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First Look At ZexyVR

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So, men like different porn genres…and, presuming its legal content, whatever floats your Fleshlight, man!

Readers here know I’m kinda cuckoo for the solo gal, clothed teasing, panties, garters, stockings, bikini, lingerie stripping sort of stuff.

Sasha is the star of the All Yellow ZexyVR release

Sasha is the star of the All Yellow ZexyVR release

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Such softcore stuff may not make your man mind murmur much.

If it ain’t your thing, skip this one.

Now… if it is your cup of cocoa…read on.

Previously, both StasyqVR and StripzVR impressed me. And, there are some great bits in the newer StockingsVR videos.

However, if I’m being totally honest with you, I didn’t completely see what I wanted with those studios.

Don’t get me wrong. They have some good 3D that I’ve praised on these very pages.

But, I know that this softcore stuff has mind-shattering VR potential. We’ve yet to see it in its most powerful expression.

zexyvr artistic logo
Just being honest with you…I know this genre can be pushed much further.

So, I came across this ZexyVR Beta studio that appears to have precisely this solo teasing focus. And, I saw the $10-for-a-month, Zexy special…so, here you go.

Sasha ZexyVR ass

Sasha, I’m noticing you look pretty damn good no matter what direction you’re pointing

Let’s see what Zexy’s got

The basis of these reviews is here. The most important aspect of these solo efforts is the sweetspot zone.

So, on Twitter ZVR describes themselves: “British Glamour Models in amazing 5.7K 3D 180 Degree 60fps Virtual Reality!”

And, the website has various files: Oculus 5K, WMR, Oculus Go, Phone, Daydream, etc.

Entering this review, I expect the distance won’t be right. But, let me download, take a look and offer my impressions.

Brit softcore porn Bethany Morgan

Hi there Bethany Morgan

So, how are the ZexyVR movies?

I looked at ten: Ashley Jane, Bethany Morgan (x3), Holly Gibbons (x2), Mia J, Sasha Cheeky, Sophia Smith (x2). (I’ve since looked at a few more.)

And, they’re short: ten minute range. I like that length for VR porn.

Sophia Smith in panties for a ZexyVR VR porn movie

Oh, Sophia baby!

Summary: A bit to my surprise, these videos worked the sweetspot zone pretty well. The models were basically beautiful: Sophia Smith’s two performances stood out. The outfits and teasing were pretty horny.
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Sophia Smith stars in Private Tuition... Sophia, very nicely done

Sophia Smith stars in Private Tuition… Sophia, very nicely done

The general scale and sense of spatial correctness was just fine. As I suggested, much better than expected.

I don’t regret dropping ten bucks for a month. Hell, that was a good move.

Now, with that said, to be fair, this is a new beta project, so…

…unsurprisingly, I did perceive shortcomings with camera placement, framing, the overall concept of individual videos, the pacing, movement speed of the women, the choreography of the women’s routines, dialogue aspects (are they going the talking direction or not…it seems they’re not sure), along with the background sorta techno music. I mean…the truth is there’s  room for improvement with some aspects.

Holly Gibbons ZexyVR

Oh, Holly baby!

And, there were little bits when I found myself thinking, “Oh, damn… that’s VR porn gold right there!” And, the little golden bit (of camera placement, model position and framing) would only last for a too-brief interval. That happened a few times.

But, as I said, we must try to be fair. And, this is a brand new studio that’s still in its development, beta stages. And, taking that into consideration, Zexy is off to a damn fantastic start. An excellent start, to be fair. Great work Zexy!

If softcore solo VR is your thing…well, like I said, personally I’m glad I dropped the ten bucks for a month.

They need free previews of all releases. Free previews ultimately make money.

And, the website could use some work.

I will be keeping an eye on this one.

Download Zexy VR Movies… NOW!

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