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Mistress T Breaks The VR Porn Mold

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Mistress T bra panties

Mistress T great pic: this image isn’t from the VR… I just liked the picture.

Mistress T for HologirlsVR

Hi friends, today we’ll consider a recent HoloGirls VR release: The Mistress T Collection: A Stiff Procedure. This movie, as you’d expect, stars the captivating Mistress T.

And, I’ll tell you: I ain’t misleading by calling her captivating. This VR was one of the few I watched without skipping ahead…

Oh, that Mistress T dialogue stream! There’s something unique about Mistress T VR porn!

The pervy meter has busted with this one, folks.

It’s like you jammed your perv-measuring thermometer in bubbling lava to see the red thermometer blob zoom upward, bust the glass and fly directly to… wait for it… Uranus!

Holo endorsed!

Earlier, I published my endorsement of HoloGirls VR. Yea, it took a while. They really earned it. But, here’s the thing that’s maybe funny.

See, I was discussing the HoloGirls niche/genres… and—without really thinking about it—I made Mistress T a genre. This is a one-of-a-kind sort of gal!

I mean… she’s her own niche, man!

The nurse is here to help you stop wacking so much

The nurse is here to help you stop wacking so much

Specs for Mistress T’s latest HologirlsVR scene

Studio: HoloGirls VR
Title: The Mistress T Collection: A Stiff Procedure
Release Date: May 22, 2016
Stars: Mistress T
Director: Anna Lee
Length: 20 minutes
Main sex positions: Mainly a sexually-charged, erotic dialogue accompanying a handjob and titty rubbing
Formats: Oculus; Gear VR 1.14 GB; Cardboard
Genre: Hardcore erotic dialogue VR porn
Reviewed using: Gear VR + Galaxy S7


Mistress T handjob

Hi Mistress T: you wack me instead!

This Mistress T VR Porn will appeal to fellas who are:

1. … fans of Mistress T
2. … into fantasy/dialogue porn with hints of female domination over the man
3. … looking for a handjob VR fantasy
4. … looking for a fantasy of an older woman teaching a younger man about sexuality

Official Movie Synopsis:

Let’s see how the HoloGirls boys describe this latest horny effort:


Mistress T horny nurse uniform

Oh, nurse… your beautiful boobie boppers might make me… pop!

It’s no secret that you masturbate too much and it’s starting to effect other parts of your life. Which is why you are at Mistress T’s sex clinic, laying exposed in front of a hot and dominating nurse and ready for a special examination.

Oh, man… pervy! horny! unusual! It seems these Holo boys are a pretty kinky bunch…

Reviewing Method

I do these reviews based upon three main factors:

1. The woman: Most viewers want a VR gal whom they find pretty, passionate, authentic, etc. Generally, the man viewer wants it to at least appear like the gal’s into the sex.

In the case of the present movie, the verbal dialogue and acting abilities are quite important.

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? Generally, the viewer wants a real-life feel.

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

Eye contact is also considered critically important by most. And, in this type of unusual, dialogue-dependent VR: eye contact is even more important than usual.

Strengths and weaknesses of this Mistress T scene

All right, let’s talk about what was done right in this movie and where there’s room for improvement:

1. Mistress T: Well, friends… as mentioned, this gal’s unique. Look, I ain’t just saying stuff for dramatic effect.

Mistress T tongue out

Oh, man… my type of nurse!

There ain’t nobody else like this gal in the porn world.

I’ve seen just about every VR porn released to date (I ain’t saying I’m proud of that!), and I’ll tell you… in terms of raw acting/theatrical skills, this is tied with Nurse Kagney in the #1 position.

What is it about these nurse VRs?

2. Scaling: Fine… just a tiny bit small on Gear VR, but fine.

3. General clarity: Solidly acceptable.

4. 3D, sound, color, light: All fine.

5. General story line: Brilliant as a dew drop sparkling on a unicorn’s horn in the dawn’s early light.

Basically, you’re a young fella and mom feels you’re jerking your way through too much Jergens! So, Mom hires Nurse Mistress T to prepare you for the anticipated, sensory overload of real-life pootanannie.

So, our dear T’s erotic dialogue explains the sexual facts of life—or, at least as T sees them—to the young fella: all the while handjobbing and titty boppering the lucky wacker…

Oh, man… so very pervy!

Ha ha, this is great stuff.

Hey, I like beautiful gals VR cowgirling as much as the next lonesome bastard: but, HoloGirls has now shown the VR porn world that there’s other ways to do it…

Take a bow HoloGirls VR…

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