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POV Central VR Review 2022

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Hi everyone, so we last reviewed the Czech Republic’s  POV Central VR studio in January 2021. And, with the year about to wrap-up, these good folks most certainly merit an update because POV Central has, indeed, been steadily improving.

Under the leadership of the owner and Chief Creative Officer, Enzo Barracuda, I’ve seen the tell-tale signs that a VR porn studio is on the verge of taking things to the next level. We’ve been down this road a number of times, and you can tell when it’s about to happen.You can just sort of sense it.

When asked to very quickly summarize POV Central VR, Enzo said: 

POV Central is a conventional 2D POV porn site, has been for about 15 years. As a free bonus to members of POV Central, I offer 4k versions of my VR episodes. The full quality 6k versions are available on SexLikeReal, VRPorn, POVR Premium, and VRSmash.”

So, we’re going to get this review updated into its 2022 version. We’ll have some fun analyzing the present work and speculating about what’s to come…

But, first things first…for clarity’s sake, we do need a brief recap of how we got here:

POV Central VR: 3 major developments during 2021

Since the last review, I’ve seen three major developments with POV Central VR:

  1. The overall optical quality is crisper. In respect to VR cameras, they have upgraded Vuze XR to a professional ZCam K1 Pro. And let’s say a couple words about this. While we have discussed in great length the different shooting methods and camera positioning and actress qualities that contribute to creating world-class VR porn scenes, let’s not overlook the fundamental: how good is the camera? So, this camera upgrade is meaningful.
  2. Enzo’s VR porn shooting methods—in a very general, VR porn optics-sense—have all-around improved. The shot framing and proximity now create a greater immediacy.
  3. Naturally dovetailing on the previous point: subsequently the VR porn intimacy/connection has intensified. While this metric sometimes has an intangible quality which makes discussion difficult: the viewer can feel when the work engages with greater intensity. And, in findvrporn’s view, this is really what VR porn is all about: intense engagement with the viewer.

POV Central VR’s Plans for 2022

So, before the analytical review below, let’s just touch upon Enzo’s plans for POV Central VR for 2022. Enzo tells me:

“The goal is to continually improve the product and incorporate more creativity in camera angles and general VR porn filming techniques. This will partially be achieved by using more varied backgrounds, settings and storylines: while, of course, retaining the core ideals and principles of the original POV Central philosophy.

Additionally, I’m planning another camera upgrade: the Canon EOS VR System. This new Canon lens will shoot in 8K: a considerable step up from my current 6K setup.”

#findvrporn opinion of POV Central VR’s 2022 plans

This sounds great to me. I consider POV Central VR to be a damn competent studio producing a horny VR porn product. And, when I watch the 3D, I do think to myself that the overall erotic power would be intensified by producing a crisper optical image and introducing some greater variety in respect to camera positioning, settings and background.

So, for me…I’m really looking forward to seeing Enzo and POV Central VR realize this vision in the new year.

POV Central VR review

POV Central VR review

Let’s now consider POV Central’s approach to virtual porn productions.

The pornographic ideal of POV Central founder, Enzo Barracuda

It’s time to explore the pornographic ideal and aesthetic of the owner and visionary behind POV Central VR, Enzo Barracuda. And, let’s consider whether his VR porn scenes match his stated goals. And, then let’s think about whether my particular standards and values could have any type of useful relevance.

There’s an interesting interview in which Enzo shares his porn ideal:

“We definitely go for a softer, slower, less hectic approach. We work with models that are gorgeous in the conventional, traditional sense. The same with the costumes. I like the classics. Flight attendants, nurses, fishnets, black stockings, garter belts, high-heel shoes, sexualized versions of uniforms — you get the picture. I try to keep the settings as minimal possible. You will also see camera techniques designed to enhance the sensation of being personally immersed in the experience.

Let me just be straightforward and say that there will never be anal sex on POV Central. Plain, soft ‘vanilla’ sex — blowjobs and vaginal sex only — is very much a central part of the core philosophy driving the project. Not that I’ve anything against those who do enjoy viewing anal sex, but there is a group of viewers for whom it does nothing — or worse. Same with DPs, DAs, DPPs, etc. What can I say? Me and those of my ilk are old-fashioned romantics with very delicate fantasies.”

Josephine Jackson starring in The Lingerie Model for POV Central VR

Josephine Jackson starring in The Lingerie Model for POV Central VR

I respect Enzo’s straight-forward statement

Okay,  I’d say this is exceptionally fair and even a bit unusual for the creator to so explicitly give us a glimpse behind the curtains. I respect that!

We see that Enzo’s VR porn ideal would be a “plain, vanilla” type of offering that features a lot of horny accouterments such as costumes, uniforms, stockings and such. Hey, that sounds great!  That syncs with my erotic sense just fine. Perhaps I’ve got a bit of the old-fashioned romantic in me as well! How do you feel about this type of thing?

So, we’ll consider the work while bearing in mind Enzo’s stated objectives of a VR porn scene with “a softer, slower, less hectic approach” featuring conventionally gorgeous models, horny costumes, and immersive 3D.

