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VR Latina Review 2019 Review

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Julia De Luca stands naked showing pussy hair

Julia, you might make me hit that subscribe button!

There is an update to this review.

I’ve been watching VR Latina movies at VRporn, and they’re looking pretty damn good: technically speaking and nice choice of actresses, etc.

I mean, if the Latina niche is your thing, this is a no-brainer.

Some of the women who have starred recently in VR Latina productions include Cristina Miller, Adriana Medina, Veronica Leal, Steff Summer, Kesha Ortega, Kourtney Love, Valeria Rey, Ashley Grey, Mia Linz, Baby Nicols, Julia de Luca, Ginebra Bellucci, Mia Wallis, Gaby Gomez, and many more.

Looks like they release about one movie a week.

And, a yearly sub goes for a one-time payment of $67.49.

What follows beneath is the original VR Latina review from early 2019. The VR Latina technical quality has improved considerably over the past two years.

My opinion, though, largely remains similar: if you like beautiful Latina women getting naked and fucking in 3D, you’re going to want a VR Latina subscription.

The original February 2019 VR Latina review

February 27, 2019
This is how the VR Latina studio describes itself: “The sexiest Latin ladies brought to you in stunning VR!

Who are the VR Latina ladies?

Some of the stars include Isabella Angela, Adriana Medina, Lola Latina, Alejandra Zapata, Beatriz Lopez, Natasha Teen and Veronica Leal.

Sexy Latinas in Virtual Reality: Welcome to VR Latina

Sexy Latinas in Virtual Reality: Welcome to VR Latina

Online, over the years, people sometimes complain that VR porn doesn’t have much racial/ethnic diversity. I actually never completely agreed with that: because, for one example, a studio like Virtual Real Porn has been bringing variety since the start. And, granted it’d take some cherry-picking from various studios, but it is out there.

Anyway, …if you like Latin galsand, what the hell’s not to like?—then the simple question arises: “How do these VRLatina videos look?”

I took the $2.99 one video trial.

The virtual porn optical experience is evaluated here mainly by scale, sense of spatial correctness, camera proximity, human positioning and a bunch of other factors.

Attention In Detention starring Vicky Hope

For my download, I chose Attention In Detention starring Vicky Hope.

Vicky Hope stars in Attention In Detention for VR Latina

Vicky Hope stars in Attention In Detention for VR Latina


It has a recent release date of December 14, 2018. And, did you see Ms. Hope? Works for me!

Vicky Hope sideways sex VR Latina

Vicky goes sideways for VRL

The GearVR file is 6 GB, 2880×1440, 60 fps. And, the movie runs 35 minutes.

So, how’s the VrLatina.com quality??

The camera positioning and framing was better than I anticipated.

For example:

1. Pulled-down missionary as it should be.

Good framing on the pulled-down missionary

Good framing on the pulled-down missionary

2. Upright cowgirl

Vicky's upright cowgirl looking good

Vicky’s upright cowgirl looking good

3. Some sorta sideways posing that I liked.

This sideways clothed teasing works for me, personally...

This sideways clothed teasing works for me, personally…

Downside of VR Latina 2019?

On the downside, this is a new studio, and, unsurprisingly, there’s a lack of finesse with the general optical experience: including, in particular for me, the sense of spatial correctness (scale) and the general optical experience/clarity, etc. I felt like I was getting a minor convergence/misalignment sorta thing at points.

Is that a deal breaker?

Not necessarily. While the optical quality certainly doesn’t match the top-tier studios frequently discussed on this site: the optics here measure well enough on the wackability index to while away a weeknight if the Latin niche is your thing.

And, while an obvious point: this hinges upon how horny you are for Latin lovers.

The main competition here, of course, would be Virtual Real Porn: who, for instance, recently had a VR Brazilian Experience series that was pretty damn fantastic (I’m looking at you Debora Dunhill!)

And, VRP’s been sprinkling in some Latin/Hispanic stars since 2014.

So, it goes without say that Virtual Real Porn wins this competition: by a lot. I mean…it’s not really a fair comparison.

However, I’d add four things in VR Latina’s plus column.

1. It’s the only VR porn studio dedicated exclusively to 3D Latin porn.

2. If you’re a fan of this content…if you want new studios to survive so they can eventually evolve and realize their potential; then, you must support them in their early stages. Yes, you have to send some subscription money their way: even when they’re not the best value for the dollar. There’s simply no other way they’ll make it.

I’ll remind you that a studio like CzechVR—almost universally regarded as either the best or one-of-the-best VR porn studios—they didn’t start out like the CVR of today. I remember their first batch of releases. There were faults with those, too. The truth is…there were bigger faults with those early CVR releases than the faults with the VR Latina movie I watched. If you want there to one day be a Latin version of CzechVR, you’ve got to support it.

3. There’s nothing saying you can’t subscribe to VR Latina in addition to VRP. VR Latina’s got the $14.99/month, which ain’t too bad.

4. They also have the $2.99 one video trial. Just be mindful that this will auto-renew if not canceled within 24 hours.

VR Latina Verdict

If you’re horny for Latin women and want there to one day be a major, first-rate studio dedicated to this content, I recommend you at least take the $2.99 trial and give them a shot. If money’s real tight, just go with VRP.

I want to download some VR Latina movies… NOW!

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