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VRcosplayX Review 2024

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VR Cosplay X in 2024

VR Cosplay X is still going plenty strong in 2024. There’s not really any new developments, per se. Mainly, VRCX has a pretty damn good cosplay formula for their VR porn releases. And, they’re cranking them out on a consistent basis. The quality is among the top-tier VR porn studios. Not surprising as the BaDoinkVR gang is at the helm…

The summary is that if you like costumes and you like VR porn and you like the premiere porn gals…this 3D is for you. Some of the most recent releases feature gals like Jewelz Blu, Alexa Nova, Serena Hill, Alex Coal and Kate Quinn.

If you’re into cosplay VR porn, a sub to Cos X is a no-brainer. The quality is there. The high-quality costumes and production value is basically on-point. I sometimes wish the costumes stayed on a bit more, but overall this is one of my faves because I LOVE costume fucking!

VR Cosplay X at the end of 2022

VR Cosplay X is one of the few VR porn studios that came correct right out of the gate. We don’t often see that: particularly at the very end of 2016 when VRCX was launched. That’s to say, in 2017 many VR porn studios were inconsistent with fundamentals like correct VR porn scale. (See the FindVRporn standards for a complete explanation of what makes effective VR porn.)

When I survey their work from 2022, my first thought is that this studio didn’t have any growing pains. Even their first releases were damn competent VR porn: even groundbreaking with some very impressive special effects, CGI.

Later in this article, we’re really going to get into VR cosplay as a genre.

A BaDoinkVR project from the start

This isn’t surprising, though, because they’re a side studio of the BaDoinkVR mothership (go to BaDoinkVR) (please read our review of BDVR), so naturally their work would be on par with BDVR. And, BadoinkVR was one of the very first in the game: releasing VR porn scenes going back to 2015.

I think VR CosplayX got a bit less ambitious in production scope over time. I speculate two reasons for this: 1.) It’s quite expensive and time-consuming to go for the full-fledged productions as seen in the Taylor Sands release. 2.) It wasn’t rewarded in the marketplace. As mentioned, those are my personal speculations.

That’s not to say that the VRCX product suffered. At the end of the day, we want world-class optics and beautiful women fucking and teasing in 3D. That’s what VR CosplayX delivers: with costumes as a bonus! I fucking love this stuff.

Experience the VR Cosplay 3D for yourself right now!

Octavia Red legs spread fucking for VR CosplayX

Octavia Red spreads for the cosplay gang

The 2017 review – still relevant in 2022

As I’m reviewing this article, I can’t help but conclude that the 2017 review below still largely applies. I notice that there wasn’t much commentary/critique about the technicalities of VR Cosplay X’s work. That’s because, even from the start they were basically getting it right: the scale, positioning, performances, color, lighting, sound, and all the many factors that makes for a great VR porn.

That’s why my position was that it comes down to whether or not you’re horny for cosplay. And, if you are…and, I admit it candidly: I AM! I fucking love cosplay, panties, lingerie, clothed teasing, CFMN, costumes, leotards and all that shit!

And, presently in October 2022, it’s the same verdict. If you like cosplay VR porn, just fucking subscribe and go nuts!

Octavia Red scene legs spread for VR CosplayX

I really really like Ms. Red!

How many scenes has VR Cosplay X released?

VR CosplayX has been steadily releasing VR porn scenes since the December 8, 2016 Overwatch effort starring horny Zoe Doll. And, they’ve—as of this moment—released 253 scenes! Damn time goes so fast! Update: updating this in Oct. 2022, it’s unclear how many scenes they’ve released. I’ll ask and update that.

Some very horny scenes released in 2022

VRCosplayX has released some Goddamn horny scenes with porn’s A List in the year 2022. I want to mention a few of the these.


Kay Lovely Metrodread for VR Cosplay X

Samus Aran, the galaxy’s most prominent hunter, is sent by the Federation to the remote planet ZDR where she finds you. Her luxurious blonde hair, glowing hazel eyes, and warrior body may be the last thing you see before the X parasite finishes you. Is this your last mission? Grab your Meta Quest 2, Oculus Go, or Valve Index, and let Kay Lovely as Samus Aran from Metroid Dread suck all the poison inside you.
Kay Lovely is currently EXTREMELY HOT in the VR porn universe. And, for good reason. She’s putting in fantastic performances for everybody.
Also see this article about Kay and the art of the VR porn performance.