I think the picture below of Sarah Kay from her POV Central VR scene represents a beautiful woman in a sexy outfit casting a libidinous vibe!

Sarah Kay for POV Central VR

Sarah Kay for POV Central VR

We’ll soon consider this further. But, first, let me tell you a bit about how I like to conduct reviews of VR porn studios and scenes.

The three most important metrics for a VR porn review

So, back in 2015, I started formulating a method to review VR porn scenes and the three most important metrics were 1.) the model and her performance; 2.)  the sexual positioning of the bodies; and 3.) the camera positioning.

I’d like to simultaneously discuss the POV Central 3D in respect to both Enzo’s VR porn ideal and my 2015 framework. Bear with me and you’ll see that all the pieces will nicely come together.

The POV Central VR models are, indeed, conventionally gorgeous!

So, Enzo says that he works with conventionally gorgeous models. And, looking over the POV Central roster, my friends, there is no disputing that!

Some of the women who have starred in POV Central VR porn scenes include Billie Star, Barbara Bieber, Mia Trejsi, Victoria Pure, Tiny Tina, Daisy Lee, Sarah Kay, Barbie Sins, Isabelle De Laa, Florane Russell, Victoria Parker, Victoria Pure, Candy Alexa, and Kira Queen.

Blanche Bradburry and Barbie ESM star in BodyStockings for POV Central VR...

Blanche Bradburry and Barbie ESM star in BodyStockings for POV Central VR… I LOVE beautiful women in stockings!

You’ll notice that a number of these women are VR porn veterans. Off the top of my head, I can tell you that I’ve seen some of them perform in previous releases for CzechVR, Virtual Real Porn, Virtual Taboo, and other studios.

We’re off to a good start, though, because VR porn performers often benefit from repeated performances in this somewhat new medium that fundamentally differs from previous 2D experience.

Additionally, besides the benefits of  experience, I know from previous viewings that some of these women have excellent VR porn instincts. That’s a way of saying that some actresses somehow instinctively intuit how their performance will be rendered in the VR porn headset: and, thus adjust their performance and positioning accordingly. They simply understand what makes for an effective and horny VR porn experience.

What I’m trying to say is that when I look at the POV Central VR roster, I’m thinking something like, “We’re off to a good start here, man!” The most fundamental element is the porn star, and Enzo has chosen some spectacular women to point the 3D cameras at…

And, as mentioned…as anyone with working eyes can easily see: these women most certainly fall into the “conventionally gorgeous” category!

Horny accouterments: stockings and costumes and such

After discussing his filming preference for conventionally beautiful women, Enzo mentions “I like the classics. Flight attendants, nurses, fishnets, black stockings, garter belts, high-heel shoes, sexualized versions of uniforms — you get the picture.”

Oh, yes indeed…I can relate! I get the picture, my friend!

So, looking over the POV Central VR catalog, we do most certainly see French maids, beach babes, lingerie models, lifeguard outfits, boots, stockings, fishnets, fancy shoes, red mesh, uniforms…yes, Enzo, I do get the picture!

Lingerie Dream Girls for POV Central VR

Speaking of horny outfits, check out Lovita Fate and Isabella de Laa in Lingerie Dream Girls for POV Central VR

Thus far, I would argue that Enzo and POV Central VR are delivering upon the promise of beautiful women in horny outfits. But, Enzo also discussed his filming aesthetic…

POV Central VR’s soft and slow approach

The content and cinematic pacing is an erotic and easy-going affair. And, I’ll just interject my very personal opinion: this type of pacing works for me. Right, so people have different tastes. And, often there’s no right or wrong to it.

But, I know that many other VR porn consumers also enjoy this type of approach that incorporates VR porn kissing, blowjobs, and what sometimes is referred to as “vanilla b/g sex.”

As far as VR porn kissing goes…this has been a topic of VR porn community discussion since 2014! And, the general consensus has always been that consumers wanted more kissing and close-up face time. So, it’s really cool how POV Central VR delivers such content in virtually every release.

So, let’s look at some screen caps and picture examples of the POV Central VR approach below:

Kayla Green in Party Girl kissing at 2:50

In the picture below, we have a screen capture from the actual VR porn scene being played on a 2D computer. Inside of the VR porn mask, this kissing experience has an intense 3D realism!

Kayla Green kissing segement in her POV Central VR scene

Kayla Green kissing segement in her POV Central VR scene

Soft and Sensual with Florane Russell

And, speaking of the soft and sensual approach, behold Florane Russell in some blowjob action during her POV Central VR scene below.

Florane Russell blowjob in a POV Central VR scene

The soft and sensual approach with gorgeous Florane Russell in a POV Central VR scene


POV Central VR’s camera and human body positioning

Okay, now let’s consider the positioning of human bodies along with camera positioning. It often works best to think of these two things in tandem. These are two intertwined metrics that findvrporn considers to be very important.

So, arguably VR porn’s fundamental, staple positioning for heterosexual sex scenes is front-facing cowgirl. I suppose someone might dispute that; but, having followed 3D porn since the start, I do believe that cowgirl is the sexual foundation of heterosexual VR porn.

