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Wankz VR Review Metrics
  • Number of scenes / library size - 100%
  • Performers (ability, quality, variety) - 100%
  • Image Quality / clarity - 96%
  • Camera Positioning Skill - 90%
  • Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 90%
  • Story/ narratives/ emotion - 98%
  • Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 95%
  • Price / value for your dollar - 100%


WankzVR started releasing VR porn movies all the way back in 2016…and, damn have they come a long way! Their scenes are powerful, intimate, and full-fledged horny.

In my estimation, WVR played an important role in some early innovating  manifested to the insides of our headsets: particularly in respect to erotically effective—and sometimes novel—camera positioning.

The good folks over at Wankz definitely have a type of gal that fits the Wankz look.  In specific, they cover the “legal teen” sort of genre. In many cases, WVR seems particularly capable at eliciting a high-level of fuck-emotion out of their performers.

There’s nobody else out there out-competing the WankzVR gang in their niche.

If you see an error or want to share your opinion about WankzVR, please do so in the comments.


Premiere and beautiful young models

World-class optical experience

Large catalog of scenes

Clever narrative and wordplay

Excellent price


You have to vibe with the WankzVR aesthetic. If this legal teen, young woman niche isn’t your thing, then perhaps look at MilfVR

Don’t feel like reading this long review?

That’s okay. Go download a free, full-length WankzVR scene and form your own conclusion by watching it in your headset. It features gal-gorgeous Alina Lopez and Charity Crawford in a threesome.

WankzVR Review December 2022 Update

Okay, time once again to update the WankzVR review. This page has been getting updated since 2016. So, you can feel confident that you’re reading an extremely informed and competent review. I’m just being honest with you folks.

As of today, WankzVR has released 699 VR experiences of 100% original content. Now, I noticed that Wankz is using the word experiences rather than scenes. And, I think this is a smart choice because WankzVR scenes really do sometimes feel like an experience that I’ve lost myself within. And…

…if you’re old enough, adventurous and it’s legal within your region, I’ll add that WankzVR scenes, in particular, when combined with a THC gummy or 4 (and a properly positioned Fleshlight), really do enter the realm of, “I’m having a Goddamn experience here!” It can—no exaggeration—really get into a lose-yourself, mind-blowing  interstellar space. And, afterwards, even with the post-nut-clarity, you can have a strange, lingering sense that you didn’t just spend the past hour alone in your room…it’s getting intense, folks!

VR porn and WankzVR has come a long way…together

VR porn has come a long way. And, since early 2016, WankzVR has been one of the organizations pushing the whole thing forward (particularly through a good understanding of proximity and the ability to capture sexual emotion in 3D).

You get an Oculus Quest 2 and a WankzVR subscription (or a POVR sub which gets you all of Wankz plus a ton of other studios) and you can really forget about Tinder and swiping right and all of the bullshit. Because the sense of being present and fucking the most beautiful young women in the world becomes tangible. This is referred to as immersion. And, WankzVR is particularly good at that.

Latest critique

So, making a list of all the things WankzVR is doing right: well, it’s a long list and you can read about it below. It includes things like camera positions, sexual position, actress choice, clever story lines, and technical VR finesse…

When writing a WankzVR review, it’s easier to list what I’d do differently. Because, it’s a pretty short list. In other words, I think they’re pretty much getting everything right.

Although WankzVR certainly does do face close-ups, truncated missionary, squatting cowgirl hoverface and body part close-ups: I’d still like to see a bit more of that: as in, longer duration.

My WankzVR wishlist

In particular, I’d like to see a scene here or there that features a five minute face fetish segment. Now, not everyone might agree about that. Part of my job is to suggest things that not only I want…but things that I think would have a very widespread appeal. I do believe that having a five minute face fetish segment in every scene would have more fans than detractors.

Wankz VR Squatting cowgirl hoverface

Wankz does squatting cowgirl hoverface, which I consider an absolute must in any B/G scene released by anybody. With that said, I’d like to see a bit more duration. And, I’d like to see some experimentation with the depth changing (perhaps as the woman, man or both lean in-and-out a bit during the segment.)

