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Babe Erotica VR Review

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Lesser known VR porn studios

Lately we’ve been reviewing some studios that are wacking beneath the Fleshlight flying a bit beneath the radar. In the past couple weeks we’ve reviewed Darkroom VR, Jimmy Draws, Only3X VR, Lust Reality and  POV Central VR.

Today we’re doing another one that doesn’t seem to generate much chatter: Babe Erotica VR.

And, I’ll tell you this right off the wack bat: this shit is way better than I was expecting!

Now, granted…I went in with low expectations because at this stage of my life…I go into everything with low expectations, man! I’ve learned the Goddamn hard way, fellas!

Isabelle Deltore Shows Off Her Skills

And, when I watched Isabelle Deltore Shows Off Her Skills With Sex Toys…I said, “Well, I’ll be damned! That’s horny!

Gorgeous Isabelle Deltore for Babe Erotica VR

Gorgeous Isabelle Deltore for Babe Erotica VR… I really do think it’s love this time, guys…
Oh, Isabelle, baby!

Now, sure…a large part of why that movie’s great is because of Ms. Deltore’s uncanny ability to zap the male libido with her sultry voice; beautiful body; fatalistic face; gal-Goddess-gorgeousness and over-the-top perverse dialogue/soliloquy.

That release has the type of simple execution…focus on the fundamentals of porn/life…that just works every time for me. I like the simple sets! I like the thin premise! I like the inspired JOI dialogue! I like the Isabelle Deltore!!! A LOT!

Alexis Fawx With Huge Tits Fucks Her Pussy

I also checked out another winner: Alexis Fawx With Huge Tits Fucks Her Pussy With Fingers. This was great in much the same way as Isabelle’s scene. And, such a descriptively accurate scene title!

Alexis Fawx legs spread pussy posing for Babe Ertotica VR

Alexis Fawx pristine posing for Babe Ertotica VR.
Alexis, I admit it, on Twitter a link took me somewhere, and I basically stumbled across a site where you were auctioning your bikini bottoms…
….and, I admit it! I was tempted to bid! I ADMIT IT, GUYS! I want Alexis’ bikini. Does that make me a bad guy?

And, I also watched Cindy Key With Big Boobs Plays With A Toy In Her Kitchen. This was the weakest release because unlike the other two discussed, this one fucked-up the distance/range and spent too much time out of the sweetspot zone. But, hey…ain’t nobody perfect all the Goddamn time, man!

Cindy Key dildo

Cindy Key dildo antics for 3D porn studio, Babe Ertotica VR.
Good work, Cindy, I just thought they should have gotten a bit closer to your horny blondeness…

The Babe Erotica VR Women

Babe Erotica VR has a gal collection that I personally like…A LOT! It includes Alexis Fawx, Angel Kriss,Angel Piaff, Blanche Bradburry, Candy Black, Candy Red, Carolina Sweets, Chanel Shortcake, Cynthia Vellons, Daphne Klyde, Eva Berger, Georgia Jones, Jarushka Ross, Jenifer Jane, Katy Jayne, Kinuski Kakku, Lady Dee, Lena Love, Lexi Luna, Nathalie Cherie, Sarah Kay, Scarlett Mae, Shark, Vanessa Decker, Vanna Bardot, Victoria Daniels, Victoria Pure, Victoria Puppy, Violet Starr.

Love that list!

Subscription Cost, Money, Access, etc.

If you got a VRporncom subscription, then I encourage you to immediately start downloading some Babe Erotica 3D. It looks like, at the present moment, they got about 43 Babe Erotica VR scenes over there. If you ain’t got a VRporncom subscription, I encourage you to get one because dollar-for-dollar it’s the best VR porn value you’re going to get in the VR porn world 2021.

Now, if you’re fully vibing on the Babe Ertocia VR…um…vibe…you can get a direct subscription from them for anywhere from $25-$40/month depending on if you get their limited special and whether you want the charge to be recurring or not. (Don’t get me started on this recurring charge thing…)

Babe Erotica VR Review Conclusion

And, finally I looked at Natalia Queen video chats nude with her professor to get an A in class. And, this confirms my general VR porn impression that I’ve been preaching for years.

Natalia Quen video chats nude with her professor - Babe Erotica VR

Natalia Quen video chats nude with her professor – Babe Erotica VR.
I kind of thought being a professor might be a worthwhile career.

What impression is that?

What does a VR porn scene really need?

It’s that you don’t need a huge budget, a fancy set, a complex script/narrative, or even the best camera rig in the world. (You do need a decent camera, of course.) But, the most important components are really just an enthusiastic woman who wants to be there doing this scene…who really wants to be forever captured in some really horny 3D that will make the male libido go cuckoo.

And, what I watched of Babe Erotica…yes, they do a damn fine job of demonstrating what I’ve been repeating on this website.

And, if you’re a dude looking for conventional hetero, solo gal VR porn, then I give Babe Erotica a 8.5.

Yes, that is a high rating.

Good luck, Babe Erotica.

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