Gia Vendetti Tube Clip Preview for V for Vendetti by MilfVR

Gia Vendetti MilfVR

Give MilfVR a test drive. Download the Gia Vendetti V for Vendetti tube clip.

Synopsis: You’ll help an oppressed cougar find satisfaction and redefine freedom in an all new virtual encounter! Gia Vendetti is taking control while her lazy husband is finally out of town. This lonely housewife is going to use you for her pleasure and that’s what you’re there for!

Quick Thoughts: The first minute and twenty seconds of the tube clip below features some effective—and much desired—clothed teasing that nicely changes distances all within the sweetspot zone. This is how it’s done, son!

Additionally, check the spreadeagle prone bone at 2:43. Eureaka!

Now, we’ve discussed before that some fellas complain there ain’t much African American/darker-skinned talent VR porn…and, I hear you loud and clear…but, there is some wonderful stuff out there featuring some damn fine women—like Gia—but, you do have to look around a bit. VR Bangers, Virtual Real Porn, VR Latina and also some WankzVR/MilfVR releases do feature some fine ladies with some melanin! Beautiful work Gia Vendetti!!!!

The tube clip preview is four minutes long! This ain’t some lightweight 45 second freebie. This gives you enough VR footage to actually make a judgment about whether a MilfVR subscription is right for you.

Download the full Gia Vendetti VR from MilfVR!