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HoloGirls VR Is Getting There…

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February 16, 2016

* There’s a Hologirls VR updated review you might want to read.

The verdict is that HoloGirls is now producing some very horny work (particularly the facesitting videos). And, FindVRporn now recommends HoloGirlsVR.

The following article below—from Feb. 2016—could still be of interest in a sort of historical way.

All right, friends, today we’re going to take a look at a VR porn upstart crew we’ve yet to consider: that’d be the HoloGirls VR boys.

Why am I covering HoloGirls VR at this time?

Two main reasons:

1. Their work has dramatically improved recently.

2. From the online Oculus NSFW community, it’s clear that one of the fellas behind HoloGirls, Brian Shuster, is a sincere individual determined to create high-quality VR porns. What I’ve particularly liked is Brian’s continual desire for critical feedback.

And, I’ve seen him explicitly state, at points, that he’s unhappy with his work.

Brett Rossi's pussy

Brett gives us her best view

I like that! A LOT! That shows a perfectionist quality that ultimately brings good results.

So, let’s talk about what the HoloGirls boys have got going these days…

Now, when I talk about the teams who run VR porn companies, I often call them boys. Why? I don’t know. Because I’m an idiot?

So, I’ll say something like this, for example: “The BaDoink boys bring us a new VR today…”

But, here’s my conundrum, folks:

It sounds a little funny to say the HoloGirls boys. So, first thing: change your name so I

Brett and Blake kiss

Brett and Blake: the chemistry is there

don’t have to change my writing style!

Moving along

Today, we’ll consider several HoloGirls recent efforts: starring such porn folks as Brett Rossi, Blake Eden, Anikka Albrite, Cherie DeVille, Keisha Gray, Abella Danger and Mick Blue.

Porn star Blake Eden's face in virtual reality

Blake Eden, I like your face!

And, it appears this article’s running a little long. And, I know a lot of people want quick summaries: they call these tldr (too long didn’t read).

Now, why have these tldr summaries become so popular?

Because our subpar educational system and mind-numbing TV culture has produced this!

All right, here’s your summary:

HoloGirlsVR has made a lot of progress. A LOT! And, if the Brett Rossi/Blake Eden VR is sold separately at a reasonable price: I can, in good conscience recommend that fellas who dig hot gals in VR lesbo action buy it.

Brett Rossi and Blake Eden

I like the interaction between Brett and Blake

You know… even with its technical shortcomings… it’s still one of the very best lesbian VRs I’ve seen yet. Now, that’s not saying a hell of a lot, because there haven’t been all that many lesbian VRs… But…

I enjoyed it. I really did. I even watched it a couple times. And, truth is… I’m not much for lesbian porn. And, even though there were problems; the particular women and their physical positioning made-up for some of the technical shortcomings. Great shit!

However, at this moment in time, I can’t recommend a subscription purchase. I think I will be able to make that recommendation soon. If Hologirl’s next three or four releases are on-point, I will then… But, I must see some more releases to ensure me that the present quality is being maintained and steadily increased.

Here are two things HoloGirls must do immediately:

1. Get the camera alignment sorted-out.
2. Get a slightly-better image quality for mid-range distances. I’m loving the close-up quality, but mid-range is a bit too fuzzy.

Here are two things HoloGirls must absolutely keep doing:

1. Keep exploring the novel camera angles! This is what sets HoloGirls VR apart.
2. Keep using the facial close-ups.

Now, if the HoloGirls boys do those things and continue releasing VRs of the Rossi/Eden quality: that shows normal, general incremental improvements (typical of the other major players), then I will recommend subscribing at that time. For the present, I say that HoloGirls VR is definitely a company worth keeping an eye on.


Now it’s time to ramble for a while:

Abella and Keisha kissing for HoloGirls VR

Abella and Keisha kissing for HoloGirls VR

Folks, I have been aware of the HoloGirls stuff for a bit now. I watched their earlier efforts, which featured some truly famous stars: Kayden Kross, Anikka Albrite, August Ames, Abella Danger, Jenna Sativa, Charlotte Stokely, Kenna James, Ana Foxxx, Penny Pax, Karla Kush, Karlee Grey, Manuel Ferrara, Mick Blue, Xander Corvus, Karlie Montana and Adriana Sephora.

I mean… if one thing is clear it’s that HoloGirls VR is successfully getting some very fine females in front of their VR camera rig!

However, I had a number of strong criticisms of those earliest efforts: both technically and otherwise. My biggest criticism, perhaps, was that the Hologirls boys were being somewhat overly-ambitious. The grandeur of vision motivating the 360 degree orgy

Brett Rossi spits on Blake Eden's pussy

Brett loves to spit on a pussy

attempts was admirable.

But, in practice, I think they discovered what the other companies have about 360s. They’re difficult.

