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POVR Review 2022 – What’s up with POVR and is it worth it?

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  • 100%
    Number of scenes / library size - 100%
  • 100%
    Performers - 100%
  • 90%
    Image Quality / clarity - 90%
  • 90%
    Camera Positioning Skill - 90%
  • 100%
    Sexual Positioning / hornyness, variety etc. - 100%
  • 90%
    Story/ narratives/ emotion - 90%
  • 80%
    Intimate presence manifested and maintained? - 80%
  • 100%
    Price / value for your dollar - 100%


Today we examine WankzVR’s ambitious Netflix of VR porn: POVR.com. We’ll review and evaluate POVR based upon numberous metrics including the library, performers, quality, creativity, price and more.

Is POVR worth your hard-earned money?

Read on…

Free POVR streaming for a limited time!

I don’t know how long this will last. That’s not marketing B.S. I really don’t know how long this will last.

But, right now you can get a 2 day trial of unlimited streaming for free. So, yea!

Povr.com follows the Netflix of VR porn model. That means, one subscription price gets you access to movies from many different studios.

After perusing this POVR project, it’ very easy to say that a sub is a no-brainer for anyone seeking conventional, heterosexual porn with beautiful women.

Why is it a no-brainer?

For starters, as mentioned, there’s a Free Trial which gets you two days of unlimited streaming. Additionally, when it comes time to subscribe, this organization is the same as the WankzVR folks, and these guys run an HONEST/LEGIT operation. I don’t know if I ever see a billing complaint from a customer. So, in addition to all the HORNY 3D, you also get discrete billing from a non-ripoff operation. And, this just ain’t true about all of them! Believe me, I learned the hard Goddamn way!

So, honestly…you can read on…and, please do! But, why not give the free trial a try and see for yourself what POVR is all about…

Rory Knox Preview in a POVR Original

POVR also gives you exclusive original scenes they produce and release. Findvrporn—like every other swinging dick out there—is fond of Rory Knox. She has a very horny way of gazing at a fella in the 3D mask. Go download Rory Knox’s full POVR Originals scene.

Rory Knox in Up For A Workout from POVR Originals

Rory Knox never misses a workout and she’ll make time for a good sweat. You catch a glimpse of her early morning routine and the sight gets the pulse pounding down in your love muscle! Rory will be doing some extra lifting when she pulls that big, meaty morning wood out for some slow and steady reps. Limber up with Rory and slide that dick deep inside inside that tight pussy! You’ll help her stretch in all the right places and add some fun with a truly XXX exercise.

Below is Rory’s Up For A Workout POVR scene preview embedded. Personally, I love the exercise theme…and those horny shorts!

Number of scenes/library size?

This is how POVR summarizes their offerings (as of January 16, 2022):

  • Access 43 Premium VR Porn Sites
  • Over 5104 VR Network Videos
  • Over 2,400 Incredible VR Models Honestly, I’ve lost track of how many models are available. Quite a few!

And, when they say PREMIUM it ain’t exaggeration.

Sixxxth Sense starring Blake Blossom and Hime Marie for POVR Originals

Sixxxth Sense starring Blake Blossom and Hime Marie for POVR Originals

Take me to POVR! … NOW!


In our ratings, it’s very easy to give POVR a 100% ranking in this category. I mean, I wish I could give them a 110%. These VR porn Netflix aggregators are always going to have a tremendous advantage over a single studio in this performers metric.


Well, POVR is offering female stars from like 31 different studios, man! Of course they’re going to rock the fuck out of this category!

Laurens Gingersnap starring Lauren Phillips for POVR Originals

Laurens Gingersnap starring Lauren Phillips for POVR Originals

What studios do you get with your POVR subscription?

