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First Look At Wankz VR – March 2016

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This article is extremely interesting from a historical perspective as it gives my first impressions of when WankzVR first came across my radar in March 2016. If you’re a curious and possibly nerdy type like myself, you’ll probably find this interesting.

With that said, there’s a lot of lube under the Fleshlight since that time. And, if you want to see the most updated thoughts, see WankzVR Review 2024.

March 27, 2016
Let’s Wank

Jenna Jay Zoey Monroe threesome

Jenna and Zoey getting busy…

All right, friends, today we’ll take a first look at a very new VR porn outfit: WankzVR.

Oh, man… I feel like there’s a lot to be said simultaneously.
This is a situation where we should start with a summary and then proceed from there… Well, first a picture of Joselyn and then the summary…

Joselyn Kelly Dirty Confessions graphic

Oh man, I’m ready to hear your confession, baby!

Give Me A Convenient, Time-Saving tl;dr…

Wankz VR makes its VR porn debut doing many things right: great women, reasonably good clarity and some interesting positioning and camera angles.

However, the major flaw is the small scaling (evidenced on both Gear and Oculus). Fortunately, this can easily be corrected in future work.

Verdict: Definitely keep an eye on this outfit, but I wouldn’t presently subscribe. I will now be following their output, and I’ll let you know when it’s time.

Update May 5, 2016:

the latest CeCe Capella VR is much, much improved. Particularly in terms of scaling and the new 60 frames per second video. There seems to be a focus issue at points, but yea…. Wankz is getting close… very close… keep an eye on these boys!

Update July 8, 2016:

A number of people online report they’re having an excellent experience with WankzVR’s latest releases.

As for me, personally, the scale is still just a bit too small for me to enthusiastically thrust two thumbs up. They have certainly made a lot of progress, though.

But, to be fair to Wankz, I felt I should include this info. Because, honestly, I’ve come across many positive reports about Wankz recent VR work… and, like I said, it’s only fair for me to mention that…

Update November 1, 2016:

We’ve now seen what we’ve needed to from the WankzVR boys. And, they now have earned our enthusiastic recommendation.

Slave Princess Anna Morna big graphic

From a marketing perspective, I’d say this is pretty well-conceived…

VR Porn Reviewing Scientific Method:

I judge the quality of a VR Porn studio’s work based upon three main factors.

There are other things considered, certainly, but when the Fleshlight hits the weenie, if these three things aren’t correct, the work will be subpar.

It’s really that simple…

1. The woman: let’s face it. The woman to VR porn is like the tennis racket to Pete Sampras. Oh man, that was my worst analogy ever. You see, Sampras needs a great racket, because … oh, never mind! Let’s just say, the woman matters… like… A LOT!

2. The scaling: do things look correct and proportional? I mean… if the gal’s head’s the size of a hot air balloon and her torso’s like a tennis racket… well, it just doesn’t work. Oh shit… I’m really fucking this up! Bad! What’s with the Goddamn tennis racket fixation!

3. Positioning: of the women and cameras. Close-ups are much-desired. It’s also great to get some variety of sexual positions.

Sydney Cole I'm Home graphic

Oh, Sydney baby… I’m home and waiting for you… get that little skirt off… now!

Who Are The Wankz Women?

Sophia Grace anal

Sophia Grace finds anal to be… relaxing…

All right, we’re sort of getting somewhere now. See, the Wank boys have put together a rather impressive stable. Behold:

  • Riley Reid
  • Rachel Roxxx
  • Lexi Belle
  • Sydney Cole
  • Christiana Cinn
  • Christie Stevens
  • Alix Linx
  • Kalina Ryu
  • Sophia Grace
  • Anna Morna
  • Gina Valentina
  • Zoey Monroe
  • Jenna Jay
  • Angel Smalls
  • Jenna Sativa
  • Joseline Kelly
  • Mya Mason

So, hey… that’s looking pretty good! I’ve seen—and enjoyed—previous VRs from Rachel, Christiana and Christie. I’m liking the Wankz line-up.

And, I like that horny Star Wars whore outift they put on Anna Morna! I ain’t gonna lie! And, Zoey Monroe: that looks like a Grade A piece of blonde gal!

Anna Morna sex

Anna Morna as your Star Wars themed Slave Princess

So, What Now?

Well, I downloaded and looked at a bunch of their movies.

The Wank Boys In Their Own Words

“You haven’t experienced this before, it’s time to put yourself in the action. This is the ONLY site with StreamingVR. True VR streaming direct from your smart phone browser, no download required! Get fucked by your favorite pornstars! WankzVR takes porn to the next level!”

All right, let’s talk about what this VR Studio’s doing right and where they need to improve:

Christie Stevens Alex Lynx VR

Christie Stevens and Alex Lynx: very high-quality pussy.

1. FIX THE SCALE: I’m putting that in caps and bolded…not to be obnoxious… but, because this is the main thing that Wankz VR needs to do. Now, these boys need to improve in a few areas—and, I’ll get to that—but, if this work was scaled correctly, they’d receive my recommendation today (at the $15/monthly sub price).

2. Fix the color: Some of these movies could have a better visual/color appearance. The lighting needs to be worked on somewhat.

3. 60 FPS: get the frame rate up to 60 frames per second. This is the current standard. If you want to be eventually regarded in the same category as BaDoink, VRP, NA and Czech… you MUST shoot in at least 60 fps.

Christiana Cinn beautiful face

Christiana Cinn knows we love her beautiful face

4. MORE CLOSE-UPS ON THE WOMEN’S FACES: as in … A LOT MORE! Just trust me on this one.

Okay, they’ve got some BIG positives on their side… like beautiful-faced women such as Ms. Cinn pictured below:

Gina Valentina cowgirl

Gina Valentina hits us with an emotional cowgirl!

5. Excellent Women: … WankzVR is off to a great start! We’ve observed the learning curve of VR porn and watched other companies struggle as they improved. So, yea…. GREAT WOMEN! Keep on filming women of this quality! Not that the Wankz boys need me to tell them that!

6. Positioning: Keep using the novel camera angles and sexual positioning seen in these movies. Wankz likes using a watoosie cowgirl twist in which the man’s kind of leaning back and the gal’s leaning in… keep doing that!

Their women also are giving pretty authentic-feeling performances: such as this Gina Valentina emotional cowgirl pictured below: (have Gina keep leaning forward,


7. Their movies seem to be pretty long: 30 to 40 minutes each. The Sophia and Gina ones are both a whopping 41 minutes. Grab some popcorn and an icy beverage, fellas!

8. Just mainly fix the scale, shove the camera in the woman’s face… and you boys are good to go!

9. Get the fuck over to Oculus NSFW already… we’re talking about you boys, and you’ll want to get in on this conversation in this particular forum. Trust me. (link removed because if I’m “a spammer” as the crooked $cumbag said then why do I send them thousands of clicks???)

That’s it… Good luck.

11/1/2016: We now recommend WankzVRwankz-wide

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  1. Thanks for the review! We’re working on all the issues you’ve brought up, and will definitely fix issues with world scale and framerate. We’ve already bought some new lights, so that part should be a little better already in our upcoming releases.

  2. Post

    You’re welcome, man. You get those technical issues sorted, and I think you’re definitely on track to succeed, because you’re off to an excellent start.

    I see you dropped by the subreddit. If you message the moderator:

    …he’ll set you up as an official rep. And, then as you release new material, you announce it there. And, you’ll get helpful feedback… without a doubt. It’s helped companies to give away a release there in the forum: it generates a lot of constructive critiques as well as customers.

    Good luck.

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