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Virtual Taboo Interview

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January 5, 2021

Spanish VR porn outfit Virtual Taboo was tinkering around with some beta efforts in 2015 when I first started talking to them. I offered my thoughts on their earliest, unreleased efforts. By the way, it’s pretty interesting to go back and read that link. Marcos—their leader at the time and a very friendly guy—was saying some pretty interesting things even back then.

Anyway, the early efforts, unsurprisingly, were rough. Come 2016, Virtual Taboo shook up the VR porn world a bit with their February release of Blondie Fesser’s JOI. Oh, it was a simpler time!

Blondie Fesser huge tits

This busty blonde is Ms. Blondie Fesser in a Virtual Taboo solo feature from yesteryear…feels like a long time ago. VR porn years work a little differently if you know what I mean.

Virtual Taboo in 2021

Fast forward to now and VT’s become a rather accomplished, indie outfit consistently releasing VRs: often with creative little scenarios, e.g. “Oh, shit…stepsister found my Goddamn pocket pussy again!”

Eva Elfie finds fleshlight Virtual Taboo

It’s another day in the Virtual Taboo neighborhood as gorgeous Eva Elfie finds stepbrothers Fleshlight.
Additionally, it appears stepbrother has one of those fake boob squeezie things.
Now, being honest, I’ve never once handled one of those fake boob squeezies. I see, though, how it could potentially enhance the experience, especially if you were like a little tweaked or something… but something about owning one of those boob squeezies…
I don’t know, man…

Virtual Taboo Popular Themes

You’ll quickly notice with Team Taboo that there’s a particular, reoccuring theme: it involves stepsisters, stepmothers, stepfathers, and stepbrothers…and, their respective genitals invariably interacting. A big part of the taboo is the step aspect, it seems.

And, hey…there’s clearly a market for this step niche because not only is the Taboo bunch thriving: they’re also expanding! Just the other day they launched, Darkroom VR.

Introducing Darkroom VR

What’s Darkroom VR?

Darkroom VR is resistant to a summary it seems. We talk about it in the interview below a bit, but it’d probably be easiest if you just went ahead and clicked over there to see for yourself. This ain’t me being clever. You take a look and tell me in the comments a succinct way to describe this project.

Kathy Anderson and Lady Bug in a Darkroom VR virtual porn movie

Kathy Anderson and Lady Bug in a Darkroom VR virtual porn movie, Meeting The Neighbor.
I”m picking-up quite a vibe from just this picture. How about you?

All right, so enough of this gabbing. Let’s see what’s going on with Virtual Taboo Big Man, Capo.

Short Interview with Virtual Taboo’s Capo

Findvrporn: Happy New Year Taboo Gang!

Virtual Taboo: Happy new year, mate!

Findvrporn: Capo, what’s new with Virtual Taboo? What are your plans for the new year?

Virtual Taboo: Our plans are really huge. There will be much more exclusive content and the most beautiful girls in the industry. More impressive content.

But to reach these goals we need the borders to be open again. Plus there is a chance we will make our quality even higher. Plus as you probably noticed we have just launched Darkroom and will work on this direction as well.

Findvrporn: How rough is the DarkRoomVR content going to get? Is it going to be anything like Pornstar Punishment? I think that could be popular. What do you think?

Virtual Taboo: We definitely don’t want to take it deep into let’s say BDSM niche. But juicy rough sex – yes we will play with it. 🙂

Findvrporn: You’re already doing 7K, right? You say make the quality higher… 8K?

Virtual Taboo: Yes, our current quality is 7K which we still consider as the best on the market. Current 8K goes with 30fps. We are planning to make real 60fps. In case we make it – we will upgrade. If not – we will not go for 30, it’s not worth it.

Findvrporn: What’s your favorite VT release? And, why is it your fave? Also, same question about Darkroom VR.

Virtual Taboo: For DarkRoomVR it’s definitely at this moment, You Will Learn The Lesson, Bitch starring Tiffany Rousso.

You will learn the lesson bitch by Virtual Taboo starring Lika Star and Tiffany Rousso

You Will Learn The Lesson Bitch by Virtual Taboo starring Lika Star and Tiffany Rousso

All actors did a spectacular job. They naturally lived in the moment. You can feel the voltage even looking over the photos. This scene is so beautiful and so emotional…

For VT it’s harder, I have so many favourites there and we released around 150 scenes last year (3 per week) .. OK for 2020 my Top 5 will be probably this:

1. Team Bride: Last Fuck Before Tying The Knot starring Angel Wicky & Josephine Jackson & Sofia Lee. Why? For high concentration of big juicy tits and yummy asses.

Enticing lingerie trio from from Team Bride by Virtual Taboo: starring Angel Wicky, Josephine Jackson, and Sofia Lee

Enticing lingerie trio from from Team Bride by Virtual Taboo: starring Angel Wicky, Josephine Jackson, and Sofia Lee

Doggy style from Team Bride Virtual Taboo starring Angel Wicky & Josephine Jackson & Sofia Lee

Doggy style orgy action from Team Bride by Virtual Taboo: starring Angel Wicky, Josephine Jackson, and Sofia Lee

2. Yes, This Is Real: Double Twin Swap starring Eveline Dellai & Silvia Dellai & Zee Twins. It’s the best twin scene in the vr porn so far…

Yes, This Is Real: Double Twin Swap

Yes, This Is Real: Double Twin Swap has that Virtual Taboo feeling to it!

3. Playing With Pet Sister starring Eva Elfie.. One and only… what else to add here.

Eva Elfie pet sister Virtual Taboo

When Eva’s not poking around your stuff finding Fleshlights, she’s busy doing really horny antics with leashes and stuff…

4. Hot Family Summer with Kathy Anderson and Ladybug. It’s the best family scene with amazing summer vibes.

Hot Family Summer Virtual Taboo Lady Buy and Kathy Anderson

It’s Hot Family Summer by the Virtual Taboo studio: featuring Lady Buy and Kathy Anderson

5. Knocking On My Sis’ Backdoor. It’s a top anal scene with posh Sia Siberia.

Knocking On My Sis’ Backdoor

Oh, Ms. Siberia!!!!

Findvrporn: What do you think of the Netflix type VR porn aggregator sites?

Virtual Taboo: I’ll answer this way: support those production studios you like and appreciate so they can progress.

Findvrporn: Okay, thanks Capo! Good luck to Taboo in 2021!

Virtual Taboo: You too, man. All the best!

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo – right now up to 73% OFF… don’t know how long this discount will last…

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