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BaDoinkVR Review 2023 – still world class VR porn!

BaDoink VR Review Metrics
  • Number of scenes / library size - 98%
  • Performers (ability, quality, variety) - 97%
  • Image Quality / clarity - 93%
  • Camera Positioning Skill - 90%
  • Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 89%
  • Story/ narratives/ emotion - 88%
  • Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 90%
  • Price / value for your dollar - 100%


So, BaDoinkVR is one of VR porn’s pioneers, and they release a top-tier product. If you look at the last line in the metric list—“Price value for your dollar—you’ll notice that BaDoinkVR gets 100% there. And, that truly is the bottom line.

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August 2023

BaDoinkVR is still killing it. I don’t update the BaDoinkVR review that much basically because they got things right years ago and have just been consistently releasing world-class VR. So, I generally feel like there’s not really an “update.” It would really amount to typing in that BaDoinkVR is still releasing very horny, technically-accomplished heterosexual VR porn scenes.

Historically, in 2016, I felt like  it was BaDoinkVR that first really took VR porn to a new level. There was an interval of time when they were clearly releasing the best VR in the industry. With time, of course, the competitors caught-up and it became a much more balanced industry.

All I can really say is that I still check BaDoinkVR’s output on a regular basis. And, keep up the good work. And, I’ll be looking to see what you good folks do with augmented reality.

BaDoinkVR Self-description

“BaDoinkVR is host to the most immersive virtual reality content on the market. Since 2016, we’ve been shooting the hottest VR Porn stars using cutting edge VR technology.

At BaDoinkVR you will find everything from group scenes to anal to deepthroat blowjobs and everything in between. With busty babes like Gabbie Carter and Angela White, you will certainly have your hands full.

With our diverse roster of porn stars and library of over 565 scenes, there’s something for everyone at BaDoinkVR. Join us in a world of virtual reality with petite starlets like Emily Willis, Riley Reid, and Adriana Chechik, and enter a whole new reality.”

#Findvrporn thoughts about BaDoinkVR self-description

Indeed, BaDoinkVR was one of the very early entrants into the VR porn space. Now, not to get too nit-picky…not to put too find a point on things (although, truth be told, that’s what this site inevitably ends up doing…) …but, looking back over the early posts it appears to me that BaDoinkVR began releasing scenes in 2015: but, in their own self-description above it says 2016. Like I said, #findvrporn always gets hung up on details. That’s part of why my life has turned out so shitty.


I always think of the beginning as having “The Big 3”: Virtual Real Porn, Naughty America VR, and BaDoinkVR. You can click over and see our very early BaDoinkVR scene reviews. They’re dated, of course, but I also think they’re interesting for that very reason.

Test BaDoinkVR quality for free with Alex Coal scene

I’ll tell you what: if you simply want to test the BaDoinkVR quality in your own headset, you can download a free-full length BaDoinkVR video: and, it’s starring ALEX COAL…and, it’s called Over-Qualified…and, it runs 42 minutes…and, IT’S FREE!!!

Alex Coal Over Qualified free vr porn download from BaDoinkVR

Alex Coal Over Qualified free vr porn download from BaDoinkVR … TEST OUT THE BADOINKVR QUALITY RISK FREE with this Alex Coal Alex’s picture above to access the movie.

BaDoinkVR’s 2015 launch

BaDoinkVR touched down real early in VR porn history back in 2015. And, they’ve been innovating and releasing top-tier VR porn since that point. Some of the early BaDoinkVR efforts were, artistically speaking, a bit more conceptually complex/risque. This can be seen, for example, in the early efforts featuring Blondie Fesser, Mistress Minerva/Nora Barcelona, and the 360 degree orgy effort.

Soon enough, though, BaDoinkVR settled into a more standardized VR porn template featuring a lot of gorgeous European models. And, I’m not saying it like the “standardized VR porn template” is a bad thing. It’s not. It works. It’s horny. It gets the job done. I’m just acknowledging that in 2015, there seemed to be a little bit more experimentation.

This link will take you to our BaDoinkVR category pages where there’s a ton of BaDoinkVR reviews.

Gorgeous blonde Skye Blue is going all the way for BaDoinkVR

Gorgeous blonde Skye Blue is going all the way for BaDoinkVR in November 2020

Collage of Angel Wicky virtual reality sex

Here’s Angel Wicky in a very early BaDoinkVR release

The Women of BaDoinkVR

Well, guys…they’ve been releasing VR porn scenes since 2015 so this is a very very Goddamn long list. But, let’s just drop a few names to give you an idea: Christie Stevens, Blondie Fesser, Kenzie Anne, Alyx Star, Mia Tracy, Freya Parker, Daisy Stone, Coco Lovecock, Braylin Bailey, Melody Marks, Katie Kush, Kay Lovely, April Olsen, Daisy Lee, Daya Knight, Charlotte Sins, Blake Blossom, Kayley Gunner, Laney Grey, Aiden Ashley, Skye Blue, Kylie Rocket, Katy Rose, Lily Larimar and it goes on and on, but that gives you an idea about the type of gal you’re getting with BaDoinkVR.

