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The Ultimate Handy Review – VR Porn Sex Toy Of 2023

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Overall judgment of The Handy
  • Single metric judgment - 95%

The Handy Review Summary

The Handy VR porn sex toy takes male masturbation to an ecstatic, new technological height. The Handy sums up its own invention quite well: “A high-performance interactive stroker designed to elevate masturbation to a new level.” Take a deep-dive into The Handy with this Findvrporn article.


Add a thrilling new dimension to your VR porn experience

Enjoy the latest, cutting-edge sex tech development

Allows a single or divorced man to have a fulfilling sex life

Surprisingly affordable for something that will transform your manly existence



Not every major VR porn studio has implemented interactive funscripts yet

Does not have a battery-powered option

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My goal: publish the best Handy review, guide and explanation on the Internet. This is a work-in-progress. Help me make it better. If you have suggestions (or resources to add) for this page, please let me know. I’m not one of these guys who doesn’t link to people. If you have something good, let me know. I’ll include it. Leave comments at the bottom about your experiences with the Handy. Let everybody know about your Handy experience. 

These are exciting times in the VR porn world. The good folks at Norway-based Sweet Tech have shaken up our VR porn universe with some vigor. We got to check this out.

Let’s get into this…

What is The Handy?

High technology masturbation. That’s the topic. We’re talking about how recent technological innovations have transformed the world of men’s masturbation.

A motor-powered male masturbator

The Handy is a motor-powered male masturbator that automatically does the stroking for you.

Further down the page there’s a Handy video demo. That’s perhaps the best way to see what this device can do for your cock.

But, let’s also talk about this:

So, picture a motorized Fleshlight. Imagine there’s no need to move the Fleshlight with your hand. Imagine the Fleshlight doing all the work.

How does The Handy stroke?

The Handy has an inner sleeve that automatically goes up-and-down on your dick. The Handy is the device that essentially makes the sleeve masturbator portion rise and fall. You control the speed and stroke depth. That’s the basic idea.

It’s your personal pussy on auto-pilot that you can pull from your drawer for a fuck when you feel like it. No need to swipe left or right. No need for dinner and a movie. Just position yourself within cord’s length of an outlet.

Then, to take things to the next level: you can synch The Handy with certain VR porn scenes. The Handy then mimics the woman’s movements in the VR porn scene. Think about that for a minute. This is some wild stuff!

At the present moment, this sex toy costs $199 USD. This is a great time for a man to be alive. He can forever change the dynamics of his life for two hundred bucks. I’m serious.

How does The Handy describe its product?

“A high-performance interactive stroker designed to elevate masturbation to a new level.”

I’d say that’s an accurate summary. I’d say a Handy review could honestly describe this VR male masturbator the same way.

What’s in the Handy Box when purchased?

What does your The Handy purchase get you?

You get The Handy, our original TrueGrip sleeve, the TrueGrip band, a power supply with your region’s power plug, and a user manual to help get you connected.

contents of the box when you purchase The Handy

Contents of the box when you purchase The Handy

1. Handy
2. TrueGrip band – this is the velcro band that holds the sleeve to your cock
3. TrueGrip sleeve – this is the actual simulated pussy that’s going to cowgirl your cock
4. Power supply
5. Power cable

Optional additional sleeves

So, if you’re familiar with Fleshlight masturbators, you know that there are a wide variety of different sleeves with various textures. Likewise, with The Handy it is possible to buy different sleeves that have various stimulating textures.

What do all those The Handy buttons do?

buttons of The Handy male masturbator

buttons of The Handy male masturbator

How does The Handy Work?

Handy sex toy on a cock

This is your cock in a Handy

You plug The Handy into an outlet that powers the motor. The Handy itself is a cylindrical unit with a Velcro loop strap attached to the bottom. The silicone sleeve goes into the Velcro loop strap. You adjust the tightness to your preference. You insert your manhood into the sleeve. The Handy—the cylindrical unit—then raises and lowers the sleeve.

This creates a powerful illusion that somebody else is doing things to your cock! There are buttons on the side that allow you to alter the speed and depth of the stroking action. It’s capable of up to 600 strokes a minute. That’s a lot of strokes, guys!

3 modes of The Handy

1. Offline: “The default mode the Handy enters when plugged in to power. In this mode, the Handy does not broadcast any signal and it is controllable using the buttons on its body.” So, please note that you can enjoy the Handy with no Internet connection etc.

