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Holo Girls VR Is Getting There Part 2

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This article has been updated in May 2016. The verdict has changed. We’ve seen enough fine work from HoloGirls to give a subscription our full recommendation.

If you’d like to read the final studio review recommendation, click here.

The following article could still be interesting because it documents how a VR porn studio progresses.

Here it is:

All right, friends, today we’ll discuss Hologirls VR a bit more. Previously, I took a look at these folks in the article HoloGirls VR Is Getting There.

That article’s verdict was that HoloGirls’ work was much improved; but, they hadn’t quite arrived at the intersection of Boner and Here’s My Credit Card.

HoloGirls VR is an interesting case. They’re very ambitious in goal. That’s good. Yet, my impression is that they tried to move a little too fast to the goal.

As clearly demonstrated by BaDoink VR, Czech VR and Virtual Real Porn: there’s a difficult learning curve to this VR stuff! We’ve observed that here. I mean… I ain’t a technician, but I’ve inferred enough to realize this ain’t easy.

Lt Whorf face head

Hey, it’s the Whorf man

I mean, you got people building their own camera rigs! If things aren’t set just so, it looks like the gal’s ten miles away… or worse: like her head’s the size of a blimp. Or worse, her head reminds you of Lt. Whorf from Star Trek The Next Generation.

I ain’t saying this is easy, man!

Then there’s getting your video files to work right on different devices: another area where Team Holo has struggled.

So, yea… I get it that this ain’t easy.

And, that’s why you don’t begin with highly-priced porn gals in 360 degree orgy settings.

Previous Stuff

Now, for the first article I wrote about Team Holo, I reviewed their efforts with HTC and Homido. Presently, I’m using a Gear and Galaxy S7. So, if you’ve got an Oculus or something else, your mileage may vary.

The advantage of using the Samsung set-up is that it’s popular. Thus, this information will be relevant to many.

So, the first article was pretty comprehensive, but I’ll just paste the summary:

Here are two things HoloGirls must do immediately:

1. Get the camera alignment sorted-out.
2. Get a slightly-better image quality for mid-range distances. I’m loving the close-up quality, but mid-range is a bit too fuzzy.

Here are two things HoloGirls must absolutely keep doing:

1. Keep exploring the novel camera angles! This is what sets HoloGirls VR apart.
2. Keep using the facial close-ups.

And, this was my general conclusion:

…at this moment in time, I can’t recommend a subscription purchase. I think I will be able to make that recommendation soon. If Hologirl’s next three or four releases are on-point, I will then… But, I must see some more releases to ensure me that the present quality is being maintained and steadily increased.

Update May 1, 2016: the new HoloGirls stuff is looking pretty good. If you like the latest performers and genre (go to the site and you’ll see what I mean: eg. facesitting, etc.) then definitely consider a subscription.

I’m making a point of adding this update to be fair to HoloGirls.

Example of HoloGirls early 360 degree VR orgies with very famous pornstars

Example of HoloGirls early 360 degree VR orgies with very famous pornstars

I don’t want people to read this article presently and figure that the previous criticisms I made still hold. Well, the previous criticisms do apply to the earlier videos, but the more recent stuff is much improved. I particularly liked the Sasha Leigh effort, and I found the new Mistress T one to be a rather creative VR…

I’m now saying that HoloGirls is worth considering if you dig their performers and genres.

Update July 13, 2016: Yea, definitely. HoloGirlsVR is producing some horny VR! I can in good conscience give these fellas a sincere recommendation… no doubt about it. Particularly for fellas looking for facesitting, girlfriend experience, lesbian, Mistress T and VR kissing…

HoloGirls VR Present Day

All right, so this should be interesting, friends, because some time’s passed… and, what do I have to say now about recommending a subscription to HoloGirls VR?

Basically, let’s first talk quality: some of these videos are great.

However, there’s still a lack of consistency. Consistency in what regard? In terms of scaling and image quality.

