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Guide To Solo Gal VR Part 4

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Find VR Porn Guide To Solo Gal VR Part 4

This is a review-guide and ranking-judgment to provide a comprehensive overview of what solo gal VR is out there.

Solo gal VR refers to VR porn that features a single female performer. The actual routine might be a striptease, JOI, masturbation, sexy softcore or any other horny solo antics.

If you missed the previous parts, you might want to start at Part 1.

4. Virtual Real Porn

I was hoping that some of these new and horny, dedicated Solo VR studios would fill all the top spots. That was my hope…

…but, I’m just on-the-level ranking these as they deserve.

And, the truth is that Virtual Real Porn has about sixty solo VR porns: going all the way back to 2015’s memorable Sicilia Model teasing scene: embedded directly below.

VRP’s been cranking out first-rate VR since the start. I’ve typed that previous statement so many times…it’s simply true. I nitpick here and there about VRP’s methods, but when the Fleshlight meets the weenie, it’s consistently solid VR porn.

Apolonia bunny tease vr porn

Apolonia’s level of horny-inspiring is just about… overwhelming

And, some of these VRP solos are just really…excellent.

I’m thinking about Apolonia Lapiedra in a bunny costume! Oh, Apolonia bunny baby! Video below.

And, they’ve got a number of really horny, well-produced solo-tease outings.

The Nancy A one actually inspired me to write an article about VR porn’s sweetspot zone.

So, yea…if you like solo-tease VR porn, I’d say picking up at least a VRP month is mandatory. And, that link below automatically triggers the special findvrporn Virtual Real Porn discount.

I want Virtual Real Porn !

5. Zexy VR 2021

Jenny O Zexy VR

ZexyVR’s got pure VR porn gold with Jenny O

The recently-launched ZexyVR is one of my favorite studios.

And, I see they have about 120 videos. And, what I really like: a new release every-other-day! I like that A LOT!

I’ve written about ZexyVR’s work on two previous occasions: First Look and Second Look.

second review of ZexyVR studio

Zexy VR… nice work

With a very low-budget, no-frills sets…the complete absence of narrative and packaging, ZexyVR actually bears  similarity to the CzechVR Casting work. Just…not executed with quite as much finesse.

I have some criticisms of this studio…namely that, although they’re doing a damn good job, they’re not quite fully exploiting VR porn’s sweetspot zone, yet.

But, in final judgment, this new project is pretty damn horny. And, make no mistake, the product is unique and well-worth the ticket price in my view. I have personally typed my credit card numbers into the Zexy website.

ZVR is stripping to the beat of its own drummer. I respect that. They’ve managed to consistently create a ZexyVR look-and-feel. And, Louise P….oh, how I’d like to look and feel!

And, you know what…it’s time I add a ZexyVR dedicated category to this site. I’m going to do that now!

A stand-out Zexy, for me, was February’s Come To Bed starring Louise P. Here’s a pic of Louise from another Zexy release.

Louise P in bra and panties for ZexyVR

Oh, Ms. P!

And, the Louise Come To Bed preview is embedded below….oh, Louise baby!

The preview actually doesn’t capture the best camera positioning in the release, but it gives a taste of the Zexy flavor…

And, while we’re at it, let’s post the Jenny O preview also… oh, Jenny O baby! If Zexy incorporated a skirt-facesitting segment in Jenny’s movie…similar to how SinsVR shot theirs: minds would explode! I think Jenny O’s my fave Zexy gal…

Update Dec. 29, 2020: I tell you, ZexyVR is a damn consistent studio. They’re cranking out a new solo VR every two days…and, the 3D work’s great…it’s all-around awesome. Some of the recent women have filmed for Zexy many times prior. Some of the recent ZexyVR stars include Mia J, Bethany Morgan, Minnie, Chelsea Essex, Louise P, Lexi, Kay G, Louise K, Frankie L, Mica, Lizzie…great women!!!

Check out ZexyVR Solo VR Porn!

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