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Kay Lovely – The art of the VR porn performance

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This started as an appreciation post for the porn actress, Kay Lovely. And, then it naturally veered into a discussion about the future of VR porn. That’s not coincidental. Speaking, though, of Kay Lovely appreciation, I’d encourage you to take a look at all these Kay Lovely picture galleries. In particular, I like this one where Kay’s sort of BBC astonished…

This review offers a highly-opinionated perspective about what makes for a great VR porn performance. I’m using Kay Lovely because she illustrates my points, and one of her scenes was just released on VRporn that really got my attention. But, I want to emphasize that I think there are a lot of VR porn actresses (and studios) who do fantastically horny work.

But, since Kay is a fine example who’s done a lot of effective 3D scenes, I’m choosing her. Besides, this article is already running plenty long. Not everybody can be given acknowledgement in a piece like this.

Additionally, as mentioned, this is highly-opinionated. With that said, I humbly hope that it might be useful to other people in the 3D industry while also helping some consumers find what I consider to be first-rate VR porn scenes.

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VR Porn as a performance

You watch Kay’s 3D performances…and, I’m not casually using the term performances… performance is the correct term I chose  after careful consideration.

Because what Kay does in 3D—like the other exceptional VR porn actresses—is a lot more than fucking in front of a camera: she’s an authentic actress delivering a clearly well-conceived performance.

You can see that she has spent time thinking about the male libido and what sets it aflame. In plain words, she knows how to most intensely make you want to fuck her. In even plainer words, she knows how to make you want to pound her. Hey, we’re just telling the truth here: no matter how it sounds.

But, more specifically to the point, you can see that she’s considered this in the particular context of how she’s experienced inside of a virtual reality headset. This is the key! “Look me in the eyes while you fuck me.” Oh, give me strength…I think I’ll skip swiping right today…

Make no mistake, women like Kay could 100% succeed in the traditional realm of acting/drama: you know, the dramas you see on HBO or at the movie theater. I think it’s pretty fucking cool that she opts to perform in the 3D porn realm. Believe me, she has a more significant impact on the world this way. This isn’t facetiousness on my part. I’m being literal. The male excitement manifested by the VR porn work eclipses something like playing Christopher Moltisanti’s girlfriend on The Sopranos.

Two keys to a horny VR porn performance

Let’s first lay down the very basics.

Her 3D work illustrates a fundamental understanding of two things:

1. Male sexuality/psychology
2. How VR porn works. (How it radically differs from 2D porn)

VR porn instincts

I’ve found myself thinking about what makes for good erotic 3D while watching each of her VR porn scenes. And, after watching her solo VR Allure outing, Getting Handsy, I wanted to write something about how she performs in the 3D medium. She exemplifies what findvrporn refers to as good VR porn instincts. (VR Allure, by the way, I consider to be one of the most underrated studios out there. I love them! Review.)

Kay Lovely teasing in shorts for VR Allure

Kay Lovely teasing in shorts for VR Allure

Now, I always hesitate writing articles singling-out an actress, because 1.) I don’t want to potentially make the actress uncomfortable with the glare of our analytical spotlight and 2.) I don’t want to slight other actresses by virtue of omission.

I’m not overstating my importance by recognizing that people read these articles and generally consider them to be sincere (I think even the hitjobs done on Reddit still consider these opinions sincere: it might actually be part of their motivation.)

Some VR porn actresses get it; some not as much

So, to be honest, there are certainly  other actresses I could write a post like this about. Some VR porn performers really shine in 3D: both aesthetically, but more importantly, in respect to understanding the medium and, in plain language, what gets men horny. I could write out a list…and, if you’ve read through these past articles, you’ll see a number of VR porn actresses recognized. But, I always hesitate to do a list because I’ll inevitably leave some out, and that would not be good.

Name the first 5 that come to mind

But, if you forced me to answer. If you said to me, “Name the first 5 women that come to mind…tell me the first 5 VR porn actresses that come to mind as good examples of actual actresses who have excellent VR porn instincts.”

Well, I’ll answer that question: because I’m not saying this is an exclusive list. Truth is…I could easily make a list of fifty women who have good VR porn instincts: and, I’d still be leaving many out.


Penny Pax clothed teasing in VR porn movie by KinkVR big

Penny Pax displayed an excellent understanding of how VR porn works in this very early KinkVR release.
That makes it all the more remarkable that she just “got it” out of the gate.

But, here’s the first 5 that come to mind as having spectacular VR porn instincts: Penny Pax, Kayla Kayden, Katy Jayne, Cecelia Taylor, and last, but most certainly not least, the overlooked master, Mistress T, who perhaps came about a little bit too early to really be properly recognized.

The nurse is here to help you stop wacking so much

The nurse is here to help you stop wacking so much. MIstress T shined bright in the VR porn realm.

As I said, that’s not an exhaustive list! I just thought of a bunch more after typing those five names out. I could add many, many more and still be leaving people out! You insisted that I list the first 5 that come to mind..

What does Kay do in these scenes that you find so noteworthy?

The short answer would be eye contact and dialogue.

And, while true: that’s also an insufficient answer. The longer answer is much more complicated because it’s hard to explain exactly why some actresses connect so effectively in the VR porn space and some not as well. There’s a certain intangible magic to an effective VR porn performance. When it’s there: you damn sure know it.

When you start trying to explain how it works in detail, it’s like trying to explain the beauty of a painting. The explanation diminishes the work because it’s a case of the total being greater than the sum of its parts. I will say this: when the camera’s positioned properly and she’s telling you to “look me in the eyes while you fuck me”… ZOINKS!

VR porn, for good or bad, will change the world

But, after watching the aforementioned VR Allure scene, I realized what I’ve known since 2015. And, with the blossoming AR/mixed reality developments, the future is undeniable. For good or bad, what we call VR porn (or AR, mixed reality, whatever) truly will upend and radically transform how this world works. Now, this will be a somewhat slow process. But, it’s already happening.

You watch Kay’s VR Allure performance, and imagine that in a fully-realistic AR environment in which she’s transposed on your actual bed and you have a next-generation Handy lined-up so you’re having a Goddamn convincing simulated experience. Imagine this already mind-bending Jazmin Luv scene…but, imagine yourself (full color, proper 3D augmented reality optics) in the strip club behind Jazmin pumping away while a gizmo like a Handy is also doing its thing…you mean to tell me that such a development isn’t going to change how men function in society?

Where’s this going?

Well, that’s not the end-stage of all of this…the approaching end-stage, I’ve long believed, will be full-fledged robot clones in an augmented space…but, society will unravel and reconfigure before that point. And, the absolute end stage will be the brain implants. I mean: you can’t go much further than that sort of Black Mirror vision.

But, the first scenario—convincing AR with a sophisticated toy like a Handy—that’s not far off…that fully-realistic AR environment with a more sophisticated, interactive Handy: that will be enough to put a heavy hit on some things that are still prevalent.

Like what?

Dating, relationships, marriage, the birth rate, Tinder (and all online dating), stripclubs (I think the days are numbered for stripclubs in the meatspace). That’s off the top of my head. The actual effect will be even deeper than that because it will once again transform the fundamental male-female dynamic on an even greater magnitude than the changes brought by the American sexual revolution of the 1960s.

Is this future inevitable?

Yes. There’s no stopping this. Zuckerberg and company have their own vision of what they want…and, this other vision, detailed above, will come right along with it.

Findvrporn is now offering consulting services for how to dominate these new technological developments. Just like with VR porn, come correct first and prosper.

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