The Handy male masturbator

The Handy In Action Video

So, you might be visiting this page from The Ultimate Handy Review Guide. If you haven’t seen that page, I’d encourage you to check it out. The purpose of this page is to embed a video that shows the Handy in actual use on a real life cock. Click play below.

The video is titled something like, “The Handy masturbator, milking my cock, solo male, loud orgasm…

You’ll notice that the guy’s, obviously, got the Handy on his dick. And, you can see how the Handy base moves the sleeve up-and-down. This masturbating man is watching a 2D video. And, you can see that he’s also using an interactive funscript which synchs the Handy’s motion with the video woman’s handjob. Fun stuff!

In the beginning, you can see the Handy box which says, “The Ultimate Handjob Machine.”

So, that video demo should give you a pretty good idea of how the Handy functions in a real life scenario.

Get yourself a Handy and have some fun like the guy in the video

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