Let’s Discuss Some Specific HoloGirls Videos

All right, so let’s make this a bit more tangible by discussing specific videos:

Brett and Blake lesbian vr for Hologirls VR

Brett and Blake had a few good moments

All the early 360/270 degree stuff: I cannot recommend. Technical problems. Stitching problems. Too distant. Incredible women, certainly!

But, the quality isn’t there. I’d recommend that they remove them from their website. Cut your losses.

Brett Rossi and Blake Eden: this had some technical shortcomings, but it was still HORNY! I recommend this individual video.

Cherie Deville facesitting

Oh Cherie baby! There were some good close-up moments in this one

Cherie DeVille 1. Facesitting 2. Wife: Okay, the 3rd-person-shot Wife video was too distant and the clarity was second-rate. This is a damn shame because I think Cherie’s sexy as hell… However, the facesitting one was a brilliant idea, incredibly horny and great work Ms. DeVille!

I mean… you get a POV from the floor at Cherie’s gorgeousness. And, even though the lighting and clarity was subpar, I’d still recommend that one: mainly because… yea… Cherie’s ass and hooha close-up! I would suggest to Team Holo that they turn this facesitting video into a reusable template.

Rachel Rampage virtual porn movie pic

There’s a lot to like about Rachel’s pretty gal face

Rachel Rampage VR: this was also a shame because I love Rachel’s beautiful face. But, the scaling was ridiculously big. There’s a section where Rachel’s face fills the camera frame, and that was great, but the scale… ahhhhh UPDATE: HoloGirls makes these big intentionally: they call it Cinematic.

The Mistress domination stuff: I have no interest in this genre. If I want to interact with an abusive gal; I’ll call my ex-wife.

A.J. Applegate Prince Yahshua sex

The A.J. Applegate and Prince Yahshua VR was good.

The AJ Applegate + Prince Yahshua VR: technically, this is some good work: not perfect, but quite enjoyable. The scaling worked. The video clarity was really nice. AJ was sexy, and I liked her in-your-face cowgirling. Here’s the thing: If HoloGirls VR would just release every video at this quality-level, I’d recommend that you subscribe to them.

Romni Rain VR

I also recommend the Romni Rain stuff

Romi Rain VR Date Night 2: I’d go so far as to call this excellent. Scaled beautifully. Cowgirl with a sense of immediacy. Good 3D depth. And, Romi is truly a porn star. She’s got it down. She’s sexxxy. She knows what to say to a man. She understands the man brain psychology. I could recommend the purchase of the individual Romi Rain VR without hesitation.

So, in the AJ and Romi VRs, HoloGirls shows they’re capable of excellent work. And, I also like something they do that no one else is doing: they’ve got a big FOV that includes the ceiling. You may wonder why you need the ceiling. I don’t know. It’s just really nice how the top of the frame doesn’t cut off…

Let me emphasize: A bit to my surprise, I really appreciate that big frame-of-view that includes the ceiling.

Lack Of Genre Focus

With the limited output of VR companies, you must tap into a more focused segment. Diffusion makes branding quite difficult.

Look at Kink VR for example. You know what you’re getting with those boys. Consider Czech VR: you know you’re getting a heterosexual, young hottie who’ll be doing horny things to her twattie. You like that rhyme, man!

With Naughty America, love them or hate them…. they have a branded, Naughty America feel and bundled set of characteristics that you’ll find with every release.

Now, with HoloGirls… you get standard hetero porn, orgies, girlfriend experience, solo, wife, shaved-head lesbian, dominating mistress, etc.

Let’s Wrap This Up Already

So, as of May 2016 I’m saying: Look over their website. If you like the genre and stars of the latest videos, consider subscribing. I’d suggest that you skip their earlier efforts available on their site.

The more recent work has become pretty horny stuff if you’re into certain niche stuff: particularly because those niches (eg. facesitting, mom/stepson/ etc.) aren’t available from any other VR studio.


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