second review of ZexyVR studio

ZexyVR Second Look

February 21, 2019

For me, ZexyVR—much like when CzechVR Casting first launched—convincingly illustrates that creating horny VR need not be complicated: concerning setting, script and the other nontechnical factors.

While tastes obviously vary; I think male, heterosexual consumers will mostly agree that when you get an attractive woman close to a good-quality VR rig, things tend to go well.

So, I took a first look at the Zexy studio less than two weeks ago.

Why am I returning to this beta project so quickly? We never take a second look this fast.

Basically, spotlighting a good, beneath the radar project: I like doing that.

Holly P ZexyVR
Hi there Holly P! Now, what fella isn’t going a little nuts over this woman in that outfit!

And, I enjoyed the last two ZexyVR releases. Not as a VR porn reviewer. Just as a regular dude who appreciates female beauty and coquettish antics.

I  like the less is more approach.

Get a beautiful gal. Sexy outfit. No-frills room for a setting. Solo tease. Film it. Release. The end.

It almost seems wrong that it’s so simple.

Kay G ZexyVR
And, hi there Ms. Kay G!

Many consumers clearly do want much more: the fantasy, the narrative, the fame factor. And, that’s fine. Sometimes I want that.

There’s room for everything. It’s not a mutually exclusive proposition! You can like both approaches.

It seems in life there’s a tendency for opinions to be such either/or type things. Always arguing for what’s the best. Why is that?

Why does something always have to be the Goddamn best?

Why isn’t it okay for things to be different with their own unique merits…yea, that sounds a bit corny. So be it…

Anyway, there’s consumer desire for this Zexy approach.

And, the last two releases—Holly P/Look and Kay G/Back To School…that’s some fun stuff. Not flawless, but some good wholesome video registering fine on the wackability index.

And, I’m curious about their future. For guys digging the solo clothed teasing with conventionally attractive women: $9.95 for 30 days seems pretty easy going. I’m glad I took it.

ZexyVR would be well-served if they release a free preview compilation sometime in April after they fine-tune just a bit more.

Good luck.

zexyvr artistic logo

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