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ZexyVR Review – Horny solo VR porn that I love

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ZexyVR has been producing and releasing solo striptease VR porn scenes for some years now. The summary is that these are certainly technically competent VR porn movies. The models tend to be gorgeous. Unsurprisingly, there are some I like more than others. And, the actual VR content is fucking erotic and horny. I like it. A lot!


All-around horny VR porn solo strip scenes

Nice assortment of different models

If you like a particular model, you’re in luck. Many of them have multiple scenes


A short list here, but I do think they could use more close-up footage along with more moving camera

December 2022

Zexy VR Current Review December 2022

I see that I haven’t updated this review for a bit. That’s probably because Zexy hasn’t changed much. And, that’s fine! I like the existing ZexyVR formula. They basically get their cameras on fine women stripping and release it in 3D that relays a very competent VR porn optical experience. I mean, it really it is that simple!

The list of what I like about Zexy is considerable. What would I change or do differently? I’d say they should get the cameras closer a little more often. And, there’s room for the next-level moving camera work. I enjoy the Zexy scenes presently. But, honestly…I always tend to think there’s room for improvement with everything: including the very website you’re reading. I include myself in that judgment too!

Zexy VR has a lot of scenes and a lot of women stripping for them. The exact numbers aren’t clear, but there is an awful lot of content there. I’ll have to contact the Zexy gang to ask them the exact numbers.

If you like the solo VR porn teasing genre, this is a studio that you are required to check out.

ZexyVR Update 2021

It’s been going on three years since the launch of ZexyVR. And, this is what I have to say.

This is one VR porn studio that I just liked immediately. Sure, the brand-new studio was a bit rough around the edges. But, slinky-sexy babes in their panties being horny-beautiful in front of a decent VR rig…what’s not to like!

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ZexyVR Photoshoot starring Beth and Miah

ZexyVR Photoshoot starring Beth and Miah

Since that time, Zexy has refined their shooting process and technology a bit. That’s to say, they’re doing 5K and things look a bit better in respect to resolution and optics.

ZexyVR Hotties

Here are some fave Zexy women: Alexa Campbell, Ashley Jayne, Bethany Morgan, Ella Jay, Holly Gibbons, Holly P, Jenny O’Sullivan, Louise P, Louise T, Mia J, Millie Parker, Scarlot Rose, and Sophia Smith.

Jenny O in Slackin Off for ZexyVR

Jenny O in Slackin Off for ZexyVR…
…oh, that big beautiful Jenny O ass in a thong!

Camera Positioning Skill

Okay, so ZexyVR does a decent-enough job with camera positioning. Believe me, I wouldn’t have gotten as much enjoyment out of these little Zexy scenes as I have if it weren’t at least competent.

With that said, in my opinion, this is the one metric where there’s just an incredible amount of improvement we could see with moving camera changing distance and moving camera holding distance but going in circles and just more close-up footage in general.

There’ something VR-special about this dancing-striptease sort of horny!

But, in another way, surprisingly little has changed. They employ a simple, solo girl VR porn formula…and, really…you either dig it or you don’t.

Call me a wussy if you like, but if I’m being completely 100% honest, I think “softcore” VR porn is perhaps my favorite virtual porn genre most days of the week. It’s just horny. I like, of course, hardcore, but there’ something VR-special about this dancing-striptease sort of horny!

In other words, I’m a fan!

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February 21, 2019

February 2019 ZexyVR Review

For me, ZexyVR—much like when CzechVR Casting first launched—convincingly illustrates that creating horny VR need not be complicated: concerning setting, script and the other nontechnical factors.

While tastes obviously vary; I think male, heterosexual consumers will mostly agree that when you get an attractive woman close to a good-quality VR rig, things tend to go well.

So, I took a first look at the Zexy studio less than two weeks ago.

Why am I returning to this beta project so quickly? We never take a second look this fast.

Basically, spotlighting a good, beneath the radar project: I like doing that.

Holly P ZexyVR

Hi there Holly P! Now, what fella isn’t going a little nuts over this woman in that outfit!

And, I enjoyed the last two ZexyVR releases. Not as a VR porn reviewer. Just as a regular dude who appreciates female beauty and coquettish antics.

Kay G ZexyVR

And, hi there Ms. Kay G!

Less is more VR porn

I  like the less is more approach.

Get a beautiful gal. Sexy outfit. No-frills room for a setting. Solo tease. Film it. Release. The end.

It almost seems wrong that it’s so simple.

Many consumers clearly do want much more: the fantasy, the narrative, the fame factor. And, that’s fine. Sometimes I want that.

There’s room for everything. It’s not a mutually exclusive proposition! You can like both approaches.

It seems in life there’s a tendency for opinions to be such either/or type things. Always arguing for what’s the best. Why is that?

Why does something always have to be the Goddamn best?

Why isn’t it okay for things to be different with their own unique merits…yea, that sounds a bit corny. So be it…

Anyway, there’s consumer desire for this Zexy approach.

And, the last two releases—Holly P/Look and Kay G/Back To School…that’s some fun stuff. Not flawless, but some good wholesome video registering fine on the wackability index.

And, I’m curious about their future. For guys digging the solo clothed teasing with conventionally attractive women: $9.95 for 30 days seems pretty easy going. I’m glad I took it.

ZexyVR would be well-served if they release a free preview compilation sometime in April after they fine-tune just a bit more.

Good luck.

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