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First Look At VR 3000

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August 2023 – VR 3000 has obviously been abandoned for a long time now. Funny thing is the site is still online. And, there’s still a subscribe option! And, they say that their “member’s area is updated like clockwork.”

Well, it looks abandoned to me because on the front page is that same Liza Rowe scene in 4K.

Well, thanks for the memories 3000 gang.

And, hey…if I’m wrong about this, say so in the comments or use the contact form, and I’ll update it. PEACE OUT

Update January 30, 2018: It appears the 3000 boys haven’t released a new movie for a month. Additionally, some of these VR3000 movies are also being offered by the HoloGirlsVR studio. If I had to take a guess: I’d say 3000 appears to be done and Holo bought some content from them. That’s speculation. If anyone from these projects cares to clarify for FindVRporn.com’s readers, contact info is at the page’s bottom. Good luck to every living person who’s…currently alive right now.

Hi friends, continuing FindVRporn.com’s First Look series, today we’ll peep at the VR3000 boys.

blondes in bikinis

One thing this fella loves is a beautiful blonde gal in a bikini… i ain’t gonna lie, men!

I reread this article. It felt like I was being pretty tough on Team 3000.

So, at the outset, let me tell you the conclusion I reached, which is friendly: for VR porn consumers digging on traditional, hetero porn…if you like a few of the VR 3000 gals, grabbing a month sub looks like a good investment.

So, my final thought is that I, personally, would plunk $20 for a month. On the level… I ain’t gonna lie. I’d pay my twenty, download everything and then cancel it.

While completely legal, something about that feels, to me, almost like I’m doing something wrong.

walking dead porn parody picture

Here’s some creativity from the 3000 gang with a virtual porn spoof of AMC’s blockbuster hit, The Walking Dead.
Is Negan gonna doink in this, man?

But, it’s legal, man! They expect people to do that.

It’s just that I’ve got some ass-backwards sense of wrong and right resulting from too many childhood Mister Rogers episodes or something…

I don’t know, man!

Let’s keep going… we’re talking about VR3000.com today.

You know, picking web url names is a tough business. You want them to be short. Ideally, it should communicate something specific about the squad. And, so many domain names are already taken.

And, you know… VR3000… well, um… eh… uh…

Still not funny

Hey, I never said I was Richie Pryor, man!

Richard Pryor performing

Now, this man actually was funny, and his VR porn reviews would have been awesome, man.

So, in FindVRporn.com’s First Look reviews, we watch a few of the studio’s previews, and we’re mainly just looking to see if they have a generally correct sense of spatial correctness, technical competence, and VR execution.

We look for anything which distinguishes the studio and establishes a distinct identity.

There’s speculation about what consumer might match up with the studio. And, if you want to spend a few hours reading about the reviewing method pioneered by FindVRporn.com, here you go.

With the 3000 gang, I basically liked the optics. That’s to say, not perfection: but, they crossed the recommendation threshold. And, there was one novel camera perspective used by 3000 that was purehornymagical.

Hey, I never said I was ee cummings!

poet ee cummings

If American poet ee cummings wrote VR porn reviews…. oh, man… those would be really strange!

What was the camera perspective that I found purehornymagical?

I really like the smothering, tight 3rd person POV on their missionary action (pictured below).

Liza Rowe third person missionary

Liza Rowe third person missionary

That’s gold! I’d like to see a segment of that from every studio. Bonus points if the studio weaves in a truncated segment of the same. Who’s gonna actually be the first to deliver everything?

Additionally, their money shot employs the same approach (pictured below, again with Ms. Rowe).

cumshot on Liza Rowe's face

It’s a blast off on Liza’s face

That’s how it’s done, son. That’s just the type of good, wholesome perverseness that I can endorse!

Their website, while projecting a cookie-cutter style professionalism, screams slapped-together template: without the same love and concern evident in say… the VRbangers site.

VR 3000 has a graphic in the upper right corner which reads, “Voted #1 VR Site!” Click that and you’re taken to the JOIN page. I don’t like that. If you’re going to display that graphic, I want it linking to the source of that vote.

Additionally, there’s this graphical band:

Graphical band on VR 3000 website listing places that they presumably were favorably reviewed... only problem is the whole thing links back to their JOIN page

Graphical band on VR 3000 website listing places that they presumably were favorably reviewed… only problem is the whole thing links back to their JOIN page

So, the suggestion is that the New York Post, Guardian, etc. have written favorably about VR 3000. And, I’ll presume that’s true. But…

…you click the New York Post logo, and you’re taken to the JOIN page. No. I don’t like that fellas. Honestly, I don’t like that at all.

One could argue this is common practice: thus, it’s unfair to single-out 3000 for criticism.

Well, when I’m driving down the highway…let me tell you

…I see all kinds of trash and assorted, human debris on the road’s margin.

But, you know…I don’t toss my Big Mac carton and soda cup out the window. And, if I did… you’d be correct in calling me a shithead.

Maybe that analogy doesn’t work. Let’s just keep keeping on…

Screenshot of the VR300 homepage

Screenshot of the VR300 homepage

Their website is also menu-challenged. For example, let’s continue contrasting using VRbangers. On the Banger’s upper menu, you get options for categories, videos, pornstars, news, VR game, Help. You can see the care, concern and pride in that menu.

