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VR Porn Start-up: Virtual Taboo

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This review below is pretty damn interesting. You should read it as it’s VR porn history. You should also know that we’ve got a very updated Virtual Taboo review available, too.

Noemi Jolie's beautiful ass

Noemi Jolie’s beautiful ass

Originally published: December 29, 2015

(May 2016 Update: Since this article was written, Virtual Taboo has made a lot of progress, and we now recommend them as being a competent VR porn studio.)

A brand new VR porn company, Virtual Taboo

All right, friends, today we’re going to take a good look at this brand-new VR porn company, Virtual Taboo. Lately we’ve seen a few VR porn start-ups emerge. Will they be able to successfully compete with the likes of Naughty America, BaDoink and the other major players?

Time will tell…

Now, as to calling them brand-new: yea…all this stuff is pretty much brand-new. In my opinion, VR porn kicked-off in July 2015, but damn…things have moved fast (eg. the VRP gang has already released over 75 VRs): and, within the last month or so, both KinkVR and CzechVR have poked into the third dimension with some very competent VR action.

And, this activity suggests that VR will get considerably more popular in 2016. One senses there’s gonna be a lot of VRs released.

Speaking of which…that brings us to the latest VR company to try their hand. These high-tech pervs are based out of Barcelona, Spain. And, they’ve been faithfully probing and exploring how to create a high-quality VR product for a while now. Their producer, Marcos, first contacted me a couple months back with a beta video. I gave my critique.

Lana Sweet fucked from behind

Lana Sweet from forthcoming VR

First, I always like letting people describe themselves in their own words. Here’s what he says about his company (lightly-edited):

Noemi growls

Sweet Noemi growling at you

“We are mainly Spanish and new in the VR industry. We come from a Gonzo video background. We want to make new and cool stuff. And, we’re not afraid of experimenting with new production techniques.”

All right, enough chatter…let’s get to it here…

When this article was first written, the VR plan was releasing a new VR biweekly until revenue would allow for a weekly release. Thus, the videos were initially sold individually. Things have pick-up, subsequently, for the VT boys and monthly subscriptions are now available for their weekly offerings.

All right, so all the chatter and quotations in the world don’t mean squat if the videos suck, right? So, let’s take a look at the three named above. I’m reviewing the Smartphone version of these videos using an HTC M8, Homido and AAA VR Cinema. I will be evaluating these movies using my standard method. Many factors are considered, but there are three primary ones:

3 Primary Review Factors

  1. The woman: the gal is evaluated aesthetically and performance-wise. Let’s face it, all production aspects can be spot-on, but if the woman doesn’t rev-up man rockets, it’s all for naught.
  2. Scaling: A problem seen in some VR porn efforts is what I call the “her head is the size of her torso problem.” At this point, it’s not reasonable to expect perfection. However, scaling should be competent to allow for some realism.
  3. Human and camera positioning: This is damn important. Viewers like close-ups! Trust me. This has been established quite clearly at Oculus. Likewise, many viewers want VR porn to go beyond cowgirl/reverse cowgirl! I’m one of them. Additionally, getting the camera level right is important.

Individual Virtual Taboo scenes

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

All right, let’s do this thing already:

Noemi’s Surprise

All right, Noemi’s Surprise stars Ms. Noemi Jolie and Alberto Blanco. Oh, Alberto…you lucky bastard! I’m going to say it: I want to be the one pumping Noemi! Okay, calm down.

This is VT’s first release. It runs 25 fps for 34 minutes. 25 fps is now considered low for VR porns. However, to be fair, all of the subsequent VRs run at 50 fps. All right…

So, as mentioned, the first most important variable for me is the woman. I mean, hey…if Chunky Charlotte doesn’t shake your rocks, it really don’t matter how close the VR camera is to her face! So, this part, granted, is highly-subjective. And, in this man’s highly-subjective head…let me tell you…Noemi Jolie gets my man rocket all-sorts-of fueled-up!

Noemi legs spread

I need Noemi!

Noemi getting cocked

Oh, baby!

Noemi’s a 26 year-old, Spanish porn strumpet. God, she’s such an inspiring, little package of wet-and-squishy goodness! I like that straight dark hair. And, I adore the petite, skinny body that still, somehow, manages to have some tit bounciness along with those glorious, big nipples. Noemi’s the type of little gal, as mentioned, who you just want to pump … for long time!

Now, they sent me a beta copy of this a while back. And, I told them that Noemi was great, but the scaling was off. Anyway, I see they fixed things up a bit. At first it seems like she’s too small, but here’s the thing. She actually is small! You just want to lift that little body in the air and pump until your pumper poops-out.

A few things about this VR missionary. 1. Keep shooting in this manner! The woman spread on a table with the pumping fella standing: this is a winning perspective! 2. It could have gone on much longer. 3. The instants when Noemi leaned into the camera: DO THAT! 4. The portions when she leaned away from the camera: DON’T DO THAT! 5. Set-up your equipment…do whatever it takes…to keep that camera as close to her (face, tits, cunt) as possible.

We also get some doggy and cow. Doggy is a welcome and rare VR porn element. The distance felt much too far, but glad to see it being done.

Noemi doggy style

I want you doggy!

What changes would I have made?

I understand these VR rigs create some unique challenges. Now, if the rig is head-mounted, have the fella really lean into Noemi’s face. As she’s getting pounded missionary, have her face fill-up the screen! If the camera’s not head-mounted…or however the camera is…just fuck Noemi missionary and part of the time get that lens right in her pretty face!

All things considered, I’d say this was pretty good for a very first effort.

Lady Mai VR

Lady Mai blowjob

Suck, Lady Mai!

All right, let’s take a look at Lady Mai in After Class. Now, there’s no way around first discussing that Lady Mai is a porn starlet from the Philippines. VR porns, thus far, have been a pretty Euro-centric affair. And, believe me…if you’ve read this blog, you know I love me some skinny, yellow-haired Euro babes.

However, I also dig the Asian gals. It’s just that we haven’t really seen them in much virtual sex yet. And, also…this isn’t just about what I like. Truth is that a lot of dudes, of all backgrounds, appreciate Asian women. Not to mention, there have got to be a few Asian VR porn fella fans out there!

Lady Mai spreads cunt for cock

Love the stockings, Mai

So, props for getting Ms. Mai into the 3D fuck game. This movie starts out with a rather creepy set-up: some pervy Asian boy is spying on Lady Mai as she reclines on the couch. Oh, you no-good, peeping Tom bastard! You know, these peeping Tom guys are a curious breed. On the one hand, they’re a bunch of gutless guys without the nerve to approach a real woman. On the other hand, they’re pretty ballsy engaging in their high-risk, cock-stroking-spying shenanigans.

Sideways cowgirl

Sideways cowgirl

So, our wacking peeper gets busted by Ms. Mai. And, before you know it he’s managed to get his chopstick in her chow mein. So, Lady Mai has a lot of fans. And, one can understand why…She’s a cute, little thing. And, man…does she seem little!

So, the peeping perv proceeds to prod Ms. Mai with his Asian poker. And, Peter Piper picked a peck… We get to see the fella do Mai cowgirl, sideways cowgirl, doggy and missionary. I liked the instants where she leans into the camera while her love tunnel’s getting plowed. I also really like this pattern including missionary and doggy in every VR.

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo – right now up to 73% OFF… don’t know how long this discount will last…

Lady Mai fucking VR virtual taboo

Take the cock, Lady!

Optimistic Marcos

Producer-man Marcos is quite optimistic about virtual reality. He says (lightly-edited),

“I have lots of faith that porn, like it has done with most present and past technologies (Internet, streaming services, DVD, VHS…) will give the last push to VR, so it becomes a mainstream technology soon.

So far everyone that has actually seen the product, gets really impressed, and I’m quite sure VR will hit seriously in the market, finally.”

Additionally, Marcos sees a potential downside to it (lightly-edited):

“My fear is that this technology could negatively affect people, but I’m quite sure it wont, because traditional 2D pornography hasn’t.
I’ve also been contacted by psychologist friends that think our productions can help people with gender problems, and they are thinking of using our productions.
That’s good, if it can help someone. So, I think the future for VR porn, is bright, even it’s small, right now.”

Valeria Blue VR

Valeria Blue doggy style

Valeria’s nice big doggy ass. I like it!

All right, let’s now consider Valeria’s Shower, starring Valeria Blue. Ms. Blue is another Spanish harlot…and, Valeria…you got some nice titty-boppers on you girl! It’s beginning to seem like there are a lot of fine women out there in Espana!

Now, likewise with this movie, I found Valeria Blue to be appealing. I mean, what’s not to like? I mean, she’s a skinny Spanish gal with a pretty face, prominent backside, bouncy tits and a tan-lined twat. Man, oh man… I like this trend of young Mamacitas with these sexy, tanlines! Let’s continue this trend.

Valeria Blue reverse cowgirl

Yea, I like that ass! A LOT!

Now, the Valeria VR is running at 50 fps. There are some creative filming choices as we see Val taking a shower, getting dried off, etc. And, this gal fucks enthusiastically!

Oh, yea…Ms. Blue loves cock. That’s pretty obvious. Concerning the creative aspects, this is what Marcos has to say (lightly-edited):

“I see us as a VR company that produces a minimum of 4 videos a month: devoting great effort to making our viewers’ desires come true.

I also envision scenes not yet seen, products, that are just in my head … which I’ll keep for myself now. I’d also like to explore other sexual orientations beyond straight and lesbian…”

Now, Valeria’s Shower, at a 42 minute running-length, is the longest VR porn I’ve yet seen. Does it need to be that long? Well, the fucking commences at about 17 minutes…and, you get sucking, doggy, missionary, cowgirl, titty-fucking, etc. So, the time is being put to good use.

All right, so this movie did some things right. I particularly liked the missionary and doggy. Again, my only hope was that the camera could have gotten closer to that gorgeous gal face. The camera distance was so great: it really hurt this movie’s immersive potential.

Also, the stunt cock needs to stop talking. Let me repeat this: all of the stunt cocks need to stop talking!
Valeria Blue VR cowgirl

The Future of VR Porn?

Let’s end on this note. I asked Marcos his thoughts about VR porn’s future. Here’s his response (lightly-edited):

“Speaking of pure technology applied to VR porn, I fail to see major improvements to production.

I envision adding a Z-buffer like layer to images (Microsoft Kinect style), to give the hardware information about image-depth: so head-tilting and movement can somehow work…and be simulated.

I don’t personally think pure syntetic-rendered porn will become mainstream, because of the uncanny valley effect, but I guess it will have its fans. And what I *expect* is for someone to finally point to a standard and common format for the videos.

Because, producing different versions is a pain: some metainfo to store the clip parameters, angles, and both eyes video streams, plus the optional z-buffer, all in a single, standard file, so versions of the video just differ in resolution.”

Update May 2016: I’ve looked at Virtual Taboo’s last six videos, and this studio has made a lot of progress rather quickly. If you like the looks of their gals, you should consider giving them a try.

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Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo

Click to visit and join Virtual Taboo