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First Look At VR Hush

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1/22/19: This review has been updated as we take a second look at VR Hush…

Hi friends, today let’s take a look at VR Hush.

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the name.

I’m not trying to be difficult, but I don’t quite understand what the hush part aims to express.

Sanford and Son

They don’t make TV shows like this anymore.
We get crud.

After reviewing the website and previews, I have an idea about the VR Hush identity; I do think, though, it could be sharpened a bit.

But, you know, as Willie Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name? A properly-scaled VR porn with a good sense of spatial correctness by any other name would wack as horny.”

Definitely still not funny

Hey, I never said I was Red Foxx, man!

The idea here during these First Look studio overviews is to evaluate general quality and consider what consumers correspond with the studio’s output.

How Does VR Hush describe themselves?

This is what the Hush boys say:
VRHush is all 3D 360 VR porn, all the time. With multiple scene angles, you can be a part of the action or simply satisfy your voyeuristic fantasies.

Our specialty is high quality content featuring some of today’s hottest and most popular porn stars (plus a few porn star icons).

Our content is compatible with all VR Devices; Oculus, VIVE, Gear VR, PlayStation VR, and Cardboard, and we offer unlimited streaming and downloads.

Okay, I like high-quality content specializing in hot women. Multiple scene angles? That sounds good. I’ve advocated for creative angles and shooting positions. I have mixed feelings about the 360 degree part, but it’s good to see further experimentation with this.

So, I’ve repeatedly discussed the importance of a VR porn studio having free previews. At the very least, there should be a minute clip available. If that’s not offered, I’m suspicious.

It’s kind of like if you met Michael Jackson. And, he tells you he’s a great singer. But, son of a bitch won’t hit you with a little high-pitched and melodious-beautiful: “She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene…”

And, you know, instead…you’re there freaked-out by a grown man wearing one silver glove…

Ya’ll feel me?

Anyway, with a minute preview I can judge the scale, general SOSC, SS zone, color, lighting, sound…but, really, the main thing I want to see in these quick previews is the general sense of spatial correctness. Read this for an in-depth explanation of the VR porn review method pioneered by FindVRporn.com.

Concerning studio reviews, we’re interested in many factors: but, there are some primary concerns.

1. Are the movies horny? That’s number one, man! That question encompasses every variable (quality, competence, SOSC, etc.).
2. Performers?
3. Size of existing library?
4. Release frequency?
5. Pricing?
6. Anything particularly innovative?

Who are the VR Hush women?

Some of the gals who have hushed thus far include Richelle Ryan, Elsa Jean, Esperanza Del Horno, Honey Gold, Katana, Brooke Haze, Layla Price, Romi Rain, Anya Ivy, Holly Hendrix, Jillian Janson, Nikki Benz, Taylor Sands, Christiana Cinn, Eva Long and even Nina Hartley: among many others.

So, those names encompass what many consider porn’s A list. Are there problems with that paradigm? Well, I do think there’s plenty of room to challenge its foundation; but, that will have to happen another day.

The main point, I suppose, is that if the famous gals are your thing: you will find them here.

The existing library?

There’s a bunch of scenes. I can’t tell how many from the website. I asked them on Twitter five hours ago. I said, “.@VRHush, hi there … how many scenes do you guys have? thanks.” Team Hush hasn’t responded yet.

Release frequency?

Two a week.


If you take a year, it works out to $8.30 a month. So, by my calculator, that’s about $100 for the year.
A single month is $24.45.
And, if you go for 3 months, it works out to $19.80 per month.

Anything particularly innovative?

Yes, indeed. The Hush boys seem fond of switching into 3rd person. If you’ve read our articles about CzechVR, you’ll know that I like this…a lot!

Of course, there is not a correct preference in this regard. But, I just find it very horny when the footage (while remaining tight in all cases!), switches between 1st Person POV and 3rd. I’ll discuss this further below.

So, let me first say I watched a bunch of VR Hush’s previews.

And, quality-wise there were some inconsistencies: which is pretty typical with a studio’s VR porn output.

Honey Gold with a third person cowgirl

Honey Gold with a third person cowgirl

There were bits where the scale seemed a bit off. And, there were sections that were beautifully-scaled. For the most part, the lighting, sound, color saturation and general look of things was fine.

What I particularly did like…and, what distinguishes VR Hush is some of the novel and creative camera angles.

To be more specific, as previously mentioned, I very much appreciate a movie that switches around between 1st and 3rd person POV.

This is great how Layla's head is pulled down so low in the frame.

This is great how Layla’s head is pulled down so low in the frame.

Notice Honey Gold’s 3rd person cowgirl.

And, more interestingly, look at the Layla Price screenshot.

Notice how—in 3rd person perspective—Layla’s head is pulled down so low in the frame. This is really how it’s done, son.

Richelle getting busy with elsa jean

Richelle getting busy with Elsa Jean

It’s interesting how unexpectedly horny some of these unusual, immediate camera angles can be in the third person.

Along somewhat similar lines, I see Hush shot some rarely-seen, 3rd person footage of one gal dildo-bucking another: pictured below in the Richelle Ryan/Elsa Jean screenshot.

Richelle Ryan strap on dildo with Elsa Jean

Richelle Ryan will you stap-on bump my … ah, nevermind, that just…. yea… love Richelle, though

Below, Richelle and Elsa are again positioned interestingly. And, I love how they have Richelle’s head pulled to the frame’s bottom.

And, the Esperanza Del Horno preview also demonstrates that VR Hush can shoot VR porn’s staple: some horny, 1st Person POV cowgirl. Even, as seen with Ms. Del Horno, a squatting cowgirl hoverface. Nice!

Esperanz Del Horno in some horno cowgirl

Esperanz Del Horno in some horno cowgirl

So, doing a studio overview is always challenging: because, it will inevitably be somewhat incomplete.

Mainly, I just want a general sense of the work’s quality and whether I, personally, feel it merits the subscription cost.

I’d say if a fella is 1). a fan of heterosexual VR porn 2.) a fan of famous pornstars 3.) digging on some novel camera angles: in particular, 3rd person POV footage…then, yes: a subscription to VRHush is something you should strongly consider. They do have lots of free previews available to help you decide.

Good luck, VR Hush.

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