Download Kay Lovely in Metrodread

Xxlayna Marie in Dune for VR Cosplay X

You’ve been dreaming about Spring. A Desert Spring has found you. Chani was born on Dune, shaped by its wilds to be a confident and dangerous warrior. A relentless defender of the people she loves, she has seen a future with you. This is the start of your connection. Let your lips taste hers. Look into her deep blue eyes as your bodies become one

Download Xxlayna Marie in Dune: Chani A XXX Parody

Blake Blossom in Dantes Inferno Beatrice for VRCX

Blake Blossom in Dantes Inferno Beatrice for VRCX
Dante… Why Did you break your promise? The faithful has lost her faith, and the incorruptible has become corrupted. Now for the last time you have to put your cock inside her heavenly pussy! Oh Beatrice.. What a beautiful, and fair woman, with golden blond hair and dark eyes.

Download Blake Blossom in Dante’s Inferno

Batman The Long Halloween 2 starring Kylie Rocket and Sera Ryder

Batman The Long Halloween 2 starring Kylie Rocket and Sera Ryder for VR Cosplay X
Mysterious events are happening in Gotham city on specific Holidays. The clock is ticking. The days are numbered. The end has just begun. You are running out of time to find the responsible Batman

Download Kylie Rocket and Sera Ryder in Batman The Long Halloween 2

Some women of VR Cosplay X

VR CosplayX’s library is really a Who’s Who of the modern porn scene. They have all the A list fucking stars that dominate the present landscape.

Let’s name just a few here: Sera Ryder, Kylie Rocket, Blakc Blossom, Kay Lovely, Jewelz Blu, Sheila Ortega, Violet Starr, Valentina Nappi, Clara Trinity, Madi Collins, Hazel Moore, Erin Everheart, Anna DeVille, Kenna James, Veronica Leal, Cindy Shine, Lacey London, Haley Reed, Melody Marks, Aubree Valentine, Kayley Gunner, April Olsen, Charly Summer, Braylin Bailey, Anna Claire Clouds, Billie Star, Jane Rogers, Alexia Anders, May Thai, Lily Larimar, Whitney Wright, Vina Sky, Lacy Lennon, Katrina Moreno, Marilyn Sugar, Lovita Fate, Alex Coal, Adriana Chechik and many, many more.

See the full list of the VR Cosplay X pornstar roster.

What follows below is the original VR Cosplay X review from when they were first launched back in January 2017.

Introducing VR Cosplay X

This VRcosplayX review was originally written January 16, 2017

Last updated: September 24, 2021

Trumpets blare: Introducing… VRcosplayX: self-described as “XXX Fantasy Parodies.”

Hi friends, so why are trumpets blaring about a new VR porn studio?

I mean…these days it’s seeming like new studios are popping-up like when you’re in a mushroom field, and… nevermind

Still not funny

There’s two reasons I’m calling special attention to this project:

1. This studio is a branch of BaDoinkVR.

2. It’s specializing in cosplay: horny costumes, man! CFNM! Superhero gals. Mario Brother stuff. Robot cyborg sluts. Pokemon redheads.
Visit VR Cosplay X

This is biased: Findvrporn is very horny for CFNM, yoga pants, spandex, and one piece bodysuits

Please, let there be some footage where the costume in question involves a yoga outfit… so, folks… create a list of movies/comics to parody that involve yoga outfits, one piece swimsuits, leotards and the like!!!

In particular: involving yoga pants!

And, VRcosplayX please feel free to shoot generous portions of a costume known as the ONE PIECE BODYSUIT!!!

Rei Ayanami a XXX Parody starring Jewelz Blu

Rei Ayanami a XXX Parody starring Jewelz Blu

Evangelion: Asuka 2 A XXX Parody

Evangelion: Asuka 2 A XXX Parody for the VR Cosplay X studio starring Alexis Crystal…

Please model your studio after Jamie Lee Curtis in Perfect

Now, if you good VRcosplay folks need to model the porno gal after a movie character…then, let it be Jamie Lee Curtis from the movie Perfect.