2.  Bluetooth: “The mode used for connecting Handy to the Handyverse app (available for iOS and Android).”

3. Wifi: To allow for streaming videos, etc. See here for how to connect the Handy to Wifi.

Some  of The Handy specs

Brushless motor
2.4 GHz Wi-Fi
Bluetooth 4.2
Dual-core processor

4 × Hall sensors
2 × Temperature sensors
2 × Infrared sensors
1 × Lock detect sensor

Input power: 100–240V
Output power: 12 V/3 A
Power plug: 5.5 mm × 2.5 mm

Length: 230 mm (10.5″)

Diameter: 70 mm (2.75″)

See the complete Handy specifications (scroll down page a little to see specs)

What does teledildonics mean?

Since you’re here, I’ll assume you’re researching high-tech, interactive sex toys. Thus, you’ve probably seen the term teledildonics or cyberdildonics.

What  do those weird words mean?

Well, people use them in varying ways:  there’s no single definition. A working definition, though, that I’d provide is teledildonics means some type of method where a device is powering the sensation of touch.

Part of me thinks that teledildonics just sounds like some recently made-up term trying to sound fancy. On second thought, though, we do a need an umbrella term for this technology. And, if you encounter it, you know that they’re basically using it to mean a sophisticated sex toy that does the masturbating for you.

I was just clicking around and I see interactive sex toy manufacturer Kiiroo defines it as “any technology that can create an experience for the user by applying vibrations, motion, or force.” And, that seems like a fine working definition also.

Who is the Handy for?

So, who is the right consumer for The Handy’s interactive, automated sex gizmo? That’s a question that every Handy review and analysis must confront. Who is this high-tech gizmo for?

It’s an interesting question. I ain’t here to lie to you folks. You can have a good time with a VR porn headset, a bottle of lotion and your hand. It’s true. And, you already know that. But, I have the answer to that question.

The Handy is for a man who’s looking to get the ultimate masturbation experience that can be had in the year 2023. It’s that simple.

If you’re thinking that your hand or Fleshlight has gotten same-samey…and, you’re looking for a much more intense, much more mind blowing, next-level masturbation experience: then, The Handy is for you.

Yes, it is pretty simple. This device is for a man who wants the ultimate masturbation experience.

*** It’s time for me to get THE HANDY! ***

Advanced Handy use with VR porn funscripts

So, you can have a very satisfying time with The Handy just as it is…in other words, insert your cock and let the brushless motor power the sleeve up-and-down your shaft until you explode.

I mean, you could go to a massage parlor and pay a hundred bucks for a single handjob. With The Handy, you can essentially get endless handjobs that are much more satisfying than having some bored, hired wacker who’s already wacked a dozen cocks that day.

And, the truth is that to enjoy the Handy, you don’t even need a VR porn headset. You can close your eyes and imagine a scenario. You could look at some Pornhub videos as the Handy strokes you. You can have  fun without the VR porn part is what I’m saying. But..

…let’s talk about mind-melting, next-level Handy masturbation. That’s when you use a funscript to make The Handy’s stroking match the handjob, blowjob and fuck action in a VR porn video.

What did you say a funscript is again?

A funscript is a bit of coding that takes somebody a lot of time to create.

What does it do?

The funscript works in tandem with a particular VR porn scene. Each funscript is written for one particular scene. And, it makes The Handy move in synch with the action of the video.

So, in a real life use case example: You have your penis inserted into The Handy and you’re watching a funscripted VR porn scene.  The scene is 1st person POV: so, that means you’re the person getting cowgirled in the video. As the woman cowgirls down on your cock, The Handy goes down on your cock. As the woman cowgirls up, The Handy synchonizes and goes up with the woman’s rising pussy.

This is high technology masturbation, my friends. Honestly, I’ve been working in the VR porn industry since about the beginning, and I’m surprised it’s progressed this far this fast!

