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Hologirls VR Review – The final word about this finished project

Hologirls VR December 2022 Update

Hologirls VR played an important—and now mostly overlooked—role in early VR porn history. They’re clearly finished and have been for a long while now.

But, Hologirls VR: let me tell you this…you’re not forgotten by findvrporn.com. THANK YOU for your role in early VR porn innovation. Particularly with the facesitting, 360 degree efforts along with the multi-girl scenes. I saw people give you guys shit online about this, that or the other thing. But, at the end of the day: you guys actually DID something.

Thank you.

Hologirls VR October 2021 Update

Still frozen in time and I feel nostalgic. Anyway, this page contains all the earliest coverage of HologirlsVR anywhere. It might be interesting for that reason. Maybe not.

Hologirls VR January 2021 Update

Update January 24, 2021: So, it appears what I said below on Jan. 14,  2019 still holds true. The HoloGirlsVR website…it’s still online…frozen in time…a sort of VR porn historical artifact with listings like AVN 2017 Madison Ivy, Riley Reid, Kayden Kross. So it goes. See you here in January 2023 at which time I’ll essentially type in the same thing.

At this stage in the game if you’re curious about the Hologirls VR legacy, I’d recommend you check it out over at VRporn because it appears they have most of it, and a sub there gives you access to a ton of other VR porn…

Why would a person be curious about the Hologirls VR legacy? Two words: Mistress T.

Hologirls VR January 2019 Update

Update January 14, 2019: So, looking over the HoloGirls website, it appears to me that their last release was the March 9, 2018 Casey Calvert outing. I can’t honestly tell you that I know what’s going on with these folks, but it doesn’t look like the Holo website has any newly released material.

Update January 2018: Let’s check in and see how these folks are doing…

It’s true that Team Holo has released many minutes of spectacular, totally wackable VR porn.


But, it seems that HoloGirlsVR—perhaps more than any other studio we’ve covered—has been haunted by inconsistency.

Sometimes I’d get a beautifully-scaled, fantastic face-sitting outing. Then, there’d be a few files that wouldn’t play due to codec issues or some sort of technicality.

And, the next couple releases would be great: except, there’d be some blurry segments or poor framing.

So, I’m just being honest with ya’ll…and, it’s always just one man’s opinion…After all, I see on their website that they recently won AVN awards. So, maybe I’m wrong. I just report what my eyes see.

I fired-up some of HoloGirls latest preview efforts tonight so I could reevaluate things.

The previews went well.

(I’ve since been made aware that these new releases are also available on the VR3000 website. I don’t have any definitive explanation for this, but it seems a reasonable speculation would be—considering also that VR3000 hasn’t released anything new for a month—that Team Holo bought some VR3000 scenes. I don’t know. If anyone associated with these projects would like to clarify, our contact info is at the page’s bottom. Regardless, as of right now—one way or another—Holo is still getting a movie out every week. When that’s no longer so, we shall declare it here.)

HoloGirls feature image with Mistress T

I want a stepmom like Mistress T!

The January 2018 release Buy Me Candy—starring Haley Reed—looked awesome in respect to scale, SOSC, body placement, color and overall horny. There was a little framing issue, perhaps, at one point. But, it looked pretty prime time.

Now, that expression prime time is rather corny, but I don’t want to get into that now.

Angel looked beautiful in her release, which seems to also feature Putin (?). And, the two Aaliyah Love clips were pretty damn horny.

One of the best aspects about HoloGirlsVR is they offer very generous previews of the movies. Some of them are five minutes long. So, you got nothing to lose dropping by and downloading a few freebies.

That’s a great way to risk-free determine if a studio’s right for you. I’ve been demanding/encouraging this as standard practice for a while now.

The original 2016 Hologirls VR review:

May 23, 2016

HoloGirlsVR Has Arrived

Well friends, it’s now time for Hologirls to get their own page. And, I assure you: these folks have earned it.

Brett Rossi and Blake Eden for HoloGirlsVR

Brett Rossi and Blake Eden in an early HoloGirls VR release

Hologirls VR—as we’ve seen with other VR porn studios—got some things wrong at first. But, I knew the company had a competent leader: porn veteran, Brian Shuster…

…along with obvious resources, because they were hiring major pornstars: Anikka Albrite, August Ames, Karlie Montana, Penny Pax, Karla Kush, Karlee Grey, Kayden Kross, Abella Danger, Jenna Sativa, Charlotte Stokely, Kenna James, Ana Foxxx, Brett Rossi, Blake Eden, AJ Applegate, Chanel Preston, Riley Reid, Joanna Angel, Nina Elle and others…

Yea, that’s quite a list!

So, I kept an eye on these Holo boys and girls. And, I wrote some tough critiques of their progress: HoloGirls Is Getting There Part 1 and Part 2.