With VR 3000, in the upper menu, you get Join Now and Log-in. And, as mentioned, the Voted #1 thing that has no source.

I’m reminded of how the waiting room of a doctor’s office has that standardized, soulless look to it… Well…

This is unfortunate, because I can see that VR 3000 actually did invest care,

Tasty Tiffany dvd cover style graphic from VR3000.com

Tasty Tiffany dvd cover style graphic from VR3000.com

concern and pride in their actual videos.

And, the graphic design for the movie promos (as pictured below) is beautiful and obviously professional.

Yet, incongruently, the shady website design would suggest that the product would be subpar.

The product, though, looks pretty good and the 3000 gang has a roster of completely legit porn actresses. The whole thing is curious….

So, that’s just telling it straight, folks.

How Does VR3000 describe themselves?

VR3000 website

VR3000 Membership includes:

New virtual reality scene every week!
VR streaming to your smart phone – no download required
Unlimited Streaming and Download
TruVR Ultra 4K 180 3D movies
Streams at 60 frames per second
Streams on iPhone and Android

Members of our Virtual Reality World will have access to every new technology that comes along. We work hard to make VR3000 the #1 VR Site in the World!

So, similar to the VR Bangers text wall we discussed yesterday, I also think this self-description is a missed opportunity for VR 3000.

Why do I say that?

It doesn’t express why I should type my credit card number into the 3000 website rather than Virtual Real Porn, etc.

Look, I ain’t trying to give anybody a hard time.

These days there’s quite a few virtual porn studios out there. A consumer new to the game needs to be shown why he should spend his money with a particular company.

And, these days there’s a bunch of gals VR circuiting: releasing movies with multiple VR porn studios.

That’s not surprising, of course, but it also makes identity-creating more challenging.

Because, virtual pornography still can’t go full niche. So, the terrain is sort of an ambiguous, heterosexual affair complete with the cliche trimmings.

And, it’s a moment in time with a built-in Catch 22.


Well, to compete the studio must distinguish itself, and in pornography a primary source of distinction is niche, but if you distinguish by niche, you better pick something that ain’t too niche, because the VR audience (already a niche to begin with, really) is just too small to make things financially viable.

Does that make sense?

That raises our next question:

What Distinguishes VR 3000 From Other VR Studios?

Why should I choose VR 3000?

Hi there Ms. Cayla Lyons... I see you're a horny secretary, baby!

Hi there Ms. Cayla Lyons…
I see you’re a horny secretary, baby!

VR 3000 hasn’t done a good job of selling itself to me via the website structure, design and text copy.

It’s the previews that sold me because I liked some of the women and the horny-novel 3rd person missionary with matching money shot (both pictured below).


I get the sense it’d be a happy good time to pump away with Haley Reed

cum on Haley Reed's face

Oh, Haley baby!

Concerning studio reviews, we’re interested in many factors: but, there are some primary concerns

1. Are the movies horny? That’s number one, man! That question encompasses every variable (quality, competence, SOSC, etc.).
2. Performers?
3. Size of existing library?
4. Release frequency?
5. Pricing?
6. Anything particularly innovative?
7. Is there a clear sense of identity?

For a number of extraordinarily thorough articles that explain FindVRporn.com’s methods, click this.

Buy My Candy from VR3000.com

Buy My Candy from VR3000.com

Who are the VR 3000 women?

Some of the gals who have VR3000’d include horny Liza Rowe, Rosaline Rosa, Morgan Lee, Pussykat, Angel Rush, Anastasia Knight, Nia Nacci, Haley Reed, Gina Gerson, Sienna Day, Katy Rose, Cherry Kiss, Miyuki Son, Katy Kiss, Rebecca Volpetti, Daisy Lee, Cayla Lyons, Tasty Tiffany, Monique Woods, Summer Brooks, Freya Von Doom, Zelda Morrison, Mila Marx, Molly Mae, Jesse J., and many others.

I’d like it for studio websites to have a Pornstars Page that lists all the performers (linking to their movie page). I don’t think that’s asking for too much.

I’d also like every performance to feature a 5 minute, close-up bikini dance. That, though, might be asking for too much…

front of orange bikini

Bring on the standardized 5 minute bikini dance

Suffice to say, 3000 shoots some famous gals. If that’s your thing, there you go.

The existing library?

There’s a bunch of movies. I don’t feel like going through and counting. Maybe that’s the idea.

Major PROPS to VR3000 for offering free preview trailers of everything.

Release frequency?

“Every week VR3000 adds a new VR scene for you to download and experience.”

Also, please note this about their library: “VR3000 membership includes access to thousands HD scenes in a VR environment.” I’m guessing that they have a big library of 2D porn that you can also watch in your headset.

Anything particularly innovative?

Yes. As previously mentioned, the coolest thing I saw from 3000 was the 3rd person POV, tight missionary footage that culminated into the 3rd person POV money shot. Damn awesome! Like that. I’d like to see other studios incorporate the same.

Does FindVRporn.com Recommend A Subscription to VR3000.com?

If you’re digging conventional, hetero VR porn; I don’t have any difficulty recommending a month at twenty bucks.

Good luck, VR3000.

Take me to VR 3000.

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