BaDoinkVR quality?

Anyway, the bottom line that concerns the average potential consumer reading here is that BaDoinkVR has been releasing high-quality, conventional/heterosexual VR porn for years featuring some of the biggest and most beautiful stars in the porn world. That sentence sounds kind of like hype…but, it’s just the truth.

These are VR porn pioneers who are releasing 7K VR porn scenes that utilize sophisticated production, filming techniques…and, it’s just an all-around top-tier VR porn output.

BaDoink VR woman headset picture

BaDoinkVR’s network sites include BabeVR, VR CosplayX, 18VR, and KinkVR…that’s quite the VR porn empire, man!

Intimate presence manifested and maintained?

Yes, BaDoinkVR gets the camera close and the directors consistently elicit intimate performances.

Price/ value for your dollar?

Sometimes I say a month of BaDoinkVR going for $10, so… YES! Without a fucking doubt this is a good by!

BaDoinkVR library and release schedule

Every week you get two new scenes plus a bonus scene from the network (see above). It’s unclear to me how many total scenes BaDoinkVR has shot. I may have overlooked that info, but I don’t see it. They have been releasing 3D porn scenes since 2016 so I can tell you their library is deep.

That release schedule below comes direct from a BaDoinkVR rep a while back.

Monday – 18VR
Tuesday – BaDoinkVR
Wednesday – —–
Thursday – VRCosplayX
Friday – BaDoinkVR

Truth be told, I really need to confirm that…I’m not sure if that schedule still holds. But, I can tell you this: as of February 2022, BaDoinkVR had released over 565 scenes. That’s an awful lot of VR porn, guys. And, I’ll tell you what else: if you have a VR porn sub, you can start downloading BaDoinkVR scenes right now because they’ve got a ton available.

If you want to get the complete BaDoinkVR catalog of 565+ scenes, then I suggest you subscribe to BaDoinkVR directly which has very Goddamn competitive subscription prices!

You’ll notice, of course, that BaDoinkVR is part of a network that also includes 18VR, VRCosplayX along with KinkVR (and at one point, BabeVR).

Lily Larimar posing in A Conjugal Visit for BadoinkVR - February 28, 2021

Lily Larimar posing in A Conjugal Visit for BadoinkVR – February 28, 2021

I could really ramble on at great length about BaDoinkVR,  but I think I’m just going to give you the links so you can check out BaDoinkVR info and free previews/samples at their own site or at VRporn.

Story Narrative and Emotion

BaDoinkVR, since the start, utilizes some bare-bones narrative structures along with the expected porn tropes. What sets the BaDoinkVR gang apart, at times, is their creativity level sometimes is quite high. Honestly, this was more the case in their early days, but the still have some good moments and deliver a consistently horny product with some very talented porn actresses.

Some pictures from BaDoinkVR scenes

So, to make this page load better, I moved a bunch of the historical pictures to here: Additional BaDoinkVR scene pictures.

And, I’m going to drop a ton of BaDoinkVR pics…from various scenes…and, here are the pictures. They tell the story better than I can. Enjoy!

Review picture Angel Wicky for BaDoinkVR header

Angel Wicky hits the early VR porn world upside the head with a bikini cowgirl in 2015.

Pamela Sanchez stars in A Bumpy Ride: a very early VR porn release from BaDoinkVR

Pamela Sanchez stars in A Bumpy Ride: a very early VR porn release from BaDoinkVR

Piper Perri Jack and Poke promo cover naked legs open

Piper Perri stars in BaDoinkVR’s November 2017 release, Jack and Poke

What a dream it would be to get a cowgirl hoverface from Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson’s BaDoinkVR demonstrates the compressed squatting cowgirl hoverface, which nicely works with present FOV

Britney Amber pulls panties off pussy

Britney Amber pulls her panties down for BaDoinkVR

Some BaDoinkVR Video Previews

Blu Monday Compilation

“Fuck Jewelz Blu here there and everywhere in this 180 degree 7K Blu Monday virtual reality porn compilation. No one likes Mondays, let alone BLUE Monday, the most depressing day of the year. This year, we’ve put together Jewelz’s best clips to alleviate your stress on the otherwise oh-so-sad day. Jewelz’s big tits, superb blowjob skills, and electric enthusiasm make her one of our favorite VR pornstars ever.”

Their Cover’s Blown with Stacy Cruz, Lenina Crowne

“Fuck Lenina Crowne and Stacy Cruz in this 180 degree 7K VR threesome scene. It’s Valentine’s Day and your girl Stacy has arranged a surprise for you. Let’s be real, the execution could have been better, but hell, who are you to complain about an off-the-cuff threesome? Lenina’s tits look phenomenal in that lingerie, and Stacy just oozes lust. This is everything you’ve ever hoped for in a vrporn threesome.”

Okay, that should give you good folks at least a little bit of an idea. I’d encourage you to go over and take a look. Enjoy.

BaDoink VR woman headset picture