To illustrate my point, have a look at the YouTube clip below which features Ms. Curtis in her finest cinematic moment. It should be pre-set to begin playing at 1:19 with Ms. Curtis, clad in a one-piece aerobics outfit, enthusiastically thrusting her pussy back-and-forth.

Yowza! Long live that sort of cosplay!!!!

Below are just pics from 2017 that I thought would make good costumes for this brand new cosplay VR studio

After doing a little poking around, I came up with the perfect cosplay porn gal: that’d be Cammy White from the Street Fighter series! In my opinion, perfect for this stuff!

Now, I don’t quite understand the Justin Bailey cosplay explanation, but I like the costume, man! A LOT!

Justin Bailey cosplay

Whoever the hell Justin Bailey is .. I like the woman’s get-up!

And, I really like the costume hack which reveals the gal’s hooha hair!

cosplay pussy hair

This cosplay’s been hacked! We’ve now got bush!

Cammy White cosplay

Powergirl cameltoe

Oh, Powergirl!!!! powerful camel toe!

pornhub categories screen capture

There are an insane amount of categories that porn gets broken down into… people are horny and fetish is king

There ain’t no wrong or right about what you find horny… as long as it’s legal!… and, yes: if it’s legal there ain’t no wrong or right…

The porn reviewer must always remember that one man’s horny is another man’s linguine weenie.

So many different porn categories

And, when looking at all the Pornhub categories, for example, one thing becomes clear: there are an awful lot of porn categories, man!

I mean… look at all those categories!

Babysitter, big ass, big dick, big tits, bisexual, bondage, bukkake, double penetration, ebony, feet, fisting, German, Italian, Japanese, massage, MILF, toys, school, blowjob, striptease, smoking, rough sex, gangbang… and, that’s to name just a few!

It’s pretty insanely vast.

That’s to say, there are a lot of categories! And, in time, there will be VR porn studios specializing in each category.

And, now we’re seeing a cosplay VR project. And, I’ve got to say…I find this to be an agreeable development! Yoga pants! …

I’m pretty psyched about this one. So far they have six releases I see:

  1. ASSASSINS BREED: starring Jade Presley
  2. SUPER MARIO CUM – A XXX PARODY: starring Blondie Fesser
  3. GRAND THEFT SWALLOW X: starring Susy Gala
  4. POKEBALLZ: starring Anny Aurora
  5. CREAM OF LEGENDS: starring Anissa Kate + Pussy Kat
  6. OVERCROTCH: starring Zoe Doll + Alexa Tomas

And, in case VRcosplayX needs some cosplay porn suggestions:

  1. Bikini contest
  2. Yoga class
  3. Panty model
  4. Supergirl
  5. Leotard! Aerobics stuff!
  6. Yoga pants…um… uh… um… pink one piece bodysuits!!!

So, although I’ve yet to preview any VRcosplayX videos: it seems safe to anticipate the BaDoinkVR quality will be present. And, we shall keep you updated on this exciting, pervy fantasy costume stuff.

Bonus VR CosplayX previews

Just for fun, let’s put in the video preview now from their latest release starring Jewelz Blu.

Preview Jewelz Blu in Rei Ayanami A XXX Parody

Now, on the level…that Jewelz Blu scene is FUCKING HORNY! Jewelz makes so many men absolutely NUTSO!
Okay, so let’s get updated on some more women who have starred in VR Cosplay X scenes since last time we checked in here…

More women of VR CosplayX scenes

Alexis Crystal, Anna de Ville, Vina Sky, Mai Thai, Effie Diaz, Mona Wales, Katrina Moreno, Dresden, Lola Fae, Marilyn Sugar, Lily Larimar, Lacy Lennon…
Let’s take a look at Lacy’s scene…what do you say?

That’s some great stuff…

Including actual video embeds is one of the best ways to get across the quality and horny-level of a VR porn studio’s scenes.

Technical Quality

The Cosplay X gang offers 4K, 5K, 6K, 7K along with smartphone files. So, there ain’t nothing to complain about there!


You can pick up a month for a mere 15 bucks! And, that gives you a month of BaDoinkVR as a bonus…so, what the fuck’s not to like there.

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