VRcosplayx feature image with Alexa Tomas and Zoe Doll

Introducing VRcosplayX

Trumpets blare: Introducing… VRcosplayX: self-described as “XXX Fantasy Parodies.”

Hi friends, so why are trumpets blaring about a new VR porn studio?

I mean…these days it’s seeming like new studios are popping-up like when you’re in a mushroom field, and… nevermind

Still not funny

There’s two reasons I’m calling special attention to this project:

1. This studio is a branch of BaDoinkVR: thus, I expect the same quality level as seen in other BaDoinks: such as their recent hornyness with Ms. Bella Rose.

Roses on a piano with Bella Rose

Here’s Bella Rose in a recent BaDoinkVR release that I found… intensely horny!!!

2. It’s specializing in cosplay: horny costumes, man! CFNM! Superhero gals. Mario Brother stuff. Robot cyborg sluts. Pokemon redheads.

Please, let there be some footage where the costume in question involves a yoga outfit… so, folks… create a list of movies/comics to parody that involve yoga outfits, one piece swimsuits, leotards and the like!!!

hard cock pressed against yoga pants ass

Yoga pants alone are enough to make a lot of fellas stand at attention!

In particular: involving yoga pants!

black yoga pants female ass big

Oh, yoga pants…

What I’d really like to see is a yoga costume that provided twenty minutes of this sort of tight-footage action:

yoga pants ass bent over

Oh, bring this to VR already! Just duplicate what’s in the picture… please!!!!

And, for the action to continue in this manner with close-ups:

Yoga pants doggy pose

Yoga pants doggy pose

And, VRcosplayX please feel free to shoot generous portions of a costume known as the ONE PIECE BODYSUIT!!!

black lace one piece bodysuit

Let’s get some serious VR close-ups on the one piece bodysuit… okay?

Now, if you good VRcosplay folks need to model the porno gal after a movie character…then, let it be Jamie Lee Curtis from the movie Perfect.

To illustrate my point, have a look at the YouTube clip below which features Ms. Curtis in her finest cinematic moment. It should be pre-set to begin playing at 1:19 with Ms. Curtis, clad in a one-piece aerobics outfit, enthusiastically thrusting her pussy back-and-forth.

Yowza! Long live that sort of cosplay!!!!

After doing a little poking around, I came up with the perfect cosplay porn gal: that’d be Cammy White from the Street Fighter series! In my opinion, perfect for this stuff!

Cammy White cosplay

Perhaps we’ll get some Cammy leotard action from VRcosplayX

Another good choice, in my opinion, would be Morrigan Aensland: a video game character from Darkstalkers:

Morrigan from Dalkstalkers leotard

Oh, Morrigan baby!

Now, I don’t quite understand the Justin Bailey cosplay explanation, but I like the costume, man! A LOT!

Justin Bailey cosplay

Whoever the hell Justin Bailey is .. I like the woman’s get-up!

And, I really like the costume hack which reveals the gal’s hooha hair!

cosplay pussy hair

This cosplay’s been hacked! We’ve now got bush!

And, when in doubt, there’s always Supergirl…

Supergirl red bikini bottom cosplay

Oh, Supergirl baby… love your red bikini bottom

And, after more clicking around, I see that the comic book Power Girl has provided horny, cosplay inspiration for a lot of gals.

Powergirl comicbook cover

Powergirl comicbook cover

Here’s a gal doing a Powercameltoe.

Powergirl cameltoe

Oh, Powergirl!!!! powerful camel toe!

And, the ole cosplay Wonder Woman panty pull never gets old. It’s something I’d like to see from VRcosPlayX!

wonderwoman shows pussy

Wonderwoman’s wonderful hooha.. this pic, for me, represents what cosplay’s all about… just my opinion.. I know people like different costumes and fantasy scenarios

And, this pic of Blondie Fesser below is from a VRcosplayX release: oh, Blondie baby! My Mario Brothers princess horny blonde Goddess!

 Blondie Fesser lends her beautiful ass and horny cowgirl to a Mario Brothers themed cosplay VR porn

Blondie Fesser lends her beautiful ass and horny cowgirl to a Mario Brothers themed cosplay VR porn

Oh, man!

