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VR Hush Second Review 2021

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December 27, 2020

So, I’ve enjoyed the VR Hush output and thought it was wack-worthy since at least December 2017. I’m rechecking the Hush gang right now…right here…and, I’m expecting that the work is still solid and perhaps a bit more technically accomplished, and I imagine they’re probably shooting 6K now…

Well, let’s see.

Okay, so unsurprisingly things are still looking good. They’re doing 5K, and that’s fine by me. Sometimes people can make too much out of these numbers when there’s really so many other factors that dramatically impact visual quality. There’s plenty—and, I mean plenty—of 4K VR porn that looks fucking fantastic.

Okay, so VR Hush these days is releasing one new VR scene each week. And, they presently have _________ releases. I just asked them on Twitter. I’ll fill that in later.

I notice their website says, “VRHush is all 3D 360 VR porn, all the time.” I actually didn’t realize or notice that all their releases are 360 degrees. Interesting.

Recent Stars of VR Hush

VR Hush pornstar model performers

A small sampling above of VR Hush pornstars. Click here to see the complete roster.

I’ll tell you what, boy…the Hush gang has been 3D filming some motherfucking FINE women lately.

Like who?

Like… Kayley Gunner, Jenna Noelle, Penny Archer, Chloe Cherry, Rachael Cavalli, Brandi Love, Lana Sharapova, Skylar Snow, Anna Claire Clouds, Chanel Grey, Lily Larimar, Candice Dare, Vanessa Vega, Kira Noir, Katie Morgan, Marica Hase, Vanna Bardot, and it goes on and on…

I also notice that VR Hush likes running discount specials. I see right now you can get a month for $12.25 along with discounts on yearly and quarterly. You need to check and see what they’ve got going.

Good work, VR Hush! I mean that…

January 22, 2019

Brandi Love tongue action for the VR Hush studio

Brandi Love tongue action for the VR Hush studio

Hey everybody, so yesterday we took an overdue second look at the VR Bangers studio.

The bottom line was I felt sorta bad for not rechecking earlier.

The work had subsequently improved significantly. And, my original review just wasn’t accurate any more.

Progress isn’t always steady; sometimes, it’s really a sudden quality jump.

So, let’s now second-look the VR Hush gang. We last checked-in with these fellas on December 17, 2017.

The first review’s conclusion:

I’d say if a fella is 1). a fan of heterosexual VR porn 2.) a fan of famous pornstars 3.) digging on some novel camera angles: in particular, 3rd person POV footage…then, yes: a subscription to VRHush is something you should strongly consider. They do have lots of free previews available to help you decide.

So, I can’t subscribe to everyone. However, we can see the things we’re looking for from the previews: the scale; whether there’s warping; spatiality; where the studio’s positioning the cameras; look and feel, etc.

Honestly, not much more is needed to address most of the things that factor into reviews here.

Mainly I’m evaluating the optical experience  (the link above explains in detail). In simple language: does the studio make horny 3D?

All right, so I looked at trailers—from December 2018 to the present—featuring Brandi Love, Lindsey Cruz, Elena Koshka, and Lola MyLuv.

So, studios…needless to say…hopefully are making the best previews they can…you’re getting judged on them.

Excellent camera positioning/framing on the Lola Myluv missionary this is how it's done, son...

Excellent camera positioning/framing on the Lola Myluv missionary… this is how it’s done, son…

And, the summary conclusion is these previews look good: the scale, sense of spatial correctness, general optical experience, etc.

The best positioning I saw out of those four previews—hands down—was the one with Lola Myluv: the missionary hoverface, tight cowgirl angle, stand-up… that’s what I’d like to see repeated.

If you’re looking for good 3D porn, by all means, go over there and check out their stars, download their free previews and give VR Hush some consideration.

What I saw crossed the necessary quality threshold with room to spare.

If you’re seeking heterosexual VR porn with conventionally beautiful women, I’d think the main decision factor would be whether you like the models they’ve filmed. It seems they have an interesting mix of huge, famous stars; lesser-known starlets; a smattering of Euro gals along with some additional ethnic/racial variety.

Good luck Hush

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