Wankz VR Truncated missionary

I’d also like to see them play around with the angles on the truncated missionary (which they presently do), but I feel there’s room for some more experimentation with that.

Wankz VR Doggy style

And, as far as doggy goes…I think the pull-back stuff is fantastically HORNY! But, when the woman’s back is a flat plane, it still feels a little bit distant to me. (Believe it or not, a studio that gets this right is the rarely mentioned Terrible studio as seen in their recent Secret Agent 00Sex scene.)

Wankz VR Close-ups

Additionally, WankzVR has been excelling at the close-ups for years, but I’d like to also see that with an extended clothed teasing segment: in particular, ass and cameltoe worship. Now, of all the suggestions I made, this one might be the most niche/fetish (less mainstream), but I do think the average guy does like this type of thing.

Wankz VR has a deep horny back catalog

I’d like to add that WankzVR has been getting 3D porn right for years now. So, if you do subscribe, you really are getting a HUGE amount of accomplished VR porn for a shockingly low price. I’d say their scenes have been coming correct since November 2016. So, that’s a fuckton of high-quality VR porn scenes, dude.

Go lose yourself over at WankzVR!

That concludes the October 2022 update.

What’s WankzVR all about in just a few words?

Intense sexual energy meets clever porn concepts meets elite “legal teen looking” gals meets high-quality  VR cameras that are usually positioned in the right spot.

Making It Big starring Mia Kay for WankzVR

Making It Big starring Mia Kay for WankzVR.
“Mia Kay dreams of making it big in porn! This aspiring starlet has been working to make some real connections in the industry and her quest has brought her to your doorstep. You’ve got an eye for talent and the kind of experience she trusts so Mia brings all her skills to the table. She’ll strip down to show you the goods then ride your dick like a pro! Mia won’t shy away from her XXX destiny because that’s what pornstars do!”
This is one of my favorite WankzVR scenes. Mainly because Mia conveys an intense sexual energy: successfully conveying a sense of being overwhelmed….so horny and perverse!

Download the full Mia Kay Making It Big scene

Number of WankzVR scenes/library size?

WankzVR logo

WankzVR now has 604 VR Experiences! 100% exclusive content. 7K

Your monthly sub gets you 9 new movies a month. And, of course, unlimited downloads and streaming. WankzVR was XBIZ VR Site of the Year 2018, 2019, and 2021.

It’s a damn big library that’s been growing for years now. I’d suggest you entirely skip the scenes from the first year or so…I’d say a good starting point would be the March 2017 scene, Money Shot, starring Stella Cox. I just went back and watched Money Shot, and I must say: this VR porn scene holds up very, very Goddamn well! Damn horny!

The closer you get, of course, to the present day…the better visual quality you’ll enjoy. If you simply want to lose yourself in the highest level of visual 3D quality, stick with the 7K releases…but, I tell you: WVR has a lot of damn wack-worthy stuff that preceded their 7K efforts.

Click this link to see findvrporn reviews of individual WankzVR scenes.


Some WankzVR Stars

Some of the gals whom they’ve filmed in the past include Penolope Kay, Jessie Saint, Kenzie Reeves, River Lynn, LaSiren69, Lexi Anne Garza, Sera Ryder, Taylor Blake, Mia Kay, MJ Fresh, Olivia Jayy, Judy Jolie, Jordan Maxx, Skylar Snow, Alita Lee, Jillian Janson, Kylie Rocket, Maddie May..and a rowdy trio of Aiden Ashley, Laney Grey, and Lily Larimar was actually featured in the movie, The Night Before Wankzmas. Excuse me while my head explodes…