There ain’t no wrong or right about what you find horny… as long as it’s legal!… and, yes: if it’s legal there ain’t no wrong or right…

…I mean, one guy loves porn with beautiful, big African American women. Great!

And, I ain’t trying to be amusing.

If it’s Black BBW that gets your weenie in an uproar: ain’t nobody have a right to say you’re wrong! I mean that!

Another guy digs redhead big tits and tattoos? Great!

But, speaking for this guy…that would be me…I love all of the costumes and bikinis and stockings and panties and garters and Wonder Woman getting doggied and high heels and … Blondie Fesser as the Super Mario Cum Princess!

Blondie Fesser costume cosplay

Blondie Fesser in all these sexy crazy costumes makes me… makes me… CRAZY HORNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you Blondie!

And, Alexa Tomas cowgirling in this horny-weird get-up!

Alexa Tomas cyborg whore cowgirls

Alexa Tomas as robot/cyborg whore with a steaming hot pussy as Zoe Doll looks on .. what a fantasy!

Honestly, I don’t know exactly how I feel about Alexa Tomas with this beautiful, robot whore look… but, I think I like it, man!

Seriously, you know…like I said…there ain’t no right or wrong to horny.

The porn reviewer must always remember that one man’s horny is another man’s linguine weenie.

And, when looking at all the Pornhub categories, for example, one thing becomes clear: there are an awful lot of porn categories, man!

pornhub categories screen capture

There are an insane amount of categories that porn gets broken down into… people are horny and fetish is king

I mean… look at all those categories!

Babysitter, big ass, big dick, big tits, bisexual, bondage, bukkake, double penetration, ebony, feet, fisting, German, Italian, Japanese, massage, MILF, toys, school, blowjob, striptease, smoking, rough sex, gangbang… and, that’s to name just a few!

woman smokes cigarette and gives blowjob

This pic represents the very interesting cigarette smoking porn niche/fetish

It’s pretty insanely vast.

That’s to say, there are a lot of categories! And, in time, there will be VR porn studios specializing in each category.

And, we’ve been witnessing the beginning of this process: for instance, the recent launch of Naughty America’s big tits VR project.

Brand new Naughty America project: Bigtitsinvr.com

Brand new Naughty America project: Bigtitsinvr.com

And, there was also Naughty’s previous (temporarily paused) legal teenager VR Porn site.

Real Teens VR Elsa Jean

Real Teens VR is presently paused, but I’m looking forward to its return because the legal teen niche is pretty damn horny in VR

And, now we’re seeing a cosplay VR project. And, I’ve got to say…I find this to be an agreeable development! Yoga pants! …

… Jade Presley Assasssins Breed cowgirl!

Jade, I like the unusual clothing which adds fantasy elements to your cowgirling

Jade, I like the unusual clothing which adds fantasy elements to your cowgirling

I’m pretty psyched about this one. So far they have six releases I see:

  1. ASSASSINS BREED: starring Jade Presley
  2. SUPER MARIO CUM – A XXX PARODY: starring Blondie Fesser
  3. GRAND THEFT SWALLOW X: starring Susy Gala
  4. POKEBALLZ: starring Anny Aurora
  5. CREAM OF LEGENDS: starring Anissa Kate + Pussy Kat
  6. OVERCROTCH: starring Zoe Doll + Alexa Tomas
blonde in stretch pants

Hi there, let’s go run on the treadmill and lift heavy things, baby

And, in case VRcosplayX needs some cosplay porn suggestions:

  1. Bikini contest
  2. Yoga class
  3. Panty model
  4. Supergirl
  5. Leotard! Aerobics stuff!
  6. Yoga pants…um… uh… um… pink one piece bodysuits!!!
blonde in a pink one piece bodysuit

A blonde in a pink one piece bodysuit… what’s not to like?

So, although I’ve yet to preview any VRcosplayX videos: it seems safe to anticipate the BaDoinkVR quality will be present. And, we shall keep you updated on this exciting, pervy fantasy costume stuff.

I wanna check out VRcosplay!! NOW !!!

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