What major VR porn studio funscripts does findvrporn recommend?*

  1. Naughty America VR – You pay $41.95 and get the NA sub along with 398 funscripts. They refer to this option as 1 Month and Dream Lover. Don’t get confused by this. This is the option you want. Dream Lover refers to the scripted VR porn videos. This is a pretty fucking good deal because a lot of other spots will charge $3-5 bucks for one single script.
  2. CzechVR – their regular monthly sub $24.95 gets you a ton of VR porn videos along with interactive scripts. They also have a few free scripts and videos which you can see below. Presently, they have 312 perfectly synchronized sex toys scripts for The Handy. So, this is a pretty damn good deal here.

How do you choose between these two?

Well, it’s sort of like how a lot of people want to talk about Kiiroo Keon vs The Handy. You really can’t go wrong either way. Honestly, I’m not a marketer or salesman. I just try to tell the truth. The Keon is a damn fine device too. There’s a lot of good products out there. It’s not always necessary to tear the other guy down… right?

Okay, about those two VR porn studios…well, getting both is a good idea. But, if you want just one, it depends on which pussies you want the Handy to simulate fucking your cock. Now, the NA sub is more expensive. But, if you want to experience Nicole Aniston fucking you: well, you got to dig a little deeper in the wallet for that.

Both of these studios produce world-class VR porn scenes. They’ve both been in the game since the start.

You can read the Naughty America VR review and the CzechVR review.

Some Naughty America Handy gals

With Naughty America you’re getting girls like Nicole, Julia Ann, Rachel Starr, Remy LaCroix, Allie Haze, Brooklyn Chase, Dee Williams, Summer Hart, Eva Notty, Emma Starletto, Karma Rx, Charlie Valentine, Kendra Lust and many more of that similar caliber in the porn universe. We can all agree that those are some fabulous pussies to have the Handy simulate!

Sone CzechVR Handy gals

Now with CzechVR, they also have some fabulously beautiful women. And, sometimes they have the popular American women. But, they tend to feature the European beauties. Some of the fine actresses you’ll experience in interactive 3D scenes include Jenifer Jane, Sandra Sweet, Rebel Rhyder, Rebecca Volpetti, Agatha Vega, Jesse Jey, Alura Jenson, Stacy Cruz, Tru Kait, and many others.

So, I’d say it really depends on what women you want.

*Findvrporn never recommends anyone if I’ve heard too many bad reports about their business practices or if I’ve had a bad experience with them and/or if I just don’t like their general vibe and how they roll.

Free Handy videos with funscripts

If you have a Handy, is there a way to test the VR porn funscript experience for free?

Yes, as mentioned, there sure is a way.

The Handy has some Free Full Interactive VR Porn Videos available from CzechVR.

Let me explain that link to you and why it’s such a BIG FUCKING DEAL! I am not exaggerating here. Let’s say you just spent your last dime on The Handy. Well, I’d say you need to work on your budgeting, but that’s a different matter.

You can click that link and download 5 FREE full-length videos along with 5 funscripts. I mean: this is fucking unbelievable. You don’t get this elsewhere. I’ve been bringing you these type of world-class tips for over 7 years now. I’m just being honest with you.

Masturbation possibilities with The Handy

I want to make sure that I’m clearly explaining that there are two main use cases with The Handy.

1. To have fun with The Handy, you don’t need anything but The Handy. You can set the speed and stroke length and have it jack your cock off. This is the most basic—least involved—way to enjoy The Handy. A man can have plenty of fun and a very rewarding orgasm with nothing but The Handy. I want to be sure that’s clear.

2. But…it’s also possible to go next-level with The Handy. How? As discussed, you use a VR porn headset, video and funscript to have The Handy mimic the movements of a woman in a VR porn scene. This is mind blowing. But, you can also use it in the first—more simple way—above.

The real bottom line is that The Handy—with or without VR porn—will dramatically improve your masturbation enjoyment and fulfillment. Honestly, that really sums-up this device.

*** It’s time for me to get THE HANDY! ***

The Handy Reviews

Right now The Handy has 389 reviews earning it 4.6 out of 5 stars. You can read them for yourself by scrolling down that page. I imagine that speaks for itself. Go ahead and click over there and see what people have to say about this futuristic wacking wonder.

Further The Handy Resources

You’ll notice on the Internet nobody wants to link to anybody else because of search rankings and all that SEO shit. I don’t play that game. The difference here is that…shockerI ACTUALLY WANT TO HELP YOU! I know, that’s an unusual thing on the world wide whatever.

So, here are some resources that can provide some more useful information for my readers.

