Only 3XVR Review - Haley Reed legs spread

Only3XVR Review

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So, there’s a VR porn studio—doesn’t get much presss—called Only3XVR. Let’s ignore the odd name and seize the central question:

Who Should Subscribe to Only3XVR? Should anyone? Should everyone? Should I?

Okay, so Only3XVR is plunged deeply into the most mainstream VR porn conception: traditional hetero doink-doink featuring conventionally beautiful women.

Many of the women who have appeared in Only3XVR offerings…well, it’s that familiar cast of characters.

If you’ve been following this VR porn world for a bit, you’ll immediately know what I’m talking about: Angel Wicky, Alyssia Kent, Baby Nicols, Ava Black, Darcia Lee, Florane Russel, Honey Demon, Shalina Devine…and, they’ve also shot Emma Hix and Haley Reed.

Anyway, personally…I love that familiar cast! What the hell’s not to like?

So, if you’ve got a VR subscription to your name already…and, you’re a dude like myself who likes the mainstream porn aesthetic/formula, then hell yes click over to VR porn and download some of Only3XVR’s 3D. Personally, I suggest you start with the Honey Demon one!

Honey Demon doggy style

Look, let’s be real real candid with each other, men.
There ain’t too many women in this world who got a nicer ass than Ms. Honey Demon.
Are you with me guys?

That’s some good stuff from Only3XVR and Ms. Demon!

Okay, what if I don’t have a VR porn subscription?

If you haven’t given a VR porn subscription consideration, I’d encourage you to. If it’s not your thing, then Only3XVR does offer subscriptions that are priced—on Jan. 25, 2021—at 1 month/$30; 3 months/$60 or a year/$120.

While those sub rates aren’t outrageous, they are certainly on the higher-end of the Fleshlight.

For instance, you can get a WankzVR month for $20 …or  Naughty for $30. Either of those subscriptions delivers VR porn libraries with hundreds of releases that have been being built for years.

With Only3XVR, the sub gets you—presently, it appears—22 VR porn videos. Now, to be fair, it also seems to get you unlimited access to 7 other “premium sites.” But, it appears—I’m not 100% on this—but, it appears those sites offer 2D porn. And, I generally presume that most people reading a website called Find VR porn are…primarily interested in finding VR porn.

So, their library is limited. But…you’ve got to start somewhere! Ain’t no way around that. But, when it comes to credit-card-extraction, we have a sort of tough standard over here…

But, I want to be fair to this Only3XVR studio…and, I found their Honey Demon VR to be off-the-chains horny! I really did. I enjoyed the work I viewed…but, I can’t find too much reason why a garden-variety dude should spend his $30 here rather than at, say, Naughty America which has been compiling its VR porn library since 2015.

With that said, I must reemphasize that these folks are delivering a solidly competent product.

Emma Hix reverse cowgirl only3xvr

Ms. Emma Hix with a rather expressive reverse cowgirl for the Only3XVR studio…
….I get soooooooooooo emotional, babyyyyyy!

So, while their VR is certainly competent: it ain’t perfect. I noticed some smaller type errors here and there: including a little bit of convergence at one point.

Only3X VR Conclusion

But, all things considered, these are VR porn releases that most certainly cross the wack-worthy thresh hold. It’s just that in 2021 there’s a high bar that’s been set over the past six or seven years and for a newer VR porn studio to get an enthusiastic recommendation from me, they really need to have an aesthetic that’s original and not found elsewhere (e.g. Virtual Taboo’s new Dark Room studio comes to mind.)

If a new studio’s releasing conventional, heterosexual—sort of template—offerings, well…in that case they’re competing with the massive existing libraries of outfits like VR Bangers, Virtual Real Porn, Naughty, BaDoink, Wankz, MILF, etc. And, if the new studio—with under a hundred original VR porn scenes—wants the same or similar sub rate, it’s just become difficult to provide a strong endorsement for that.

On top of that, when most of the studio’s library is available at VRporn/com and thus available for a monthly of $20 (that also gets you a few thousand other VR porn scenes from dozens of studios) it just becomes really tough to recommend somebody spend $30 on 22 VR porns with the promise of a couple new releases a week.

It’s a tough situation facing new studios these days, and it would really require burning a bit of gray matter in order to find the best approach right now. I don’t personally have a new VR porn studio, so I haven’t really given it too much thought but I can tell you that you need to come unique…damn one-of-a-kind, and you need to keep it to yourself. Those would be a few starting points.

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