  • WankzVR
  • Milf VR
  • VR Bangers
  • POVR Originals
  • LethalHardcore VR
  • Virtual Real Porn
  • VR Latina
  • VR Conk
  • Reality Lovers
  • Sexy VR
  • Jimmy Draws VR
  • BrasilVR
  • SexyVR
  • VR Allure
  • HerPOVR
  • Only3XVR
  • VR Hush
  • RealHotVR
  • TMVR net
  • NO2 Studio VR
  • Terrible
  • perVRt
  • Babygirl
  • Swallowbay
  • Deepinsex
  • VR porn Jack
  • Covert Japan
  • PSPornVR
  • POVcenral VR
  • VRixxens
  • SinsVR
WAP XXX for POVR.com Originals starring Amirah Styles and Kaiya Rose

WAP XXX for POVR.com Originals starring Amirah Styles and Kaiya Rose

POVR’s very lengthy self-description

POVR has the longest self-description of anyone. And, that’s totally cool. I’m not trying to be funny. It’s just that, honestly, the self-description is unusually long. I’ll paste it in below. (I broke it down into paragraphs for readability.)

“POVR delivers the best in VR porn videos and free virtual reality sex. Discover top content creators, virtual performers and immersive adult VR in the ultimate streaming platform powered by the POVR suite of tools and features.

Go face-to-face with your favorite pornstars and adult webcam personalities. Subscribe today to get the most out of your VR headset and immediately gain access to select studio content that you can discontinue at any time. Browse additional studio collections and the hottest VR porn videos to build upon your access based on your own personal tastes.

Purchased collections and videos can be fully managed via your account. Unlock full access for unlimited streaming and downloads across the entire VR network with even more exciting monthly updates! Now YOU can take control over your own personal VR porn collection like never before.

Free VR Porn

Try POVR for free

Try POVR for free

POVR’s self-description continued:

| Top Virtual Studios Ready to Stream

You’ll have an expansive collection of the best VR porn at your fingertips plus so much more. Robust tools and features blend with familiar navigation to give you the premium VR narratives you really want.

Each 180 degree production pushes the limits of VR technology as you enter crystal-clear scenes with a full field of view and precision head tracking. Enjoy VR sex titles from leading producers at 4K, 5K, 6K quality and beyond. Immersive video, true 3D and rich audio makes you feel like you’re part of the action. Award-winning brands like WankzVR, MILF VR and other leaders in adult VR all have a place here with new scenes added all the time.

Bonus content gives you even more to see outside our virtual realms. Check back to see what’s new in the world of virtual reality porn, enjoy our engaging original content and bring YOUR fantasy to life!

Easy-to-use filters and search features help you navigate the VR porn landscape. Select from an astounding number of VR pornstars and meet XXX legends like Lexi Luna, Penny Pax, Lauren Phillips, Gabbie Carter and many more.

Fresh-faced cuties, experienced MILF beauties and mind-blowing cosplay fun are all part of the POVR experience. A comprehensive list of VR categories allows you to target the exact attributes, location and sex positions that matter most to you. Looking for VR creampies or threesomes in virtual reality?

Maybe you want big tits, all missionary play or a total virtual doggy style simulation. POVR is about choice and now you’ll never be limited again when searching for the newest and hottest VR sex titles. Free virtual reality porn at POVR is compatible with all leading VR headsets. Our powerful video player is optimized for Oculus, Valve, Vive, Cardboard and Mixed Reality headsets. Each distinctive library or VR studio in POVR collective meets or exceeds our standards for premium 180-degree, 3D and immersive audio.

Enter our naughty world today to enjoy thousands of free VR porn videos, regular updates and unlimited streaming. Upgrade your access to match your own needs, and when you’re ready to dive into a larger world of VR sex, POVR delivers the options you crave. Explore our VR network, exclusive bonus sites VR theater options and more.

Weekly updates means there’s always something new to enjoy at POVR. Don’t just watch porn, live it!”

Take me to POVR! … NOW!

What’s Findvrporn’s candid opinion about POVR’s Library?

Honestly, this is great. And, I’ll tell you why. I don’t love the whole thing. But, here’s why a subscription to this site is worth far more than the present cost of admission.

You get 604 WankzVR scenes, 249 MilfVR scenes, 62 POVR Originals (you ain’t getting those anywhere else, period) , 371 Reality Lovers scenes (terribly underrated studio), 145 VR Hush scenes (also terribly underrated)…I mean, that’s easily enough right there to justify the subscription price…

…but, in addition to that you also get 691Virtual Real Porn scenes (that surprised me quite a bit…I mean, isn’t that most of the VRP library right there?), 496 TmwVRnet scenes, 206 VR Latina scenes, plus a ton more stuff including some esoteric/emerging/lesser known organizations.

I mean, this is simply a no-brainer sub for someone who’s looking to find a honeypot VR porn source for cheap.

Lust in Space starring Ava Sinclaire for POVR Originals

Lust in Space starring Ava Sinclaire for POVR Originals

Is a POVR sub worth the money?

I’m not kidding you folks here. I didn’t realize just how good of a fucking deal this had become. I’ve had my yearly subscription for a while, and I didn’t really come over for another deep-dive analysis until now.

And, previously I’ve been saying that VRporn.com is the best value in VR porn 2021…but, you know something…I might change this…

…just being truthful I might have to rewrite the article that POVR.com is presently the very best value in the VR porn world…particularly when you consider the deal for 3 Years at $9.99/month. Good fucking luck finding a better value than that!

smaller screen cap of POVR.com website

Looking for a Netflix of VR porn that includes plenty of WankzVR? POVR.com is for you…Click for bigger image

That is one heavy duty list of the world’s best VR porn studios there. That is some serious shit!

POVR Originals with video samples

Additionally, POVR is its own studio releasing original work of their own. I like that! So far they’ve done Jade Kai, Emma Hix, and, pictured below, Anna Claire Clouds. Update: So, far—January 2022— they’ve done 62…yes…62 Original Releases that you can’t get anywhere else.

I want you good folks to have some idea of just how accomplished these POVR Originals are…so, I’m embedding two video samples below: Kay Lovely and Maya Woulfe in their respective POVR Original VR scenes.

Take me to POVR! … NOW!

Make an Honest Fuck with Kay Lovely preview

Kay Lovely Make An Honest Fuck scene for POVR Originals

Kay Lovely Make An Honest Fuck scene for POVR Originals

Welcum to Hollywood with Maya Woulfe preview

Welcum to Hollywood with Maya Woulfe

Welcum to Hollywood with Maya Woulfe
“Maya Woulfe is looking to make it big in Hollywood. She arrives for her latest audition and after reading a few lines Maya discovers there’s a sex scene in this movie! Oh my! Truth be told, this aspiring thespian has not been fucked for a while and Maya is nervous about taking on this big part. She’ll take method acting to a new level when Maya turns her casting call into an all-out sex session! You’ve got an eye for talent and today you might have just found your leading lady. Roll out the red carpet for Maya and give her a real taste of stardom!”

VR porn, you know…there’s not much out there where you get more for your money. Fuck me, man… 25 bucks for 5104 full-length VRs! And, don’t forget about their exclusive POVR Originals scenes.

Personally, I’d take the entire WankzVR and MilfVR catalogs along with the POVR Originals over what SLR offers for more money. I simply find POVR to be a much better deal where you’re getting much higher quality 3D for your money.

For instance, at SLR you get presently 113 WankzVR releases. Well, at POVR you get 604 WankzVR scenes! That alone pushes it over the top for me. Depends what you’re looking for… Me? Yea, I want the entire WankzVR catalog. While I’m at it: the POVR sub gets you the entire MILF VR catalog too…and, everybody knows I LOVE MILF VR!

There’s not much more to say, really.

If you want all the mind-breakingly horny Wankz/MilfVR stuff, proceed. In my opinion, this is one fuck of a VR porn deal!

Take me to POVR! … NOW!

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