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Updated April 2016, December 2017

I try to review new companies, etc. But, I’ve also gotten very busy. So, no offense is meant if I’m not able to review something. It’s hard keeping up these days.

So, what’s the simple review policy?

It goes like this: If I’d spend my own money on a subscription or individual video purchase, it gets recommended.

If I wouldn’t spend my own money on it, it could still be recommended if I think that it’s worth the money to somebody else. This usually applies to fetish type stuff—that may not appeal to me—but still exhibits the quality level to be, in good conscience, suggested to someone who’s into that particular thing.

This is the guiding rule that applies in almost every situation.

Is this a fair way to do things? I don’t know. But, it’s the best I’ve come up with…

So… let’s get into a little more detail…

Basically, VR porn movies are reviewed here. They are judged mainly upon the work’s quality.

There are 3 main factors that go into the review:

1. The performers
2. The scaling
3. The positioning of the performers and cameras

Are there any other review considerations?

Yes. Sound, color, 3D effect, lighting, set, story, fetish and anything else that adds to the evaluation. In many cases, those things tend to be mentioned when there’s a problem with them.

Additionally, the reviews are written to be fun. Or, I try…

Could you be even more specific? If a studio wanted you to give them an ecstatic review, what should they deliver in the movie?

Well, concerning camera/body positioning, this list is a guide about what works for me as an individual person:

Convenient List of Positioning Elements FindVRporn wants in every release:

1. Face close-up time in sweet spot zone, minimum 3 minutes.
2. Sweet spot clothed teasing, minimum 2 minutes.
3. Bent-over blowjob, minimum 2 minutes.
4. Missionary push-forward, minimum 5 minutes.
5. Truncated missionary: minimum 3 minutes. If you want major bonus points: fade cuts between truncated and push forward!
6. Standing from behind head/hair pull, minimum 3 minutes.
7. Immediate doggy that feels big enough, minimum 2 minutes.
8. Squatting Cowgirl Hoverface, minimum 2 minutes.
9. Ten finger reverse cowgirl, minimum 1 minute… as seen in Deadpool.
1. Switch a few times into immediate 3rd person POV.
2. Work in moving camera.
3. As a very general rule, imo, it’s best to have the woman pulled down far in the frame: even to the extent where all that’s seen of the man is his thrusting dipstick.
4. Although controversial, if it were up to me, I’d say break 1st person POV all the time with quick black fadecuts that then refocus very close to the woman’s face etc. and then fade back to POV…this is something not seen much, though CzechVR is closest…
5. Although, not strictly a positioning aspect, if the background provides maximum contrast with the woman, everything—including positioning—looks better…

Affiliate Policy

If I wouldn’t be willing to reach for my own credit card and buy a subscription from a VR porn company, then it doesn’t get recommended here.

So, there are links on this site that make a commission if a product is purchased through that link. This is a pretty common practice online.

And, the point is that if I wouldn’t personally spend my own money to subscribe, the company does not have that type of link on this website. I’m serious about this.

If a company’s not on this site: don’t read too much into that. I honestly can’t get to everything. There’s good VR movies out there that haven’t been covered here. That’s the idea I’m trying to get across.

Things have gotten really busy, and it’s hard to keep up.

The bottom line is that I know it’s difficult to trust these days. But, with that said, tries very, very hard to tell it straight and give an honest account of the movies and things presented here. I believe our honesty record is at 100%.

Thank you for your interest and time.

Have a good day.

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