1. CzechVR’s Handy Interactive Guide: This is a good one that explains how to use The Handy to synch with interactive CzechVR movies. It begins: “The handy interactive feature works with any Czech VR Network video that has the Interactive tag ( Interactive ). These videos can be interactively experienced directly in a VR capable web browser such as the native web browser of the Oculus Quest 2 without any need to pre-download a video or script.”

2. CzechVR’s Interactive VR Porn videos: as it says, “312 perfectly synchronized sex toys scripts for TheHandy, Fleshlight Launch, Kiiroo Keon, Onyx+” Please note something important: there is no additional charge for these 312 funscripts that synch to The Handy. They are included in the subscription price. That’s a big deal.

3. Naughty America Dream Lover The Handy: if you have The Handy, this is a link that you 100% want to click. As it explains: Experience Naughty America in a whole new way. Watch videos that have been synched to the Handy sex toy. Fully trick your brain into thinking you’re fucking Ava Sinclaire, Coco Lovelock, & Penelope Kay all in one fuck session! Feel like those three pussies are taking turns going up-and-down your cock cowgirl style as you lie back with your hands behind your head. THE FUTURE IS HERE!

4. The Handy User Manual: I’d say every Handy user should read this.

4.5  TheHandy Setup: (includes Syncing local videos with funscripts) – This is a great resource for all sorts of stuff concerning The Handy. Includes info about connecting to WIFI, firmware updates, and caring for your Handy.

5. The Handyverse: just take a look at it. I don’t know how to describe it.

6. Handyfeeling: another one to take a look at.

7. Eroscripts: described as “a community for scripts that sync interactive sex toys with porn. To find and download scripts, create an account.” This is a popular one in The Handy VR porn community. If you’re going to get deep into your The Handy funtime, sooner or later you’ll want to click around over there.

8. Heresphere is the VR porn player that you want to use for interactive scripts and just…generally. Don’t listen to the bullshit, spam and subreddit propaganda. This is THE BEST VR porn video player…period.

9. Handyscripter: this is not an endorsement of the Handyscripter site. Why? Because, I haven’t had the time to try it out yet. I’m too busy writing. And, I don’t know how well it works. But, it’s pretty damn interesting looking. It says, “This is a simple scripting tool to make scripts for Handy. Please go through this quick tutorial to get a better understanding of the tool.” If this works well, it sounds pretty fucking horny.

10. A surprising amount of Handy videos on Youtube

11. List of all Naughty America VR Handy compatible scenes

12. List of all Tonight’s Girlfriend VR Handy compatible scenes

13. Adult Time: this 2D site has Handy compatible videos (haven’t personally tested this site)

14. FeelX videos: more 2D porn that works with the Handy and other interactive toys (haven’t personally tested this site)

15. Senses: more 2D porn that works with the Handy and other interactive toys (haven’t personally tested this site)

16. Connect My Handy: another 2D interactive site to check

17. The Jerkoff Games: now, this one looks like fun to me! 2D Handy videos where you’re cumming on tongues and trying not to cum and similar JOI antics.

18. IVDB Interactive Video Database: Very interesting browser extension these good folks created. “We have scripted about 1400+ porn videos, both publicly available porn from free sources like PornHub, as well as scripts for premium sites like The Benefits Monkey, VRHush, and several others.”

19. The Handy subreddit: I generally despise VR porn subreddits because they’re usually crooked/agenda-based and somehow always seem to magically turn into nonstop  spam for you know who. I dislike the general smugness, behind-the-scenes bribery, and unoriginality. But, I’ll give this one a link because there’s potentially useful info.

20. The Handy video demo: see a guy with a Handy actually hand-jobbing his cock. If you’re curious and want to see The Handy in action, now’s your chance.

You might also be interested in VR porn tips, tricks and hacks.

Do you know of a Handy resource that you feel merits being on this list? If so, let me know so I can add it.

The Handy discounts and latest purchase price

Right now, The Handy is offering an extra 20% OFF all sleeves and accessories. I titled this “latest purchase price” because these prices can change. And, sometimes there are sales. At the present moment, I see the Handy US Socket 1.1 going for $199 USD. There’s a discount code of nonstopnutnovember that, as mentioned, gets you the 20% OFF all sleeves when you buy a Handy. This is going to end soon. You want to get on this now.

See the latest Handy purchase price and discount

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