WankzVR Halloween sale 2021

WankzVR Halloween Sale 2021

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Hi everybody,

The banner says all that needs to be said.

The 2021 Halloween Sale gets you your first month of WankzVR for a mere $9.95!


Visit WankzVR for 2021 Halloween sale %9.95 first month

If you’re new to 3D porn and unfamiliar with WankzVR, read our review. We’ve been covering WankzVR since their 2016 inception.

Another thing to consider is that team Wankz often releases a very Goddamn special feature-length VR porn special for Halloween: with the type of production values and such that will surprise you. An example of this would be the very memorable Zombie Slayers: a remarkably ambitious and significant release in VR porn history.

Zombie Slayers WankzVR

WankzVR Zombie Slayers was an exceptional release.
I don’t even know how to succinctly caption this movie. Just join and watch it.
This one has held up very well over the years and is one of the coolest VR porn features I’ve ever seen. Still.

Also, see our VR porn discount list.

Happy Halloween.

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