Looking over the quality, niche-focus and pricing of their latest releases, I now recommend that a fella seeking VR porns gives HoloGirls VR serious consideration.

You see, I recommend VR porn studios that I’d be willing to spend my own money on… and, Hologirls is now in that category.

Personally, I would mostly skip the HoloGirls videos preceding The GFE Collection: Date Night – Part 2 with Romi Rain.

Romni Rain VR

Great VR with Romi Rain … girlfriend experience

That’s just my very personal opinion. Others might disagree. You might find stuff you dig in the earlier releases.

Let me explain two considerations, though, before subscribing…

Two considerations before subscribing to HoloGirls VR

First Consideration: Your VR equipment

My experience with HoloGirls videos is using Gear VR and a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

Gear VR and Samsung Galaxy S phone in their boxes

These days I’m getting a very horny Holo experience using Gear + Galaxy

And, the experience lately has become an exceptionally horny good time!

Seriously, the new stuff rocks pretty hard: particularly the uber-pervy facesitting/upskirt VR stuff. (More on that in a bit.)

Sasha Leigh facesitting pic

This is an example of uber pervy facesitting featuring Ms. Sasha Leigh

Take Me To HoloGirlsVR downloads!

However, I have read mixed online reports from folks using Oculus. So, please bear that in mind.

In this present article, I give the latest HoloGirls VR movies the praise they deserve: but, as mentioned… I am using a Gear VR and a Samsung Galaxy S7 phone.

I can get a good Holo experience out of HTC and Homido with VR Player Pro. And, I think it’s a safe bet that you’d do just fine with a Galaxy S6 and Gear.

Update: The HoloGirls Tech Man says … update: info removed because it was outdated and recommending a player that’s no longer available…

Second consideration: Niche

Rachel Rampage facesitting VR

Rachel checks in for a little sit on your face VR action

HoloGirls VR is now releasing some technically-sound VR porns in niches you won’t find elsewhere. I’m just telling it straight here. So, you determine if these niches get your man motor revving…

What are the niches?

Facesitting, Mistress T and Cinematic View

1. Facesitting: Oh, man… I admit, this stuff is really shattering the upper ceiling of the pervy meter! Yea, I admit that. But, man… is this ever horny…

So, what’s a facesitting VR? Well, basically… they take a pretty gal and have her descend her bare bottom at the VR rig. In other words, the VR rig becomes your POV—as if it’s your face—as the gal lowers her goodies at you…

Yea, um… I ain’t going to lie. These correctly-scaled, facesitting Holo videos are one of the primary reasons these guys are now getting recommended.

I mean… isn’t this really what most man viewers want?

Be honest… you know you want Ms. Madison coming at you…

You know you want Sasha Leigh coming at you…

Sasha Leigh facesitting VR

Sasha Leigh facesitting VR

What fella doesn’t want to experience Cherie’s pink descent?

Well, if that’s what you want… nobody does it better than Team Holo… hell—at least presently—nobody else does it at all…

I imagine, in time, others will follow this template… but, wow. So far I’ve had some fine women… um… VR sit on my face!

2. The Mistress T Collection: Oh, man… here’s another niche you won’t find elsewhere. Basically, Mistress T: she’s one-of-a-kind. I ain’t lying!

I don’t even know how to describe her work… actually, I’ll just let HoloGirls describe it:

    • The Mistress T Collection: Turning My Step-Son Straight: Mother is not happy with the porn you are watching; in fact she is ashamed of the pervert and little sissy you’ve become. So do as you’re told, kneel down and let mom teach you how to appreciate a woman.
Mistress T stepmom

Hi there Mistress T stepmom

    • The Mistress T Collection: A Stiff Procedure: It’s no secret that you masturbate too much and it’s starting to effect other parts of your life. Which is why you are at Mistress T’s sex clinic, laying exposed in front of a hot and dominating nurse and ready for a special examination.
Mistress T is some nurse

Mistress T is some nurse

  • The Mistress T Collection: A Decadent Position: WANTED: A male sex slave at an all female company. Must be able to follow instructions to the letter, and can have multiple ejaculations per day. Preferences will be given to those who are good at performing oral sex. Apply Now.

So, you read those descriptions and decide for yourself…

3. Cinematic View: basically, these VRs offer an enormous woman in your headset. And, that sums it up, man! It took a little bit for these videos to… wait for it… grow on me! But, they did. I’m glad that there are a few of them offered.

4. Other genres: Holo also covers some other VR niche material such as GFE, Asian gals, orgy, 3rd person POV and lesbian.

It seems they have quite a lot of lesbian VR… Oh, man… you put Rachel and Sasha in the same VR frame… what’s not to like, man!

Rachel Rampage and Sasha Leigh in some very steamy action

Rachel Rampage and Sasha Leigh in some very steamy action

So, there you have it, folks.

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