…and here’s some more WankzVR actresses of note: Hazel Heart, Khloe Kapri, Angel Youngs, Melody Marks, Lena Anderson, Kyler Quinn, Savannah Sixx, Alex Blake, Haley Reed, Anna Clair Clouds, Adria Rae, Athena Faris, Lacy Lennon, Nikki Peach, Gianna Dior, Whitney Westgate, Alina Lopez, Charity Crawford, Kali roses, Paige Owens, Daphne Dare, Kenzie Madison, Aaliyah Love, Lexi Belle, Kagney Linn Karter, Carmen Caliente, Elsa Jean, Zoey Monroe, Jane Wilde, Keisha Grey, Alexis Adams, Ella Nova, Christiana Cinn, Chloe Cherry, Reena Sky, Gina Valentina, Marley Brinx, Stella Cox, Adriana Chechik, Bailey Brooke, Emma Hix, Mia Malkova, Quinn Wilde, Bunny Colby, Elena Koshka, AJ Applegate, Holly Hendrix…to name a few.

And, as long as that list above is…there are so many more of similar quality over at WVR.

Visit WankzVR

Some great WankzVR scenes 

MY TOP TEN FAVORITE WankzVR scenes of all time. This was challenging. And, it’s certainly not definitive. And, if I wrote this a week from not it’d probably be a bit different. But, it’s fun. And, it certainly puts the spotlight on a few older scenes that may have gotten a bit forgotten.  Below are two more great scenes. The link above takes you to a separate article where the ten scenes are discussed a bit.

Kiara Cole

Squeals on Wheels starring Kiara Cole

Kiara Cole Squeals on Wheels VR

Kiara Cole does a great scene for WankzVR

Visit WankzVR

Maddy May

Here’s Maddie May…we have strong feelings of horny for Ms. May and her eye-crossing shenanigans! I LOVE MADDY MAY!

Maddy's Mystery Tour WankzVR movie 2020

Star of Maddy’s Mystery Tour, Maddy May, has that horny energy we’ve come to expect from a WankzVR effort. Download Maddie’s clip for free.

You can keep reading or just jump over there to download a bunch of free previews to help you evaluate whether WankzVR is right for you. As for me, I pretty much always have a yearly to them and MILFvr going.

But, you know what’s even better these days? This is a new development:

WanzVR is now part of POVR: The Netflix of VR Porn. And, you can experience it for free. In other words, POVR is a subscription service—similar to Netflix, SexlikeReal, VRporn.com, etc.—and your POVR subscription gets you the WankzVR catalog: along with a bunch of stuff from MilfVR, Virtual Real Porn, VR Bangers, etc. It’s a great deal. I bought a subscription personally.

So, as we’re saying, WankzVR films the top-tier talent of the USA porn industry. This is honestly a great VR porn website with horny-creative producers.

Image Quality and Clarity?

Excellent 7K VR porn movie images. The VR footage is clear and excellent.

Camera Positioning Skill?

It’s always—at the very least—good. And, sometimes it’s mind-bending excellent. WankzVR is at their best when they truncate the missionary and/or frame it fully but very tight. Their squatting cowgirl hoverface is excellent also.

Sexual positioning, hornyness, variety, etc.

Okay, the sexual positioning is great: often times very tight on the camera. The VR is horny. There can be a variety concerning set-up, concept and narratives. By the way, I don’t think there’s a better VR porn studio when it comes to concepts and word play. As far as the female talent, there does seem to sort of be a WankzVR type. Check out the roster and decide for yourself on that one.


We already sort of covered this above. Wankz will always have some type of narrative story that often includes a rather clever bit of conceptual word play.

Additionally, from time-to-time they go all out with rather extravagant and fun full-length cinematic 3D porns. This can be seen in movies like the surprisingly ambitious Zombie Slayers.

Zombie Slayers WankzVR

WankzVR Zombie Slayers was an exceptional release.
I don’t even know how to succinctly caption this movie.

On the topic of emotion: there are scenes where the WankzVR director elicits a very strong…almost overwhelming…type of emotional energy out of the girl. There are a number of examples that illustrate this point, but I’m going to give two that really, really project an almost brain-busting libido tsunami from the actress. These two—like a number of WankzVR starlets—well illustrate what we call pornstar authenticity.

