / clarity - 94%
  • Camera Positioning Skill - 88%
  • Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 86%
  • Story/ narratives/ emotion - 94%
  • Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 87%
  • Price / value for your dollar - 100%


In this review, the long-running Spanish VR porn studio, Virtual Taboo, will be critiqued upon a number of metrics including library, performers, image quality, camera positioning, story, emotion, intimacy, price and more.

If you look at the specific review metrics above—which are fucking excellent, by the way—you’ll see the particular way they get dinged. Now, this, of course, is just one man’s opinion. But, I feel they get fantastic performers in front of great cameras to create really juicy narrative relationships, but I’d mainly just like for everything to have just a slightly heightened sense of immediacy and intimacy.

None of this is to suggest that VT lacks competency in this regard of immediacy/intimacy. It’s just when we’re at this level with a studio that’s this damn good, our expectations and standards become quite rigid.

With all of that said, there’s a certain niche/VR-porn-need that VT satisfies that no one else even comes close to…

This is one studio that I recommend every fan of hetero VR porn subscribes to for at least a month. I feel such consumers should get a taste of the Virtual Taboo experience.

All things considered, I personally have had a lot of fun with VT scenes since 2015 beta stages.

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A tiny bit of Virtual Taboo history

As you’ll see if you read this page, has been following Virtual Taboo since their beta stages in 2015. I actually consulted and gave them my thoughts about those first releases.

Just for kicks/curiosity, you might want to check out this piece from December 2015: VR Porn Start-up: Virtual Taboo. I dealt with Marcos back then, but he subsequently left, and I believe at some point Virtual Taboo was sold to somebody else. I’m not sure how much that concerns us.

Blondie Fesser baseball bat dildo

Here’s Blondie Fesser in the February 2016 VR porn release that first put Virtual Taboo on the map back in the Marcos days….

I’ll tell you this: Virtual Taboo has evolved into a technically competent, professional VR porn operation. I don’t ever take a year subscription, personally, but sometimes, when there’s a sale, I do grab a month and a download frenzy ensues..

Virtual Taboo has been mining the whole stepsister, stepbrother, stepdad, stepmom dealio from the start: you know, where the step-this and step-that always somehow end up fucking each other. I mean, hey, they are called Virtual Taboo.

Fans of Virtual Taboo will also be interested in a little interview done with VT leader Capo from January 2021.

Visit Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo says this about themselves… a little informative blurb for you

100% Exclusive Content12 New Scenes Per Month • Unlimited streaming and downloads • Compatible with Oculus, Gear VR and all modern SmartPhones • Secure and confidential billing with no adult references

You will learn the lesson bitch by Virtual Taboo starring Lika Star and Tiffany Rousso

This is from Virtual Taboo’s side project called DarkRoom VR.
Please read our DarkRoom VR review: it’s pretty damn interesting stuff.

Number of scenes / library size?

I can tell you that Virtual Taboo has a huge fucking library, but I can’t, at the moment, tell you precisely how many scenes. I’ll have to ask the VT gang. I can tell you this: they’ve been releasing scenes since 2015. And, they’re releasing 3 scenes a week in a resolution up to 7K and the stuff is horny.

The Women of Virtual Taboo

It appears they film their share of European talent. You’ll notice some overlap between the gals of Virtual Taboo, Virtual Real Porn, and Czech VR. Some of the women who have appeared in Virtual Taboo movies include Natasha 10, Sia Siberia (love her!), Red Bird, Vanna Bardot, Georgie Lyall, Eva Elfie, Lucy Li, Shalina Devine, Taylor Sands, Veronica Leal, Sofia Lee, Jenifer Jane, Amber Jayne, Anna DeVille, Lady Bug, Angel Wicky, Kathy Anderson, Emily Bright, Kate Rich, Alexis Crystal, Nathaly Cherie, Blanche Summer, Polina Max, Sybil A, Jenny Wild, Nikki Hill, Florane Russel, Vinna Reed, Nancy A, Lucy Heart, Angelika Greys, Roxy Risingstar (love her!), Heather Vahn, Gabi Gold, Nesty, Sharon White, Krystal Swift, Katerina Hartlova, Kiara Lord, and many more. All told, 275 women have come before the Virtual Taboo VR rig. As you can see…honestly…that’s a lot of Grade A pussy, folks. Just being honest…

I’ll tell you something else.

If you’re a particular fan of one of these women, you most definitely want to subscribe. Why? Look at how many scenes they’ve shot for Virtual Taboo!

Lika Star – 17 scenes
Sharon White – 8 scenes

Sharon White with mesh body suit in Virtual Taboo scene

I’m so Goddamn horny for Sharon White in a bodysuit! …or out of a bodysuit!

Eva Elfie – 15 scenes
Natasha Teen – 12 scenes

Natasha Teen for Virtual Taboo in sling bathing suit

Natasha Teen in HORNY bathing suit for Virtual Taboo’s July 2021 scene, Ready For The Beach.

Georgie Lyall – 10 scenes
Shalina Devine – 9 scenes
Alecia Fox – 10 scenes
Lady Bug – 14 scenes
Angel Wicky – 7 scenes

When Virtual Taboo likes a gal, they film her good and proper!


Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Image quality and clarity

The VT gang has files ranging from 7K 7260×3630 / 10bit to 1920×960. In other words, Virtual Taboo truly has everyone covered and the video clarity is quite good.

Camera positioning skill

I noticed some very smooth moving camera work that was executed in an impressively subtle manner. There’s good positioning for a number of sexual sequences. At the end of the day, I find myself feeling that I want just a bit more “immediacy.”

Story narrative and emotion

Virtual Taboo is all about transgression in family relationships. Step-brothers and step-sisters and step-moms…if this is your jam, VT is your cam.

Intimate presence manifested and maintained

To be fair, I think VT does a good job in this regard, but as explained above, I have very high expectations for this outfit, and I’d like them to hit this a bit more. Coverage of Virtual Taboo from Yesteryear

Noemi legs spread

Noemi Jolie in Virtual Taboo’s first release

VT February 28, 2019 Update:

VT is still cranking out the videos steady. I remember we were the first site to cover them back in 2015. And, I’m glad to see they’ve survived.

VT clearly evolved into a porn studio that mines all the transgressive, family relationship sorta stuff.

In other words, you get a lot of the Can You Snap Me, Son?, Daddy, What Are You Doing?!, Cum For Mom kinda stuff.

Clearly there’s a substantial consumer base for this content. And, if it’s your thing, definitely head over and download the free previews: give these fellas a chance to earn your dollar.

They’ve been in the game for a while now: so, they do execute the technical aspects of VR competently.

The May 2016 Virtual Taboo Review

The article below was originally published on May 13, 2016 when Team Taboo was first getting started.

Today, in January 2018, I’m here to tell you that the VT boys are still bringing the horny and have become a pretty major player in the VR porn universe.

VT is consistently releasing high-quality VR porn that tends to have some type of…unsurprisingly…taboo theme (e.g. stepsisters, etc.).

What follows below is the original writings for historical purposes.

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo – right now up to 73% OFF… don’t know how long this discount will last…

Blondie’s Return Gets Virtual Taboo Recommended

Hi friends, how is everyone? You might be wondering about the title. In particular, you might be wondering just what it means?

Blondie Fesser feature header image

This is from the first Virtual Taboo release that, in my opinion, really stepped up the quality level.

Well, it feels like quite a while ago, but I guess it was autumn 2015 when I looked at Virtual Taboo’s first release starring Noemi Jolie… and, I saw potential, but there were definitely technical/scaling aspects to improve…

Fast forward a bit, and we get to their Blondie Fesser solo effort. Allow me to provide a visual refresher:

Now, I honestly found this Blondie stuff pretty horny.

And, for me that marked the point where Virtual Taboo’s work showed a pronounced jump in quality. And, of course… you know… Blondie! OH, Blondie baby!

Hey guys, she had already won me over in her BaDoink release in which she’s being harassed by the no-good bastard Big Man!

Blondie Fesser legs spread in virtual sex

Blondie unfortunately crossed paths with Big Man in a BaDoink outing

Ahhhh, getting off track… what’s new, man!

So, here’s the thing. I take recommendations seriously.

In other words, if I’m gonna say that a fella ought to pull out his credit card to purchase a VR porn subscription… that means that I’m willing to pull out my own credit card and purchase that same subscription.


So, I was impressed with the quality of the Blondie VR, and I recommended it as an individual purchase; however, I felt that I needed to see that same quality—or better—repeated consistently before giving my two Fleshlights up recommendation for a longer term subscription.

So, what’s happened?

Well, since that point, I’ve been keeping an eye on the VT output. And, we’ve seen them release VRs featuring Ally Breelsen and Silvia Rubi, Kira Queen, Kitana Lure, Noemilk, Penelope Cum, Stacy Snake…and, the latest with a return of both Blondie and Kitana.

Kitana Lure with dildo

Kitana Lure getting busy

Now, there are a few main things I’m looking for when deciding to recommend a VR porn subscription: scaling, models and perspective.

I’ve come to think that the scaling may be the most important point on the list: because, when it’s off… nothing else really matters. And as for models… well, the woman is obviously pretty important. And, concerning perspective: most viewers like close-ups.

And, other important factors include the lighting, color, 3D effect, general clarity, narrative, context etc. Truth is there are a lot of factors considered… but, if there’s

Kira Queen ass

Kira Queen displays a fine… um… aspect of herself

on-point scale of a good-looking gal close-up: well, things just tend to go much better.

Anyway, good Lord knows I ain’t good with brevity, but I think I can get to the point here with this little list.

1. Scaling: it’s now good.

2. Women: I like them… I mean… Blondie, Ally, Silvia, Kira, Kitana and the rest… what’s not to like, man? And, these are women of some

Kitana Lure sucks dildo

This is Ms. Kitana Lure

significance in the porn world, which suggests that we’ll continue to see high-quality gals in Virtual Taboo’s work.

3. Positioning: here’s the main thing about positioning… novel angles and the like are good… but, the main thing is simply the cameras getting close, and I’ve seen that beginning with the Blondie solo effort through the latest Blondie release.

And, like most viewers, I’ll repeat the demand for more close-ups…

So, FindVRporn has seen enough consistency of quality and output to recommend these boys. Good luck Virtual Taboo. We’ll keep an eye on you fellas.

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo