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Real Hot VR Interview and Review 2021

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Hi everybody, below is a little interview done with Real Hot VR at the end of last year. Like a complete blockhead, I spaced this out. But, I talked to RHVR again today, and updated things. On October 9, 2021 I also added more of an official Real Hot VR review section to this article also.

Real Hot VR VR porn studio interview article

Oh, hot damn! This shizzle’s looking pretty…hot! DOGGY TIME!  Click for bigger image.

Anyway, RHVR is a newish VR porn studio, and I love new studios that are adding their own original touches into the broader VR porn landscape.

I know that RHVR’s not generating a ton of chatter, but they’re releasing legit 3D featuring gals like Bunny Colby, Keeley Rose, Giselle Blanco, Paisley Porter, Aiden Ashley, Kenzie Taylor, Harmony Rivers, Charlotte Sins, Alix Lynx, and other similar A-list Goddess gals….

Real Hot VR blonde


Real Hot VR’s power moves in the VR porn industry

I mean, you look at that line-up and can deduce that the Real Hot gang is making a play in the big league VR porn ballpark…I see that roster, and I’m thinking, “Okay, you’re off to a good start here.” But, there is work to be done…

…but, when I see how this business is developing and its trajectory, it’s very evident to me that this is a damn serious operation that’s looking to kick some ass in this industry.

If I’m just being totally straight with ya’ll…when I factor the entire equation: I like and enjoy what I’m seeing and feel it crosses the competency threshold…I particularly appreciate the genre diversity; but I don’t quite think RHVR is presently perched on VR porn’s elite, top tier. There’s some optical and conceptual fine-tuning to be done.

Real Hot’s got real potential in my opinion

But, they’re a rather new studio…and, this is such a tricky art form…and, I absolutely do think these good folks have got a lot of potential. We’ve seen it happen here many times: a studio’s releasing work that’s solidly okay…and, then suddenly they re-calibrate a bit and start churning out spectacular VRs. So, that’s why they’re on this site my brothers and sisters!

Real Hot VR’s a studio that I’m keeping an eye on.

Real Hot VR Freya Parker

Real Hot VR Freya Parker – nice

Real Hot VR Review quick take October 2021

I see the Real Hot gang is still cranking out da 3D. Honestly, I’ve kind of lost track of their output, so that’s what we’re doing now. Getting caught up.

I see they’ve done recent VR scenes with the likes of Ava Sinclaire, Nicole Sage, Zerella Skies, April Snow, Alice Moore, and Nikole Nash. By the way, I really really like how Nikole fucks in 3D.

It looks like they’ve got around 70 total scenes. Though, don’t quote me on that…I came up with that number by sort of looking around the website and trying to figure it out, but I’m not 100% on that number.

Part of their logo symbol…the “VR” part looks similar to something. I don’t know… In the words of Madonna, nevermind…

You know, they’ve got a scene…it’s a couple years old…it’s called Stepmom & I Want Your Cum, Choose Her Big Tits or My Wet Pussy. And, it’s got Krissy Lynn and Nikki Peach in it…and, it demonstrates something interesting that I’ve encountered time and again in the VR porn world. While the release is most certainly pretty far from perfect on the technical/optical level…it’s still really damn enjoyable and HORNY!

And, that’s kind of a side point that I wanted to make. Horny VR porn scenes do not have to be technically perfect as far as I’m concerned. And, when you’ve got Nikki Peach shoving her thong ass crack at you doggy: yeah, that does help matters.

Their most famous porn gals

It would appear the biggest—most famous—porn women who have recently starred in Real Hot VR scenes include Bunny Colby, Paisley Porter, and Lily Larimar.

Keep up the good work, Real Hot VR and keep at it…

For me, I want to be encouraging to the Real Hot VR studio. I think they’re on the right track with A LOT of potential. The present work, to my eyes, is competent and worth checking out: particularly if you’re a fan of the particular woman. Being completely honest, the optics and filming methods aren’t top-tier VR porn, but that’s okay! We’ve got to give folks room to grow and support studios as they’re perfecting their work. Remember this: CzechVR and WankzVR’s early work didn’t look like the present stuff either.

Good luck RHVR!

The Real Hot VR Interview from Feb. 2021

Okay, let’s do this…as you’ll see, I open the interview with a question barrage: When did RHVR get started? You doing 6K? What makes RHVR different than the other VR porn studios? Where are you based out of? We launched in March ‘19, since then we revamped our website and improved our technology making the platform more user friendly and making content compatible for every VR device on the market. Currently all of our productions are in 6k: available via download and streaming. Our content is “As Real As She Gets”. We focus on delivering the consumer the highest level of intimacy in the best possible resolution. We have offices in New York and California. How has business been? VR porn seems extremely competitive these days? Is your subscriber base steadily growing? Business has been great. We are experiencing consistent month to month growth and have a strong retention rate.

Ashley Lane Squirts In Your Face Real Hot VR

Ashley Lane squirting again! How would you describe the RealHotVR identity and reason for being? Our content caters to the high tech consumer who wants immersive and intimate high quality virtual reality. To keep thriving in a competitive market we must remain nimble to constantly deliver and keep our customers wanting more. What makes you different from..say… Virtual Real Porn or Naughty America VR or WankzVR or VR Bangers or any of those studios? Once you’re a member of our site, you’ll experience the difference. To my eyes, it seems like you have more of a content mix… in addition to heterosexual, it appears like you have a good bit of solo/JOI and lesbian?? Is that an accurate impression? That’s exactly correct. It’s a very personal experience. Sure. I’d argue that this content mix is a strength…and differentiates your studio. I agree.

Miss Aiden Detention Domination Real Hot VR

Oh, Miss Aiden! Do you have downloadable previews on RHVR? I don’t see them. I see a streaming sort of option but no downloadable previews. Am I overlooking something? We currently do not offer downloadable previews: it’s something we might consider in the future. What’s your favorite RHVR scene and why? Aiden Ashley fucked in detention. She beautifully portrayed the character of the scene and delivered an extremely compelling performance Okay, great. Thank you RHVR! Thanks back at you!

Good luck, Real Hot! As mentioned, I think you good folks have got a lot of potential!

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