WankzVR sexual authenticity

1. Mia Kay!

A large part of the perverse power of Mia’s scene is she exudes a sense of being sexually overwhelmed by the stunt cock: thus conjuring some very intense eroticism. I’m very much looking forward to more Mia. She has an additional WankzVR scene, Between Friends (August 20, 2021) with Aria Carson.

Mia Kay fucking hard for WankzVR

Mia in Making It Big
Synopsis: Mia Kay dreams of making it big in porn! This aspiring starlet has been working to make some real connections in the industry and her quest has brought her to your doorstep. You’ve got an eye for talent and the kind of experience she trusts so Mia brings all her skills to the table. She’ll strip down to show you the goods then ride your dick like a pro! Mia won’t shy away from her XXX destiny because that’s what pornstars do

2. Nella Jones!

And, we see a sexual sensibility—similar to Mia’s scene—in Nella Gone Wild starring Nella Jones. This is fucking horny stuff, folks!

Nella Jones Gone Wild WankzVR

Nella Jones Gone Wild WankzVR –> such fun wide-eyed fuck energy…
Oh, Nella baby! I’m not kidding when I say that this type of a performance is a reference for pornstar authenticity and energy.
You know…watching this again…this scene is in the running for best VR porn scene of 2021

Intimate presence manifested and maintained?

The Wankz gang often hits this mark. In some ways, this particular metric is VR porn’s holy grail. When it’s attained, you know it…and, WVR does sometimes particularly nail it.

Price/value for your dollar?

This stuff is worth every penny. Check it out!

Some interesting info above about WankzVR contract stars, etc.

Some interesting info above about WankzVR contract stars, etc.

Here’s an older little WankzVR update that I probably should delete, but I’ll let it stay down here at the bottom…

Youth and crazed sexual energy in a typical WankzVR scene

The WankzVR catalog projects youth and often crazed type of sexual energy that gets a fella’s balls jumping like a Keno hopper.

It’s safe to say that there’s a “WankzVR aesthetic” and it’s a winning formula. It appeals to a lot of people. It involves gorgeous gals with a teenage look fucking hard.

I mean, that is a fair summary. And…it’s shot in beautiful VR…and, what the fuck’s not to like! If you review their catalog in your headset, I think you’ll probably reach this same conclusion.

Some older odds and ends

Update March 21, 2019: WankzVR had a good 2018: awards, accolades, the whole deal.

Some quick stats and facts about WankzVR as of today. This information is all accurate to the very best of my ability and knowledge.

  • WankzVR also offers free previews to download of every release. Honestly, a website that doesn’t offer free little previews instantly loses credibility with me…
  • For billing, WankzVR’s authorized sales agents are Epoch, Safebilling and Segpay. These are widely-recognized as the safe companies to use.
  • WankzVR charges appear on your credit card as protransmedia(dot)com. That provides a layer of privacy.
  • When you get a nontrial subscription, they’ll give you some free VR goggles if you want.
  • In my personal experience and from my time spent reading various accounts online, it’s my strong impression that WankzVR/MilfVR are one of the honest, legit porn companies out there. If we’re being honest, there’s a lot of shady stuff out there. Believe me, I learned the Goddamn hard way.
  • WankzVR has a clear privacy policy at the bottom of their page. As it should be!
  • They do not store your full credit card info or sell your info or any of that slimy sorta con-artist shit so prevalent these days.
  • They also don’t make canceling your subscription more challenging than a running a marathon. They give you readily available links to cancel with any of the options.
  • WankzVR also has a customer service number.
  • FindVRporn’s verdict is that this is a legit organization that isn’t going to rip you off. And, you know…unfortunately I now realize that it’s necessary to provide this type of analysis.
Ella Reese Lacy Lennon Nikki Peach

Ella Reese and Lacy Lennon and Nikki Peach and the WankzVR camera getting so close and I think my mind just melted, man…

You can read a bunch of WankzVR reviews I wrote over the years. You can read about their MilfVR project, which I think releases very horny VR also. If you enjoyed this review, please follow me on Twitter.

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