Now, in particular, the type of cowgirling that I consider most effective I call “squatting cowgirl hoverface.”

The name, I feel, accurately describes what you get with it.

And, to POV Central’s credit, I see a healthy dose of both upright cowgirl and squatting cowgirl hoverface in these scenes. That’s a good thing. To make the point, let’s post some pictures that serve as good examples of the body and camera positioning. These pictures are actually captures from within the VR porn mask, so the 2D representation can get some warping: but, the 2D image successfully conveys the immediacy of the positioning.

Kayla Green from Party Girl at 10:40

Kayla Green Party Girl cowgirl for POV Central VR

Kayla Green Party Girl cowgirl at 10:40 on the timeline. Notice how Kayla is very upright with her head and face hovering above you.

Daisy Lee from Beach Babe at 15:00

Beach Girl Daisy Lee for POV Central VR

Beach Babe Daisy Lee for POV Central VR with a very immediate and smothering cowgirl perspective at 15:00 on the timeline.

Vinna Reed from French Maid at 11:50

French Maid Vinna Reed cowgirl for POV Central VR

French Maid Vinna Reed with a POV Central VR cowgirl hoverface and some tit-squeezing bonus action on the side.

So, in my opinion, the cowgirl positioning in the pictures above is engagingly horny in a VR headset because it creates a sense of immediacy. Upright cowgirl is desirable, and what’s particularly captivating is when the woman leans in even a bit further and hovers her face over the viewer. POV Central VR achieves hoverface at points, and I’d like to see them do even a bit more in future releases.

Some potential ideas for future POV Central VR scenes

So, my sincere appreciation of POV Central VR scenes is detailed above through text and picture examples. I do believe that Enzo is successfully achieving his VR porn ideal of capturing horny 3D of conventionally beautiful women featured in erotic outfits performing within softer, vanilla type of contexts. Yes, indeed. If this is what you’re looking for…Enzo and Pov Central VR most certainly deliver it in high-quality 3D.

And, I’ll just end this piece by humbly tossing out a few ideas that, in my opinion, could improve the scenes a bit while staying true to the brand that Enzo has skillfully created over the years.

Let me emphasize the “humbly” part. I don’t consider myself the final word. With that said, here are a few ideas.

Moving camera

There’s not a great deal to be said about this except that some VR porn releases feature a moving camera which, in my view, heightens the interest and hornyness if executed correctly. Proper execution is crucial and it involves a slow and very steady approach to the camera movment.

Truncated perspectives

Likewise, this is also rather simple but effective. The basic idea is that for certain little segments the camera gets very close to the woman and just one part of her—-such as her face—fills up the frame: that’s called a truncated VR porn perspective.

Tiffany Watson truncated missionary with probation officer for LCHVR

Tiffany Watson in the picture above illustrates an example of truncated missionary with probation officer in a LethalHardcore VR scene

To be fair, POV Central does have a bit of such footage. I would argue that the work could be enhanced with a bit more truncated footage that emphasizes different specific views of the model.

I would like to see POV Central VR include a missionary segment in every B/G scene. And, to use Blanche’s Red Mesh scene as an example, I would have liked for that missionary perspective to have also truncated (meaning include a portion that’s zoomed into just Blanche’s face and upper body, simulating the stunt cock leaning into Blanche.)

Face fetish segments

The face fetish VR porn genre—as you would expect—puts the visual focus on the actress’s face. What can be really effective is to include a face fetish segment that runs a few minutes in length. This face fetish segment, of course, is in addition to everything else in the scene. In other words, there are dozens of POV Central VR scenes that would be improved if they stayed exactly as they are but simply added several minutes of face fetish to the existing footage.

Once again, there isn’t really a wrong or right to this stuff. And, I enjoy and respect the present methods and work of POV Central VR. I’m simply humbly tossing forth a few additional ideas.

More set changes

Most of these scenes take place in one generally plain type of room. And, that’s fine. Nobody’s putting on the headset to observe the room. But, with that said, I do think the general interest could be heightened if the same scene used a cut and perhaps switched settings. Maybe even trying an outdoor segment if at all possible.

Conclusion of this POV Central VR Analysis

As discussed above, POV Central VR is doing a lot of things right in their VR porn scenes. And, to their credit, they are successfully fulfilling Enzo’s vision that he explicitly states. That’s to say, the scenes are indeed featuring conventionally gorgeous women in horny outfits in softer, vanilla type sexual contexts.

With that said, I do believe it’s possible to stay true to Enzo’s ideals while heightening the general eroticism of the 3D work. I believe this could be achieved by incorporating moving camera perspectives, truncated perspectives, face fetish elements, along with more set changes.

I find it very easy to recommend a subscription to POV Central VR for folks who are seeking what Enzo offers: high-quality 3D of beautiful women in soft, sensual, vanilla-type sexual situations. If this interests you, I encourage you to read Enzo’s welcome statement. And, of course, take a look at the free POV Central previews.

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