And, look… if there’s a brand new company working out their process kinks, I ain’t gonna knock their shit on here. I’m a nobody, certainly, but a few thousand people find their way to this blog each day… and, I just don’t want to crap on a new company…

Blake Eden doggy style thong

Blake’s doggy thong pull. I like that!

So, I didn’t review that stuff. But, they’re being covered now, because I like the progress I’ve observed in their work. And, more importantly: I recognize the indicators which suggest that this company will continue to improve.

Well, that was kind of a long-winded intro…

Moving along

All right, so let’s take a look at the Rossi/Eden synopsis for Girls Do It Better:
“Anything you can do, these girls can do it better. Brett Rossi stars in her first scene out of retirement; showing everyone just why she is the best. Also featuring Blake Eden, this sizzling all girl scene will get you up close and personal to Brett like you have never seen before.”

Okay, so these reviews are based on 3 main factors:

1. The women: so, in this case, we’ve got two gals to consider. What about them do we consider? Well, their appearance, performance, authenticity… and, we attempt to discuss, as the situation requires, other less-tangible things that make the particular women unique.

2. Perspective and scaling: Do things look right? Or, is the woman’s head the size of Charlie Sheen’s mansion while her body’s as narrow as a line of cocaine?

3. Camera and human positioning: Often this amounts to whether there are enough close-ups. Hologirls VR is particularly shining here, though, as they’re employing some very novel camera angles. That will be discussed further below.

What about this movie could have been improved?

Brett Rossi joyful fingering

Brett Rossi joyful fingering

Okay, in this case, let’s start with how this movie could have been made hornier… Let me add, for this review, as all reviews on this website, I’m using a Homdio with HTC M8. You have a different rig? Your mileage will likely vary.

1. Clarity/focus: improve. These folks are bringing a spectacular clarity to some very close-up shots. Somehow, they manage to avoid the convergence fuzziness (double-image) thing that I’ve seen happen when the woman is really close to the camera.

How do they avoid that? I don’t know. But, I was impressed by their extreme-close-ups. I’m bolding that because there were some close-ups that were so… wait for it… close! They should have spent more time in extreme close-up.

Where things broke down a bit, for me, was during the mid-range distance: a bit of mid-range fuzziness. Not insanely bad, mind you. But, there’s room for improvement there.

2. Top of frame: the action at the frame’s top got a bit wonky at times. This isn’t unusual in VR porn movies (all companies). But, the upper wonkiness here was a bit more than usual.

Great stuff

Great stuff

3. Alignment: the camera’s alignment was sometimes off. What does this mean? All right, when you center your device, the video should also align symmetrically. That should make sense, right?

4. Beware of too much action: This movie didn’t suffer from this: but their earlier efforts did. So, I wanted to mention it.

Actually, what was SPECTACULAR was that you could look from side-to-side to see masturbation antics from both Brett and Blake. KEEP DOING THAT HOLOGIRLS VR!


Let’s talk about what Hologirls VR is doing right:

1. Positioning: yes, that’s at the top of the list. HoloGirls VR is giving us some creative camera angles that we haven’t yet seen in VR porn. But, it’s not enough to be just creative. Their angles are creatively-horny.

You want some examples?

Interesting angle on Annika's cowgirl

Interesting angle on Annika’s cowgirl

A. The non-POV Anikka Albrite reverse cowgirl. Oh, man… why hasn’t anyone done this before? This is great stuff! VR porn has been so POV-centric—which makes sense—but, it’s possible to break from that in some very erotic ways.

And, Anikka demonstrates that. If possible, I would have liked a tighter camera shot on that positioning.

Cherie Deville face-sitting VR

Cherie Deville face-sitting VR

B. The Cherie DeVille face-sitting: This is genius! You know, this face-sitting deal is going to be a whole VR porn genre. Wait and see.

C. The lesbian kissing: As seen between Brett Rossi + Blake Eden… and also Abella Danger and Keisha Grey… the HoloGirls boys had the camera positioned beautifully. My only complaint was that this footage didn’t last longer.

D. The Brett and Blake tussle: you just kind of have to see this. It’s hard to explain. These two had an obvious chemistry, and their sequence seemed to have a natural choreography that was dialed into primal cosmic imperatives.

2. The women: HoloGirls VR is shooting some beautiful women. I love a pretty-faced girl. And, Brett and Blake fit this description. Enough said.

Blake Eden pulls panties from pussy

Oh, Blake… your panty pulling got me so horny!

3. Blake Eden’s panties-to-the-side masturbation: Like every healthy man-fella out there, I’m an absolute panties pervert. And, Blake’s a real woman who knows to keep those shiny heels on her feet… ALWAYS!

Brett Rossi doggy

Oh, Brett baby!

4. Brett Rossi’s doggy: I could look at that for a while.

All right, I could go on. That’s what scares me! But, let’s end this.

At this point, I’m saying to keep an eye on this VR company. I expect big things from them. I’m waiting to see if they deliver. I mean… where’s the Cherie DeVille full-length video, man!

I wish these guys success.


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